Master movie review: A Worthy Big Theatrical Blockbuster!

Description: An alcoholic professor, Professor JD, takes up a three-month teaching job in the juvenile prison. This prison is ruled by the antagonist Bhavani. The story revolves around how professor JD rescues and liberates all the kids from the...

‘Bhoomi’ Movie Review: One of the most improbable storylines of 2021!

Description: A NASA scientist, Bhoominathan, invents a pill that alters the human respiratory system so that a human will be able to breathe in carbon dioxide and thus survives on Mars. But during his vacation, he comes across the hardships faced by...

‘Pulikkuthi Pandi’ movie review: Muthaiah’s rural flick with a engaging climactic twist

Plot Summary of Pulikkuthi Pandi: A young, aggressive lad (Pandi) is an orphan from a village in Tamil Nadu. He has a heart of gold but is a ruffian with cases of a few petty crimes registered under his name. One day, his path crosses a woman...

Category - Tamil Movie Reviews

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