Movie Review Mulan

Movie Review Mulan : “Worth the Wait” or “Trash”?

‘Mulan’ has been very much in talks in the last six months of the pandemic going on. So we bring to you Movie Review Mulan.

People had a lot of expectations from the movie and it reached out to most of their expectations. With all the discussions going about its premiere, the movie is finally here.

Mulan can be watched on Disney+Premier Access. This new add on feature enables you to watch the movie with no hassles as many times as you want.

With all the talks about its release and casting, many fans out there questioned the worth of paying the amount and watching it. Like is it worth it?

Critics have already posted their reviews on twitter, all good and bad about the movie.

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Movie Review Mulan

Mulan is Directed by Niko Caro and it recreates the epic tale of Chinese warrior Mulan (Liu Yifei), a bold young woman who keeps everything on stake and fights for her family and country.

She was so fearless that when her aging father (Tzi Ma) was called for war, the young warrior pretended herself as a man and created a story of a warrior who is brave and is responsible for the duty. 

The song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” has been liked by every fan who liked the animated classic movie of 1998 and you can hear them singing the song loud and with all their hearts.

But the movie does not feature any of the like Mushu the dragon or Li Shang. Mulan features more scenes with stunning visuals, badass fight ass scenes, action scenes, and a new phoenix sidekick.

For rating the film, critic Anna Menta writes in her views that Mulan is an epic breathtaking adventure that justifies adventure more. 

Twitter is a wide platform for sharing reviews about the movies, be it good or criticizing, fans do not leave any opportunity to put their views and debate on the movies or web series with the critics.

With any release or broadcast on Netflix, Disney Plus, or any other medium, twitter gets filled with the reviews and the content that is written by fans for praising or criticizing the cast for the work done.

In the case of Movie Review Mulan, twitter is filled with reactions from fans who tune in right at midnight to get the first view of it on Disney Premier Access and many of them praised the movie.

Some viewers wrote that they had just finished watching the movies and found it amazing watching an Asian woman kicking ass with such boldness and power. Some found it really great and amazing and also faultless. 

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It was obvious to find reviews like these because not everybody has the same taste for ancient folk tales and action thrillers.

It was noted by many that Mulan will be streaming for free from 4th December 2020 and that it would be fine for them to watch as they do not have to pay much and extra for the movie. 

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