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7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Amazon Prime’s ‘The Wilds’

2020 was the year for nothing but self-care and self-love. Old ways of recreation got exhausted and boring, so people got creative to come up with new ones. As school, office, colleges, and nearly everything else shifted online, so did recreation. Binge-watching became a huge craze and has now followed us into the new year.

OTT platforms like Disney + Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many others have tried their best to keep up with the ever increasing demand for diverse content from movies and series to documentaries. Several new shows and movies have been launched online in the past year to cater to the public demand of nearly every genre – comedy, romance, drama, thriller, horror, science fiction, and so on.

Web series have become the new rage, even more so than watching movies in movie theatres and cinema halls. People have gotten accustomed to the comfort of their houses and their favourite movies and series right at the disposal to watch anywhere, at any time and with anyone they choose to simply with the click of a button. This is the future of cinema!

All About The Wilds

One such show launched by Amazon Prime is ‘The Wilds’. It was released online on 11 December 2020 and is a survival thriller. The genre is interesting, as is its storyline. So far, only one season has been released comprising of 10 episodes in all. However, reports suggest that the show has been renewed for a second season.

Written by Sarah Streicher the show The Wilds is an American production and stars Sophia Ali, Shannon Berry, Jenna Clause, Reign Edwards, Mia Healey, Helena Howard, Erana James and Sarah Pidgeon in lead roles. It has been rated 7.2 / 10 on IMDb. Most of the show has been shot in Auckland, New Zealand. So, the scenery is just epic and breathtaking.

Story Line Of The Wilds

The Wilds' Renewed for Season 2 — Amazon Prime | TVLine

The storyline of The Wilds revolves around a group of teenagers, all of them girls, who get stranded on a completely deserted island far from the mainland coast. All these girls belonging to different backgrounds were travelling to Hawaii to participate in a program aimed at empowering young women – the Dawn of Eve Program.

Their airplane crashes into the ocean, and they somehow survive only to find themselves stuck on an empty island. The group attempts to work better together by getting to know more about each other’s lives. The episodes include flashbacks from the past of the girls telling their individual life stories.

This thriller has a major twist which reveals that the plane crash was no accident and was actually planned and executed by the head of the women’s empowerment program the girls were headed to, the Dawn of Eve. Turns out it was all a carefully staged social experiment to use the girls as subjects, except that they were completely unaware of the fact. Viewers later find out that they were being monitored from behind the scenes.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Amazon Prime’s ‘The Wilds’

Prime Video: The Wilds

This show is literally an imaginative conception of nearly everyone’s most horrific nightmare – being stranded alone, or worse, in the company of people you don’t know. Situations in which you have to rely on strangers to work together as a team in life and death can be overwhelming and rightly dreaded.

The Wilds is a roller coaster ride throughout the first season, and viewers expect nothing less from the next. This survival thriller has certainly left a mark on the audience, not for one but many reasons. It is a must-watch for everyone who enjoys good quality cinema.

Given below are 7 reasons why you should definitely not miss out on this mind-blowing show. Going through the given list of reasons should be enough to watch it yourself and recommend it to everyone you know who has a dramatic flair and appreciates good cinema.

1. It Is Far From A Cliché Teen Drama Series

The protagonists of The Wilds are a group of young teenage girls. You will be expecting all the drama and power moves that come with teens, but this show is far from being a cliché teen drama series which ends with either a prom or the intended couple to get back together.

For a change, it throws light on the positive aspects of connecting with people our age rather than competing in vain for nothing. The show moves away from the bitchy attitude of teenage girls to focus more on what all they can accomplish by working together in harmony. It sure does require some effort but its all worth it in the end!

2. It Portrays Female Friendships And Empowerment

The Wilds is big on female empowerment. It focuses on the power of female friendships and their full potential. In this suspense survival thriller of women vs nature, we get to see the beauty of friendship and women’s strength. Feminists are sure to love this show!

The Wilds’ main characters are of very different backgrounds and have too little in common to know each other. But the adverse conditions lead them to form such a bond with one other, that not only do they become friends, but they understand each other truly too.

It helps you remember the importance of friendships, and it will make you miss your girls’ gang in this lockdown. No one will be even the least bit surprised to know that you suddenly want to FaceTime your gal pals after watching just an episode of this show.

The Wilds has highlighted the impacts of female empowerment on a whole new level. The story begins with girls travelling to attend a women empowerment program, the Dawn of Eve. They do end up learning all there is about women empowerment but in the most unexpected way possible.

Nevertheless, this show teaches its viewers a lot too. We learn from the characters’ experiences, which is a rich impact and probably the greatest takeaway!

