13 Essentials You Must Stock Up To Stay Germ-Free and Healthy

13 Essentials You Must Stock Up To Stay Germ-Free and Healthy

Reading and learning this from our very childhood, we all know how important it is to be free of germs. This healthy habit goes a long way. To bow to the same credo, you need a few essential products that can assist you in leading a life that is germ-free and healthy.

This article provides a list of few such essential items for your home that you should stock up to be used on a regular basis to stay germ-free and healthy.

13 Essentials You Must Stock Up To Stay Germ-Free and Healthy

1. Palmolive Hydrating Foaming Hand Wash with Lime and Mint

Where to Buy – Palmolive Foaming Hand Wash

With great and refreshing fragrance with mint and the ability of lime to germs effectively, this product is available in 2 sizes, the bottles or refill version and the pump one. It not only removes germs and cleans your hand, but also provides moisture. The daily use of foaming wash is great to remain germ-free.

2. Bacillol 25, Ready to Use Surface Disinfectant

Bacillol-25® , Surface & Equipment Disinfectant.

Where to Buy – Bacillol 25 Disinfectant

The alcoholic disinfectant spray can be used to sanitize a surface or any equipment. It is one of the best products to buy, taking into consideration the current situation with the virus. The spray leaves the surface germ-free and healthy. It has quick action. You can spray the disinfectant and wipe it clean with a wipe.

3. Himalaya Pure Hand Sanitizer, Litchi flavour

Himalaya Wellness Pure Hands Sanitizer Litchi: Buy pump bottle of 250 ml  Sanitizer at best price in India | 1mg

Where to Buy – Himalaya Sanitizer

The one thing you would want to stock up heavily is, without a doubt, sanitizers.  We all have tried to stock up as many sanitizers as we can find. The long-standing company Himalaya has been producing one of the best sanitizers for a long time now. The company proves this litchi flavored sanitizer to give 99.9% protection from germs, including bacteria and viruses.

4. Godrej Protekt Mr. Magic Powder to Liquid Hand Wash

Godrej Protekt | Mr. Magic Powder to liquid handwash

Where to Buy – Godrej ProtektHandwash

The hand wash by Godrej is rich in neem and aloe vera. It is one of a kind hand wash as it comes as a powder. All you need to do to assemble it is to add clean water in the bottle of the hand wash and pour the entire content of the packet containing the powder. Mix well, and you get your hand wash ready. It is completely untouched by the human hand and is one of the best hand washes, which is soft on the skin and cleans your hand.

5. SHI Aloe Vera Hand Wipes

Buy SHI HAND WIPES WITH 99.9% GERM KILL FORMULA (PACK OF 15 WIPES x 2)…  Online at Low Prices in India -

Where to Buy – SHI Wipes

The hand wipes made out of extracts of aloe vera is great to take on travel. It has anti-bacterial properties and is one of the essential items that you need right now. It will help in remaining germ-free and healthy even while you are on the go. The alcohol-free wipes have 15 pieces of wipes in one packet.

6. PaxClean ECO Disinfectant Floor Cleaner

Where to Buy – PaxClean Floor Cleaner

The Pax Clean Disinfectant floor cleaner is a floor cleaner sanitizer. The fragrant disinfectant can be used on the floor all over the house. The eco-friendly floor cleaner cleans away 99.9% germs.

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7. Dettol Disinfectant Cleaner

Where to buy – Dettol Cleanser

The Dettol disinfectant liquid is backed up with the power and fragrance of lime. It is hygienic and tested by the dermatologists. The liquid can be used while washing clothes and the floor as well. This product is recommended by the Indian Medical Association and is one of the essential items that you should stock up at home.

8. Inditradition Anti-Bacterial Tooth Brush Covers

Where to Buy – Inditradition Tooth Brush Cover

This is a pack of 3 toothbrush covers that fits one toothbrush in each of them. You can buy them in attractive and pastel colours. It is easy to store and use. The covers are washable and can be re-used. These are best for travels and even to keep your brushes clean and out of the dust at home. The inditradition anti-bacterial tooth brush covers are sure to keep your tooth brush germ-free and healthy to be used.

9. Mast Kwick Cellulose Microfiber Kitchen Wipes

Where to Buy –Mast Kwick Kitchen Wipes

The kitchen wipes are ideas to be used to clean the tables and kitchen counters. These are sponge cleaners that can be used for both dry and wet cleaning. Made out of microfiber and polyester, it does not leave fabric fibres on the counters. The pack by Mast Kwick comes with a set of 5 wipes in attractive colours. The biodegradable wipes are a steal and also essential for every kitchen.

10. Zollyss Travel Bottle Set

Where to buy – Zollyss travel bottle set

The Zollyss bottles are a set of 5 travel bottles. You can get them in the colours white, pink, and blue. The set contains 2 turn cap bottles, 2 pressure spray bottles, and 1 pump bottle. You can use them to carry your different toiletries while you are travelling. These are air-tight, so the chances of leakages are also negligible. The set is available on Amazon at a great deal and will keep your usable products germ-free and healthy.

11. S4S Men’s Premium Handkerchief

Where to Buy –S4S Handkerchief

The S4S Men’s Handkerchief is a set of 12 premium quality handkerchiefs. It is made out of 100% cotton and is soft on the skin. A handkerchief is a must while going out to keep your hands clean. This set comes at a great deal and is essential for every man.

12. Seville Classic Bamboo Mat for Cutting Board

Where to Buy – Seville Bamboo Mat

This set of 7 mats in different colours are knife-proof. You can place them on the chopping board and chop the meat or vegetables. The mats also have food icons to know which one to use for which food so that you use a clean mat every time. These mats are easy to clean with just some liquid wash and utensil wipes.

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13. Amazon Basic Stainless Steel Knife Set

Where to Buy – Amazon Basic Knives Set

The set of knives by Amazon Basic comes in two sizes, 9 pieces, and 18 pieces. The knives are in perfect balance. You can find all the types of knives that are essential to be used in a kitchen in this set. You can easily get the set with at least a 50% discount.

These items are at some great deals on Amazon and are some of the essentials that will help you keep your surroundings germ-free and healthy. Check out the deals soon.

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