The Sleepover Review: Netflix's lighthearted action-drama is not for Cinema Snobs

The Sleepover Review: Netflix’s Lighthearted Action-Drama is ‘Not’ for Cinema Snobs

With this pandemic going on outside the world, everything seems monotonous and nearly coming to an end. With this, the only entertaining source we have to get ourselves stress-free and relaxed is movies and web series on Netflix and other platforms. We bring you The Sleepover Review, with the season of movies and its releases, The Sleepover is one such movie with action-comedy directed by Trish Sie and has been the latest addition on Netflix.


The Sleepover Review

The movie will be a stress buster for many of you so plan to watch it over the weekend. With the great collection on Netflix of some amazing movies, we can go down to some of them to watch and get ourselves entertained apart from other routines and work! 

The Sleepover Review: With the season of movies and its releases, The Sleepover is one such movie with action-comedy directed by Trish Sie and has been the latest addition on Netflix. The movie will be a stress buster for many of you so plan to watch it over the weekend. 

The plot of the story is simple and stays in the boundaries of familiar comedy and action tropes. 

It is about the story of a character Finch whose family’s suburban life is in danger when his mother, Margot’s life (role played by Malin Akerman) past as an international jewel thief is revealed.

For many years, she was concealing the fact that she has been laying low in witness protection after outing her mafia boss. She concealed it from her kids Clancy (Sadie Stanley) and Kevin (Maxwell Simkins) and her husband Ron (Ken Marino). With a video of her son getting viral where he has been bullied for dancing in the school bathroom, her old boss’s goons track her down. With a gunpoint on her head, she was feared to have one last robbery with her former fiance who was also her partner in crime, Leo (Joe Manganiello). 

The story has an interesting turn where she leaves behind clues that the kids now have to connect together piece by piece before they set off on the search and rescue mission with two best friends- Mom (Cree Cicchino) and Lewis (Lucas Jaye). 


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Simkins is funny and crazy like Kevin. The movie starts with him narrating the plot of Ridley Scott’s The Martian as part of a family history project to his classmates and teacher.

Also, his sister is a very talented teenager and is the “band geek” but has low confidence in not having a personal phone. She believes that social media is a great platform for serial killers and criminals to know about you and all the information that is connected to you. This has been stated by Clancy to her crush Travis.  

Ron, on the other hand, is a funny father with all funny gigs and is also a pastry chef who regularly exercises his fingers with hand grippers and is also threatened by the chiseled Manganiello. Margot is a stay at home mom who regularly volunteers to school with her own bold personality that is intact in herself.

It was when her son got bullied and she set them straight. The most enjoyable character in the movie is Cicchino as Clancy’s ride-or-die Mim, who has one-liners ready and has funny dialogues all the time. 


In all, Our The Sleepover Review is that The Sleepover will be fun for kids as they mostly watch spy movies that are adventurous too. You will enjoy the scenes where the kids discover a treasure trove of James Bond-like devices in Margot’s locker. The gadgets help them solve the links to their mission. 

Every character in the movie is enjoyable and interesting, but they alone cannot carry the instincts needed for the interest in the movie. The storyline of the movie contributes to this because it is humorous and has action sequences. There is nothing iconic about The Sleepover but it is interesting to watch it on the home screen.


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The Sleepover Review: The Sleepover is on and all a good movie to watch on the streaming platform that has actually come and gone. It can be fully enjoyed if you avoid its flaws. The movie is streaming on Netflix. 

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