9 Horror Movies that are So Bad They're Good

9 Horror Movies that are So Bad They’re Good

There are basically some horror movies that are so bad that they become good in their own way! From terrible-yet-earnest acting and poorly written scripts to low-budget effects and incoherent editing, some movies have gone so far over the line of being bad that they are actually masterpieces in the world of cult classics.

Here are nine Horror movies that are beyond words bad but somehow turned good:

9 Horror Movies that are So Bad They’re Good

1. “Pieces” (1982) is a Spanish-American slasher that’s been panned, but it’s also been called a “treasure.”

The film is exactly what its tagline says about these horror movies. A Spanish-American slasher follows a boy putting together a puzzle of a naked lady, when his mother walks into him and interrupts. He kills his and waits for the police to make up a story of an invasion. Fast forward to a few decades and there, a chainsaw killer on loose, but who is it?

2. “Maximum Overdrive” (1986) has been called bad and entertaining.

Have you seen inanimate objects trying to kill human? I know boring but this movie was still described as “wildly entertaining”. Loosely based on King’s short story “Trucks,” this horror film stars Emilio Estevez as a diner cook named Bill.

A passing comet animates trucks and other machines, which then attempt to kill all humans. It’s up to Estevez’s character and a group of strangers who are stranded at a truck stop to find a way to stop the uprising.

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3. “TerrorVision” (1986) has been panned by many … but it has a loyal following.

This movie in all aspects is Too Much! “Terror Vision” is a film about an alien garbage monster that gets beamed to a family’s home thanks to its massive satellite dish. It features some seemingly out-of-place subplots about the parents being swingers and the kids trying to befriend the creature with music and TV dinners.

Critic Janet Maslin used words like “smugly stupid” and “nosily campy without being the least bit clever” to describe the movie.

4. “Uninvited” (1988) has been dubbed “the ultimate good bad movie” by some.

What’s scarier than a killer cat? A killer science-experiment cat that lives inside the throat of a normal cat and only comes out when it or someone it likes is threatened. Such is the premise of this film. The movie’s practical effects by Debi and Jim Boulden have been praised and are often considered to be one of the only good parts of this cult-favorite film. 

5. “Silent Night, Deadly Night 2” (1987) has been celebrated for being awful.

“Sheer Awfulness” is what this movie is widely celebrated as! Silent Night, Deadly Night 2″ follows an individual as he explains how he became a killer after his brother died.  There are so many things wrong in the movie, for starters, it reuses a decent amount of footage from the previous film, which was released three years prior, making it seem more like a recap than an actual sequel.  

6. “Leprechaun” (1993) has been called unintentionally hilarious.

Ohh, a Jennifer Aniston debut (much to her embarrassment)! The film features Warwick Davis as the Leprechaun who is aggressively trying to get his gold back from someone who’s taken it. Along the way, he speaks in rhyme, occasionally rides a tricycle, and is a bit obsessed with cleaning dirty shoes.

With this you can imagine, the film has been lauded for its special effects but panned for being more funny than scary. The ridiculous “so bad, it’s good” flick has a loyal cult following to this day. 

7. “Seed of Chucky” (2004) has been dubbed absurd but entirely worth watching.

A sequel to “Bride of Chucky” failed miserably.  One of the lowest-rated movies in the “Chucky” franchise, it continues the story of the possessed killer doll and his bride as they welcome a new addition to their dysfunctional family: Glen. Franchise creator and writer and first-time director Don Mancini has been complimented for tackling some serious gender-identity issues in “Seed of Chucky” but, alas, that wasn’t enough to save this film.

As critic Roger Ebert wrote, the film is “actually two movies, one wretched, the other funny,” adding that it is “a movie to be seen on television. Free television.”With low critic and audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes, “Seed of Chucky” is not a high point in the franchise, but many still feel its absurdity makes it a fun entry worth seeing.

8. “The Wicker Man” (2006) was panned by audiences as a thriller but appreciated as an “unintentional comedy.”

This is shockingly a Nicolas Cage movie, can you believe it? The star of horror movies! “The Wicker Man” is a well-received film from 1973 that critics and audiences praised. But the classic thriller about a girl who goes missing on a remote island was later remade in 2006, with actor Nicolas Cage as its lead. Its quality is nowhere near the original.

The 2006 remake was ripped apart by critics and audiences on Rotten Tomatoes as a thriller but lauded as an “unintentional comedy.” The interesting fact this movie has given a lot of content to the meme industry including Cage’s character famously fighting against bees. 

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9. “Basket Case” (1982) is a cult-favorite film that many critics have said is “fun” to watch.

Some people actually enjoyed this film! Frank Henenlotter’s “Basket Case” is a B-movie from the early 1980s that’s about a man named Duane who carries his deformed, formerly conjoined twin around in a wicker basket. He and his twin are on a mission to get revenge on the doctor who separated them and threw the monstrous brother away.

The film has been criticized for its bad special effects and mediocre acting, with many calling it “fun” to watch.”I cringed at how shabby some of it is, but I also realize that it’s that shabbiness that audiences enjoy,” Henenlotter said about the film’s legacy in a 2014 interview with Westword. Just to check how loyal the fanbase of this movie is, it was released again in some theatres at midnight for after two and a half years. Oh lord!

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