Mail movie Review: A Series of unfortunate events

DESCRIPTION: The movie revolves around the fascination of an 18-year-old village boy named Ravi with the computer and internet world. How the curiosity arose when Ravi Meets hybath, who opens a computer gaming center. The movie takes a drastic turn when a mail pops up in Ravi’s inbox. Followed by a series of unfortunate events.

Director: Uday Gurrala

Main cast: Harshit Malgireddy, Priyadarshi & Gouri Priya

IMBD Rating: 8.3

Genre: Comedy, entertainment

Where to watch: Aha video

The Telegu Movie mail is the first chapter of the kambalapally stories directed by the first time director Uday Gurrola. It premiered on Aha on  12 January  2021. The movie is of comedy-drama genre and is overall engaging for the audience.

It delights the nostalgia by narrating the notions which were prevalent in the 90s. It is a simple yet brilliant portrayal of the region based psyche by the Telegu director. The movie gets interesting with time and, in the end, comes up with a plot twist, which is something to look forward to.

Mail movie review: Simple yet enthralling

The Telegu Movie “Mail” is a realistic drama and an interesting amalgamation of the previously evident issues in small villages like the fascination for computers and the internet among young people. The director has done a splendid job in creating close to realistic drama for the audience.

He has captured the enthusiasm through the characters of the movie. It has also consistently captured the beauty of the village Kambalapally, situated in the Mahabubabad district, Telangana. It also captures the lifestyle of people residing in that village.

The Malayalam cinema is thus a great platform for filmmakers to capture the region based mindset. The Mail movie review states that though the Movie’s element were basic, it was realistic and the humor added provides value to the plot of the movie. They have done a good job.

A true filmmaker has this tendency to deliver something which breaks the regular notion and stereotypes, and this is what exactly the director has done in the movie. It was very close to reality. Hence, it is simple yet enthralling.

Mail' Telugu movie cast: All about the Priyadarshi and Harshith Malgireddy starrer

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Mail Movie Review: Freshen ups the nostalgia

The mail movie review shares the misconceptions held by people in the earlier days, like touching the computer with dirty hands or wearing footwear near them will lead to the system’s damage. This is quite thrilling to watch because, at some point in our lives, we have also been through the same stuff, which gives this movie an edge as the audience is able to empathize with the characters of the movie.

Thus, the movie freshens up the nostalgia. People can wait to watch what will happen next in the newly discovered adventure of an 18-year-old boy. The enthusiasm of the characters also adds delight to the movie.

The Mail Movie Review shares how the movie is dated back in the 90s where digital equipment like computers, printers, etc., was seen as something very unique and one of a kind. They were cherished as a valuable belonging. When it comes to placing the computer system in schools, then those areas were kept hygienic and clean.

Like you were not even supposed to wear any footwear inside. So, all this was shown in the movie as part of the rural culture. It will certainly take you back in time.


The main character Ravi Kumar is an 18-year-old boy who is soft-spoken, innocent and has a higher curiosity for the tech world as being a student in the village. The digital world fascinates him, which binds the storyline of the movie. The movie is a series of Ravi discoveries and how he tackles the challenges thrown in his way. The character does not do any unnecessary drama.

In the Mail Movie Review, it is given that the very first instance that happens in the movie was when the student Ravi Kumar wants to see his board examination results via the computer, her then witness the monitor, keyboard, CPU & UPS with his bare eyes and gets awestruck at the moment.

Being a tech fanatic is what is mentioned in the mail movie review. It also shows how people who knew how to use a computer think of themselves as more highly than those who don’t. So, the 18-year-old boy aspires to learn the computer course to know how to use what left him awestruck as it will bring him closer to knowing the tech world.

But he does not get the opportunity to do so.

In the mail movie review, it is highlighted that the boy faces some challenges as the computer system was not within the range of his father’s affordability, which is why he couldn’t have one of his own. However, Ravi’s hopes again soar high when a person named Hybath opens a computer gaming center.

It opens the door for Ravi to make his dream come true. Without any second thoughts, Ravi decides to learn the computer at his gaming center. The instances that are built around this period are interesting to watch for the audience.

The storyline gets interesting when Ravi starts borrowing money for getting alcohol for Hybath so that he will allow him to use the PC.

Meanwhile, Ravi also falls in love with a beautiful girl named Roja. This brings the dilemma of how Ravi will devote his time toward learning the one thing that has fascinated him. However, this romanticized period’s duration was not that long and somewhat insignificant to the movie’s actual plot.

The movie runs smoothly when Ravi’s curiosity is addressed while using the computer at the gaming center. As time passes, the movie gets easier for the audience to predict.

Mail Telugu Movie Review |

Mail movie Review: A Series of unfortunate events

In the main movie, the character  Ravi creates a mail id for himself to get all sorts of emails. And then desperately waits to receive an email. The twist enters into the storyline when Ravi finally receives a mail-in his inbox, which alters his life. The mail comes from a fraudster.

Hence,  it is followed by a series of unfortunate events that captures the notion of a novice going through the challenges. It was funny to watch these incidents. The twist seems unexpected as the movie had a sweet setup, but it helped keep it captivating by breaking the monotony.

Mail movie featured cast

Overall, the movie was quite interesting and succeeded in capturing the audience’s attention with its simple yet engaging storyline. All the artists justify their characters well. Be it Priyadarshi, Harshit, or Gouri. They have left the essence of them with the characters portrayed in the movie.

The unfortunate events that occur at the end don’t seem to be complimenting them, though. But overall, they have done a great job.

In the Mail movie review, they have also added the fun element by the characters’ actions when something bad happens to them. This is why the movie succeeds in capturing the people’s attention by the innocence and harmless greed of Ravi; otherwise, it would have become pretty boring with such a simple plot.

Mani, the best friend, adds the fun element, and Roja has also given a subtle performance as a beautiful girl in the movie. Hybath, the owner of the gaming center, has a sincere character. The enthusiasm of the character relating to computers has been capturing well.

Many of the highly recognized critics have also given a good rating to this movie because of the real and captivating screenplay that has been created by the director and the whole team that worked behind the movie. However, the director was new; his sense of knowledge about the audience’s needs added value to the movie.

Mail' movie review: Priyadarshi and Harshith shine in director Uday Gurrala's story from Kambalapally - The Hindu

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Mail Movie Review: Final verdict

Overall the movie was a fun realistic drama. The characters astonishingly justified their roles. There is no doubt that the movie was captivating for the audience. It brings back the nostalgia of how things were back then and keeps an interesting storyline. The director has done a good job.

The unnecessary drama has not been created in the movie, and the characters are kept more lively and expressive. It was funny and enthralling.

You will be able to empathize with the characters of the movie. And willing to wait for what will happen next. It gets a slow pace in between, but it is not so significant if we look at the duration. The sincere roleplay will not let you feel bored while watching it.

The plot twist brings in all the excitement and fun element. Also, they can capture all the moments in quite exquisite ways. The scenic beauty of the village was also captured by the director himself and will woe your eyes. Overall the movie is worthy of being watched by the people.

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