ancient skincare remedies

5 effective ancient skincare remedies that you can still use today

Natural and ancient skincare remedies and rituals are still very relevant and in constant use around the globe for their amazingly effective properties and soft healing natural care without the very possible side effects of overly expensive skincare products of modern times which at their best try to replicate the effects of such ancient remedies.

Here we shine some light on a few such remedies and rituals you can use as an alternative to top brand products;

1.   Turkey; curated Rose Essence

Rose essence is full of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals along with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties which is how it helps softly heal your skin and moisturize it deeply and naturally.

Distilled rose essence or rose water can be used as a base for other skincare products too, being a natural moisturizer, like when preparing a face mask.

Turkey has been the world’s largest producer of rose water, which is then distilled form of rose essence. If you use rose water regularly then it’s a step in the right direction in achieving that smooth flawless skin.

Oftentimes people neglect the simplest and easily available remedies for their simplicity, as it raises skepticism about their actual ability and effectiveness, rose water is one of those remedies that some tend to overlook for its easy availability and simplicity, and yet it does help tremendously in skincare if used routinely.

2.  Finland; Heated Saunas

Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience - Ruka Safaris, Kuusamo, Finland

Heated saunas aren’t just vacation luxury services that people visit to post pictures about, the benefits of heated room treatments were accepted as far back as 1172 in Finland and now along with saunas, infrared rooms, salt caves these practices are widely popular among people of various walks of life.

Heated room treatments, or saunas, relax the tension in the body and calm down the nerves. It’s good to relax in a sauna post-workout, as it’s an alternative to slow down your racing heart by lowering your blood pressure.

Sauna or heated room treatment not only helps relieve stress it has amazing skincare benefits. Regular usage of saunas gives a soft refreshing feel to skin that feels and looks full of vitality, not to mention its benefits in blood pressure lowering.

Studies have shown that it could help decrease arterial stiffness, relax your nerves and improve heart health. In conclusion, if you have access to heated rooms or saunas, do not hesitate to use them.

3. France; Hand creams

Ever heard about the paraffin treatment? It’s a hand care treatment done by first dipping your hands in warm wax and then wrapping them to let the wax moisten your skin to a deeper level.

There was an infamous queen named Marie Antoinette in France, who used to apply balms and moisturizer to her hands and wear cotton gloves before sleeping, to let the moisture soak in deep.

You can replicate the process without having to be infamous, by simply applying deep nourishing hand cream, and then wearing cotton gloves on your hands either for a few hours or just sleep wearing them.

It’s a remedy that works with routine use, for softer, smoother hands, It is recommended to make it a part of your skincare routine.

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4.   India; Turmeric

10 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin

Turmeric has been used as a natural remedy for illness in Indian households for more than 4500 years, it’s also an essential ingredient in Indian food, as a spice.

Western countries have only recently started using turmeric as a natural herb, but Indian households have continued to keep using the ancient remedy for various purposes in day to day lives.

In 2017 on the benefits of turmeric a study took place that revealed that turmeric contains curcumin, which is helpful in reducing metabolic syndrome, and reduces the effect of oxidative and inflammatory conditions, helps with arthritis and even anxiety.

The benefits of turmeric are many as it also acts as an immune booster, can be better than vitamin c and d for its antioxidant properties.

 Turmeric has been used for centuries to treat infections and wounds, even Johnson and Johnson used turmeric in plasters to heal scrapes faster.

Indians have used turmeric in different ways in the centuries, namely, as a basic spice for dishes, adding it in milk, applying it on the skin along with rose water, etc.

Other than its medicinal properties against cuts, scrapes, infections and such, its cosmetic properties are very beneficial as well. It is known to clear dark spots, blackheads, clear complexion, reduce age lines and wrinkles and give your skin that soft glowing look full of freshness.

5.   China; Acupuncture

A Visual Guide to Acupuncture

This is one of the most effective ancient skincare remedies. Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese ritual of using needles to stimulate the nervous and immune system. It has been in use in China for many centuries and revolves not only around the cure to ailments but prevention of such ailments itself.

The needles are used to stimulate specific nerve synapses in our body, which in turn stimulates our lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems.

Experts recommend acupuncture for skincare or to reduce chronic pain and in some cases to boost fertility. It’s not only about curing ailments or skincare routine, It’s a wellness habit used by regulars, for a better, healthier lifestyle.

“It’s often used at the change of a season to help the chi(energy) in your body adjust in turn with the shifting energies of nature,” Says Katie Brindle the founder of the Hayo’u method and a qualified five elements Chinese practitioner.

Nowadays acupuncture is slowly becoming renowned for its cosmetic uses in skin complexion and treatment for eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. Its uses are claimed to be from reducing fine lines, wrinkles, even lifting the skin and treating issues with complexion.

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Why use ancient skincare remedies?

They are effective, they are natural, they are easily available, and unless you have an allergy to that specific element, they lack dire side effects like the modern medicines do. Nature carries the resolution to most of our worries, if only we learn to listen.




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