Coolie no. 1 review

Coolie No. 1 Review: Identical plot but in a horrible way

Description: A filthy-rich businessman searches for an ideal groom for her daughter but after finding out the groom is not that rich, he insults the pundit named Jai Kishan. Out of revenge, he gets by marrying the daughter to Raju, a coolie in real-life but poses as a millionaire. Later, all the lies are exposed, and things get out of hand.

Director: David Dhawan

Main Cast: Varun Dhawan, Sarah Ali Khan, and PareshRawal

IMDb Rating: 3.6

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Where To Watch: Disney + Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video

Coolie no 1 is the remake of mega-blockbuster hit 1995 movie with the same name. The remake plot is the same as it was in the original with some minor changes here and there. This movie was supposed to be released in theatres on May 2020 but due to Covid thus, releasing it on Amazon Prime Video on Christmas.

Saved by the bell. Phew! Sitting for an entire 2 hours watching this horrendous movie would be no less than a task. Yes. You heard it right. Coolie no. 1 review is here, and it is not looking good.

It is said that the plot of the remake remains the same as the original. Well, the viewers have something else to say. The viewers are not at all happy with the plot or the story, or the acting let’s just say it is an insufferable 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The remake has nothing that resembles as the original movie which itself, by the way, is a remake of 1993 Tamil Movie starring Tabu. Of course, the plot was set for the crowd nowadays but the crowd expects a pinch of reality and comic time.

The remake is directed by David Dhawan who was also the original director of the 1995 movie. Dhawan Sr manages to get all the men that worked with him while making the former film. However, Dhawan Sr could not bring the spice and liveliness in the remake that the original film was built upon.

Coolie no. 1 review claims that the original movie was also a cliché romantic and illogical plot, but it did have the heat that the audience craves for. Whether it was Govinda’s cool personality or his moves, he carried the entire movie on his back.

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Identical plot but in a horrible way

Coolie No 1': Varun Dhawan welcomes Sahil Vaid as he joins the cast of the  film | Hindi Movie News - Times of India

The 2020 movie remake Coolie no. 1 has been streaming online for a while, and there have been some mixed feelings about the movie going on. Since it is a trend to remake old classic movies in Bollywood nowadays so why not Govinda’s iconic movie Coolie no. 1.

By remake, I  meant to ruin classic movies. Coolie no. 1 review are flooding over the internet, and it’s not eye candy. The fans are disappointed by the movie’s plot and the mediocre acting.

Some of them believed the movie to be twisted and somewhat a better version of the original, but now the movies are out once again Varun Dhawan is at the top of the worst acting list. Coolie no. 1 is not the first remake film of Varun Dhawan, he also starred in Judwaa 2 the remake of 1997 Judwaa starring Salmaan Khan, Shilpa Shetty and Karishma Kapoor. And to recall Judwaa 2 also received an ample amount of criticism.

A Coolie no. 1 review says that the plot of the remake is horrendous. In the original movie, Govinda potrayed the role of a coolie and was found working in a bus station whereas, in the remake, Varun Dhawan was seen working in the railway station.

Although the remake is not cut to cut copy of the original, some of the dialogue is the same. Hence, the movie loses its charm.

In 2020 remake director David Dhawan infused some changes in the plot so that it can fit with the audience quality. But it didn’t turn out in his favour. Coolie no. 1 review is mostly comparing the entire storyline and the background to the original. While Govinda fell in love with gao-ki-ladki; on the other hand, Varun Dhawan fell in love with Sarah, who comes from a filthy rich family.

Karishma Kapoor portrayed the role of Malti who resides in a village whereas in the remake Sarah Ali khan resides in Goa. The entire plot is different to fit the audience, but director Dhawan failed to make it a blockbuster.

Coolie no. 1 1995 cast Vs Coolie no. 1 2020 cast

Coolie No. 1 | Varun Dhawan | Sara Ali Khan, David Dhawan | Interesting  Things,Coolie no.1 Trailer - YouTube

The original movie came out decades ago, but Dhawan Sr is not ready to let it go. Unfortunately, he went forward and ruined his movie that came out ages ago. The original movie repeatedly gained whistles and energetic claps, however, the remake didn’t even gather a quarter of those.

Coolie no. 1 review states that the twist in the remake like Raju having a twin who is a millionaire is a cover story for him when Jeffery Rosario started suspecting Raju is bizarre. Yes, Bollywood fans need tadka and some illogical storyline to get their attention, but then the twin plot was way out of line.

