Wonder Woman 1984 Review: Better than the original or a step back?

IMDb: 5.5/10 Wonder Woman 1984 is pursuing the best film ever made by the beleaguered DC cinematic world. The first Wonder Woman, published in 2017, was what DC had to be. In comparison to the gloomy brooding...

13 TV breakups that were so healthy and mature and 13 that were chaotic as heck

While watching TV shows often catch on the character and imagine us as in the same character in the TV. Our feelings get committed with it, which makes me feel exited, scared, emotional and happy. Watching it...

11 Times Badass Women Challenged Our Sanskaar & Destroyed Culture With Their Outrageous Actions

Badass Women Challenging Indian Taboos India is a male dominating country for decades however, for the past few years we could see women rising and speaking for their rights. To end male dominance women all...

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