Mail movie Review: A Series of unfortunate events

DESCRIPTION: The movie revolves around the fascination of an 18-year-old village boy named Ravi with the computer and internet world. How the curiosity arose when Ravi Meets hybath, who opens a computer gaming...

Master movie review: A Worthy Big Theatrical Blockbuster!

Description: An alcoholic professor, Professor JD, takes up a three-month teaching job in the juvenile prison. This prison is ruled by the antagonist Bhavani. The story revolves around how professor JD rescues...

Bangaru Bullodu movie review: Lots Of Blunders and Irrationality

Description:- Before you read the Bangaru Bullodu movie review, it is crucial for you to get insights into what the movie is actually about. This movie is full of drama and comedy. The lead actor is the...

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Best Movies Review Online

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