Now, let’s be honest nobody in the industry can ever have the same manic energy as Govinda. I mean, that man can thrust his hip that no women can. Govinda aced the role of Raju in the original movie, whether it was him on the way to con his father-in-law or wearing bright colour shirts, he nailed everything.

It is safe to say that Coolie no. 1 was Govinda’s show in every possible way. On the hand, Varun Dhawan was also seen with similar outfits but acting not so much. Coolie no. 1 review says that watching Varun Dhawan playing Raju was painful to watch.

It seemed he was mimicking Govinda and his style in front of a bunch of toddlers. Dhawan Jr imitated the 90s star Govinda but he didn’t even spare King Khan Shah Rukh, Salman Khan, Mithun Chakraborty, Amitabh Bachchan and Nana Patekar. Seriously?

Govinda’s hideous costumes and funny expressions gained a lot of laughs in the 90s. In the remake, Varun not only exaggerated his expression but also had bad comic timing. It felt like all of the jokes were rehearsed and was an embarrassment to the original comedy movie.

Whereas the female cast, Kedarnath star Sara Ali Khan portrayed the same no-mind-of-herself role as Mali played by Karishma Kapoor in the original movie. Sara Ali Khan portrayed Sarah in the remake and believed cooked up story by Raju and fell in love with him. As horrendous outfits Karishma Kapoor wore in the movie, Sara Ali Khan topped it by wearing terrible outfits.

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Coolie no. 1 review: Sadly, no laughter only despair.

Coolie No. 1: A Disastrous Bollywood Remake That Shouldn't Exist

Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan starrer Coolie no. 1 is officially out, and we regret why it did. Under David Dhawan’s direction, both the movies were made, and you know what they say “Universe is all about balance ” hence, the 90s movie is still the iconic one.

The 2020 Coolie no. 1 is facing horrible backlash on the internet. Whether it is the acting and bad comic timing Coolie no. 1 is not being spared. Although there are some positive remarks for the movie. Varun Dhawan is also appreciated for his hard work and the effort he put in the movie to stand out.

This comedy Bollywood movie didn’t make its place with the audience because of its cliché jokes and brainless plot. Some audience blindly enjoys any movie with a pop of colours and loud music but the remake of Coolie no. 1 did not gain crowd’s laughter, but it sure received despair.

Coolie no. 1 review states the comic timing of the main cast was terrible. It seemed all of the jokes were practised on a dummy before delivering it on the camera. Varun’s acting was way over the top and he was just having fun mimicking people in front of the camera.

And for some reason his skin tone kept changing now and then. What’s that all about? Besides, Varun’s horrible comic time some popular comedians saved movie-going downhill. Well, some of it at least.

Moreover, Sara’s acting in this comic remake also fell apart since she didn’t have a role in this all-male show. Coolie no. 1 review rarely speaks about Sara Ali Khan’s acting in this illogical storyline. Sara was all glammed up and ready to take after Karisma but sadly it all went down the drain since all attention was given to Dhawan Jr for his terrible acting.

The ace comedian Johnny lever saves the day. If it is Golmaal or Housefull, Johnny lever’s comic role saved all of its asses. Johnny Lever’s was one of the ace comedians among others in the remake and truly he can still make people of all ages laugh rolling on the floor.

Whether it’s is googly eyes or funny expression Johnny Lever got it all. Moreover, he was the only one who knew that Raj and Raju were the same people. The double role seemed a bit stretch even if it was in the 90s. And talk about Jeffrey planning a wedding for her other daughter Anju with Raju non-existent brother.

And to make it more complicated Anju was having an affair with Raju’s buddy Deepak. Exhausting! I know!

Coolie no. 1 Review: Talk about Loud Music, Huh?

Coolie No. 1 movie review: In Amazon Prime film, Varun Dhawan lifts a  burden of legacy

Music is something that gives Bollywood movies that hint of spice and liveliness. Throughout the years’ several songs were remade from the 90s. Be it Ek do teen and Dus Bahane from Baaghi movie franchise it still makes us remember how incredible was the original soundtrack.

The iconic track to Govinda moved his hips was also remade and starred Varun Dhawan showing his moves. Tujhe Mirchi Lagi is not  only extremely groovy song but also gives out energetic vibes. Come on, who can resist throwing your hands in the hand and groove on the beat when the song hits the speakers.

Coolie no. 1 review says that despite the movie being not quite up to the mark, the songs seem fun and entertaining. The sight and the background drop of the movie are completely different from the original. The original song was directed on the streets of Chowpatty whereas in the remake it was replaced by the set which had more pop of colours.

