Best 15 Best TV Shows on Lionsgate Play – Here’s what Lionsgate Play has to offer you this month!

Bollywood movies these days are nothing but repetitive cassettes which keep on repeating the same thing again and again. Since black and white, our  Indian audience has been watching movies in theatres, and...

10 Fantasy Shows to Escape Into Right Now

There are times when you need to go out from the real world to have a better time and get refreshed. Day-to-day activities are boring and for a proper refreshment what can be better than the fantasy shows on...

Obsessed with The Crown? Here are 14 books that will feed your addiction with royal families

Have you seen ‘the crown’, you know that show on Netflix? Silly question, of course, you have, it’s about the royal family that ruled most of the world and shaped history to its liking. What did you like...

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