Greenland Movie Review

Greenland Movie Review

Greenland Movie Review

Director- Ric Roman Waugh

Cast- Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, Scott Glenn, Nicola Lambo, Alan Pietruszewski, Claire Bronson, Gary Weeks. 

Critics Review- 3.5/5

Direction- 3.5/5

Dialogues- 3.0/5

Screenplay- 3.5/5

Action- 3.5/5

Visual appeal- 3.5/5

Greenland (2020) - IMDb

Greenland movie review: Greenland is a mature and nuanced movie centered on a violent yet life-altering fictitious event pertinent to today’s scenario. The film will make you emotional, and its cinematography will satisfy you.  

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Story- John Garrity and his family members encounter the best as well as the worst parts of humanity while struggling so that they can be safe. But the most significant decision that the audience needs to make is whether humans in difficulty are dangerous or nature’s disastrous impetus?


Greenland Movie Review- Gerard Butler, aka John Garrity, has a seven-year-old son who has diabetes. He has a filtered relationship with his wife, Allison, aka Morena Baccarin. However, a complete change occurs in their lives. A malignant comet strikes the earth, and an apocalyptic moment surfaces. The disaster is illuminated when the comet hits the neighborhood of Garrity’s house.

Yet good news amidst this disaster is the government’s declaration that Garrity and his family have been chosen to have a safe passage to reach a military tent. A question starts lingering in every mind while Garrity reporting to the airbase, that why are they the chosen ones? Garrity does not hear the pleas of his neighbors to carry their children with him as the decree pronounced that only his family has been allowed for a safe passage.

After lots of hurdles on the road, when they reach the base, Garitty finds he has left his son’s insulin in the car. However, another blowing incident occurs as Garitty’s wife and son are being refused to board due to his son’s blood sugar condition. All these things happen very fast, after which the cinema provides a glimpse of how humans react after such a catastrophe.

As the narrative unfolds, the suffering of a disaster of a grand scale is surfaced through the drama and tension. The commendable part of the movie is that though the portrayal of the tragedy gets the utmost importance, yet nothing is unrealistic about an average family suffering. The apocalyptic catastrophe does not overtake the human suffering with proper use of sound effects and GFX.

The development of the action is believable as it depicts the worst happening. John Garitty is projected as an unheroic character whose fate reverses from being the chosen one to become the one who fears losing everything. Morena is at par depicting the role of a despondent mother trying to save her ailing son. Even Roger, aka Nathan, characterizes the part of a vulnerable child who is aware of his situation yet cannot do anything.

Director Waugh and screenwriter Chris Sparling have done a terrific job by letting the action increase a wave of fury. Greenland starts with a relatively small step and enhances it as it moves further. Realistic depictions like news reporting, radio reporting, and publishing official statements have made the film much more real. The portrayal of the underestimation of the calamity becomes relevant to the situation of the present world. 

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To some, the film Greenland may seem to be a slow one as it pointed to the disaster trope and concentrates on showing the practicality of suffering and withstanding a catastrophe. On the one hand, it will satiate your visual pleasure and on the other hand, it will make you emotionally and practically understand how tough it is to face the destructiveness of nature. The pain of the reel seems real as quarantine and climate change are hanging over the world.

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