The Wilds: Ending Explained | Den of Geek

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3. Each Character Is Relatable More Than The Last One

All the characters on The Wilds are from very different backgrounds. They have very little in common and have their unique personalities. However, the show’s beauty lies in the fact that every single character is relatable in its way and probably more than the last one you came across.

Kudos to the writers and director for pulling it off with such perfection that the audience feels connected to what they are watching on screen.

It showcases the societal bondage faced by young women and how they affect them knowingly or unknowingly. This gives the female viewers a real chance of looking back into their lives and figuring out things they experience.

The show holds up a mirror for the audience and is pretty deep for those who look for minor details and take joy in understanding underlying meanings.

For others, it still remains a great cinematic experience.

4. The Cast Is Nothing Short Of Spectacular

The cast that brings the show The Wilds to life is simply spectacularly fabulous. No amount of praise can complement their surreal acting, which gives the whole show a realistic touch.

The cast is as diverse as the characters on the show. This is probably why they were able to portray their characters flawlessly. Cheers to the recruiting team who did a great job bringing together such a great cast and crew.

Even for people who are not much of moviegoers or show watchers, you are sure to sit through the whole season holding on to your breaths, watching the incredible performance by the actors and put together by the equally talented crew.

5. The Twists Are Never Ending

Every good book, movie or series, no matter what the genre, have one thing in common – the ability to engage the audience throughout. One essential ingredient in the recipe of creating such content is that it has to be suspenseful with some kind of twists.

After all, everyone loves a good surprise sprung upon them out of nowhere, especially in the fictional world, in order to engage the mind and imagination.

The Wilds is full of twists and turns and all kinds of suspenseful things you can probably imagine. It leaves a trail of many hints leading up to the climax, but it is never enough to figure out the whole deal. Just always enough to perk up your imagination and pique your interest even more!

6. It Promotes Self Love And Acceptance Above All

Self-love and acceptance have pretty much been almost everyone’s goal in 2020 and remains so for many people even after the new year. It is quite difficult to achieve as easy as it may sound, and only a few lucky ones truly ever get there.

The Wilds leaves an empowering message for the viewers. It normalizes having a past, carrying emotional baggage, spiralling out of control, and accepting that everyone, including yourself, is flawed. Nothing is perfect, and nothing ever will be. And well, that okay.

The show gives deeper meaning and philosophical revelations, which often help the viewers process their own experiences and lives. Accepting that something is amiss is the first step to improving it. This survival thriller promotes acceptance and self-love as healthy images rather than being tagged as selfish as it is in society.

Everyone is unique in their way. No two people are the same. This show reminds us that time and again and how it is completely normal to go through things.

For someone looking for personal development, this show should be on their bucket list to watch as soon as possible!

7. It Is So Much More Than A Series For Passing Time

The show’s surreal realistic experience, which helps us introspect into our own lives, makes it so much more than just any other show. It is different from other thrillers too in that aspect. It is unique, just like its viewers, which is reminded over and over again.

The Wilds has a powerful positive impact on whosoever watches it. It promotes feminism, friendship, uniqueness, leadership, strength, self-love, self-care, acceptance, women empowerment, and so much more!

It is a whole package of what is considered ideal content by the Gen Z. What’s more, millennials relate to it. The show addresses basic human nature and instinct, making it a natural hit among all types of audiences irrespective of age group, background, or gender.

The Wilds is a lot more than just any other series that you might watch to pass your time at home in lockdown or quarantine. It is powerful, meaningful and impactful.

Reviews Of The Wilds

Prime Video: The Wilds

The Wilds is sure to keep you glued to your screens and at the edge of the seat every step of the way. Since its release, it has affected a lot of people who have watched it in a short time. The reviews are simply great.

Viewers have praised every aspect of the show, from filmmaking, the sets, the storyline and the cast to the stunts and dialogues. The Wilds has been described as phenomenal and fantastic by users who are more than excited and happy to recommend it to others, so they have more people to discuss it with till the next season is out.

Everyone is waiting for it, expectantly! According to reports it should be released pretty soon!

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Where To Watch The Wilds?

The Wilds is available on Amazon Prime Video. You can easily watch it on that if you have a membership. The first episode is free to watch for those who do not avail an Amazon Prime Video membership. You can binge-watch the whole season in a day. Each episode is about 40 to 60 minutes long, and there is a whole of 10 episodes comprising the first season.

Final Words

In short, it is a must watch for everyone irrespective of gender, age group, genre preferences, or possibly anything else at all. It has been established that it is a great show in league with its time and a perfect example of good cinema content. If you haven’t already, watch The Wilds at the earliest. You definitely will not regret it! So much so we bet you will recommend it to others of your own accord!

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