Meanwhile, Varun was seen wearing tees and trousers and Sara in a tutu-style dress. On the other hand, Govinda’s style was more homely with his heavy printed shirts and Karisma’s bright sarees.

The new version of the song features original singers Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik, reimagined by Lilo- Geor-DjChetas. While Anand Milind and lyrics composed the original song were written by Sameer. Director Dhawan says that songs in the original Coolie no. 1 are iconic and if he ever had to remake his movie he would remake its iconic songs. He included the original singers because it made him close to the movie and it was his way to payback.

Tujhe Mirchi Lagitoh is not the only song Dhawan Sr remade. Hussn hai Suhaana was also made into a remix from the original movie. Mirchi Lagi still has the beat and energetic vibes new version of Hussn Hai suhaana did make up to the mark.

Whenever the song hits our ears we still can’t control ourselves from mouthing the lyrics and thrusting our hips. Coolie no. 1 review also says that even though the movie was not entertaining the music are something you can enjoy.

The energetic moves from Varun and watching Sara all glammed up and looking gorgeous while she moves her hips is worth your time.

Kader khan and Paresh Rawal Comparison in this Brainless Comedy.

Paresh Rawal to play Sara Ali Khan's father in Coolie No 1? - Movies News

The late actor Kader Khan who played Chowdhry Hoshiyar Chand’s role in 1995 Coolie no 1 is now played by Paresh Rawal as Jeffrey Rosario in the remake movie. Kader Khan is a legendary actor for making outstanding comedy sensational.

The only support to Govinda in the 90s Coolie no. 1 was Kader Khan. Sure, Govinda was the star but it is safe to say that Kader Khan watched Govinda’s back and uplifted the movie’s standards. Although the original movie was filmed in the outlandish and outdated environment the audience still gave the movie a chance because it starred the comedic legend, Kader Khan.

He can outshine any comic lines with his goofy voice and make us laugh until our stomach hurts.

Coolie no. 1 review states that Paresh Rawal stepping into Kader Khan’s shoes was an utter disappoint but then again was the movie. Paresh Rawal is seen in many movies especially the comedy ones and he nails every role that he has been assigned to. Did you forget Hera Pheri?

 It was a classic and also had a remake version of it. Comparing Paresh Rawal and Kader Khan seems a little rude since they are/were great actors. However, Paresh Rawal playing the same role as Kader Khan in the original with a little bit of twist made the fans a little upset.

Paresh Rawal as the rich businessman and the father of Sara Ali Khan in the remake was a good choice of casting and to be honest the 65 – year old did nail the role. Coolie no. 1 review remarks that the only reason for creating a remake of this 90s classic was for pure nostalgic value.

The remake of the movie is entirely different and caters to the “new-gen”. As time passes the crowd changes and the demands with it as well. If you think about the movie keeping aside the nostalgic value, the movie seems fun and entertaining. If you have never watched the original movie, there is no harm in trying to the new version of it.

Coolie no. 1 review: Final Verdict.

Coolie No 1 movie review: Zero wit, no flair | Entertainment News,The  Indian Express

Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan starrer Coolie no. 1 was released on 2020 Christmas. Coolie no. 1 was sold to the platform known as Amazon Prime Video for 115 crores. Wow! That’s a lot of money. The movie managed to break the viewership record on Amazon Prime Video’s highest ever in India itself. The remake movie pushed behind Mirzapur with approximately 30 lakh views across the world.

Coolie no. 1 would have been double-digit opener if released pre-COVID just like Judwaa 2 another Varun Dhawan starrer movie. The original movie was built on a budget of 3.5 crores and made 21 crores for a lifetime and rounding up to today’s time it made a maximum 140 crores.

The 1995 Coolie no 1 was a big success at that time which prompted to make a remake. Meanwhile, to make the remake it costs an estimated amount of 50 crores where Dhawan Jr and Sr shared the profit of 35 crores making it a total of 85 crores.

Since the subscription base data on Amazon Prime Video is less than Hotstar, Coolie no. 1 could not outshine on the platform like it did in Amazon Prime. Both the Dhawan’s received the profit share even after sharing a major profit cost. Coolie no. 1 was directly sold to the Amazon Prime platform to gather more attention from across the world.

Even though, Coolie no. 1 review had a lot to say about the movie and the acting the truth cannot be changed. The remake of this iconic movie was a big success despite its average critics.

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