top rated Telugu movies of 2020

Best Top Rated Telugu movies of 2020

With a vast selection of fantastic top rated Telugu movies of 2020 this year, it can sometimes be daunting to pick out the best ones. Whether you’re planning to watch a film with your dear ones or friends or family members, you can take a look at our top-rated Telugu movies this year to gather some ideas on what to watch.

Here are the top rated Telugu movies of 2020!


IMDb: 7.4

Set in Palasa, a town in the Srikakulam area of Andhra Pradesh, the top rated Telugu movies of 2020 recounts the narrative of standing mistreatment and breaks caused between the property managers who make a solid effort to clutch their force and the individuals who restrict them. At the point when Mohan Rao (Rakshit) picks the way of brutality to restrict it, what unfurls is something that should be watched. 

Coaxing motivation out of obvious occurrences and introducing them on-screen, by finding some kind of harmony among philosophy and force, is a genuine test to movie producers. Also, with Palasa, Karuna Kumar has effectively dominated it. Remaining consistent with the story he expects to tell, the debutant has conveyed a magnificent wrongdoing dramatization that sudden spikes in demand for the topic of position abuse.

Colour Photo

IMDb: 8.1

Kannayya (Suhas) and Deepti (Chandini Chowdary) are two designing understudies from a humble community in Andhra Pradesh who succumb to one another. Deepti’s sibling Rama Raju (Sunil) is a severe cop who accepts that the shade of the skin matters a ton, in any event for any individual who needs to wed his sister. The bigoted sibling makes a decent attempt to isolate the affection of flying creatures yet the outcome will be fascinating to watch. 

The story is a basic one, yet what takes the breath away is its composition. Discourses are critical to any romantic tale however the way chief Sandeep Raj utilizes them during key scenes makes this film a paramount one. Among the top rated Telugu movies of 2020, the film is set in late the 90s where individuals nonchalantly separate dependent on skin tone and accept that lighter-looking ladies are an excessive amount to request darker-looking men. What is more interesting is that a couple of characters in the film envision that things will change constantly in 2020.

Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya

IMDb: 7.8

Venkatesh Maha’s second film Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya is a redo of the Malayalam film Maheshinte Prathikaaram and definitely stands out in the list of top rated Telugu movies of 2020. Any individual who has seen the first won’t be shocked by the straightforwardness of the story written by Syam Pushkaran, the humor found in life’s day-by-day events (particularly when Mahesh’s dad accepts life is lovely), and obviously, exactly how adorable Mahesh’s character genuinely is. Truth be told, this may very well be the best story of retribution you’ll actually see. 

Mahesh (Satyadev) is a picture taker from Araku with sweet little dreams in his eyes to wed the young lady he cherishes, take care of his matured dad well, and have a substantial existence with respect. However, what happens when all that he longs for is broken instantly will be intriguing to watch.

Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo

IMDb: 7.1

It is set in the delicate colored, perfectly outlined, pastel-shaded cotton-sweet land that Trivikram Srinivas fabricates. The criminals here are left to their own gadgets, with the expectation that karma will get to them. What’s more, when that doesn’t work, they’re obviously pummeled beat up, however in style. The film, like other top rated Telugu movies of 2020, sets up a lot of characters and winds up displaying totally farfetched situations. In any case, the film’s greatest strength is that you get everything, regardless of whether Trivikram, once more, tells the story of a man who needs to help a family he thinks often about. 

In Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo, various characters are set up, played by Nivetha Pethuraj, Rahul Ramakrishna, Navdeep, Sunil, Harsha Vardhan, even the foe of this story Samuthirakani and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, yet the central members remain, Murli Sharma, Sachin Khedekar (in a job he is by all accounts having some good times with) and obviously, Allu Arjun. Allu Arjun dives into his job, pulling it off effortlessly.

Solo Brathuke So Better

IMDb: 5.4

Debutant chief Subbu endeavors to tell a carefree story, just about a parody on the individuals who accept that connections are an exercise in futility with Solo Brathuke So Better. And keeping in mind that the film rotates around a man whose point in life is to cause others to comprehend why it is smarter to have an independent existence, the film avoids digging profound into why he feels thusly. 

Solo Brathuke So Better is a film, among the top rated Telugu movies of 2020, that depends on humor, generally, to convey its idea, particularly with regards to Virat’s disappointment. In any case, it’s time Tollywood movie producers discover that ageist and fat-disgracing at this point don’t make look like jokes in the 21st century and leave you with only a harsh insight regarding a generally alright film. What likewise doesn’t work for the film is that a scoundrel (Ajay) is strongly fought in so SDT can flaunt his battling abilities in two strangely positioned scenes.

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Middle-Class Melodies

IMDb: 7.6

Vinod Anantoju’s Middle-Class Melodies has nothing to do with music; the tunes here allude to the recognizable beats in working-class Indian life. Be it the words a dad regurgitates not out of disdain, however, love, or how ladies attempt to adjust and state their privileges when the opportunity arrives – no beat in this wonderful story appears to be new. 

Directly from the main casing, Vinod clarifies that there will be no animating music or gallantry appeared in this story. It’s hard not to choke with chuckling at the crazy sight of an elderly person being pulled up on a seat with ropes attached to them or at Raghava’s companion Gopal (Chaitanya Garikipati) who is so fixated on horoscopes, he’s in any event, ready to relinquish Gautami (Divya Sripada), a young lady he cherishes because she was conceived at a specific time. Yet, at a point in the story, the commonality gets excessively, making you can’t help thinking about why a portion of the tracks, similar to that of Gopal’s uncle and a chit reserve, are investigated in detail.


IMDb: 3.9

Hemant Madhukar’s multi-starrer that brags of names like Anushka Shetty, Shalini Pandey, R Madhavan, Anjali, and even Hollywood star Michael Madsen intends to be a whodunit that will put you on the edge. Loaded up with moderate flashbacks that strip off the layers individually, possessive companions that consistently think the most noticeably terrible of others, plotting police officers being their platitude selves, and a ton of exciting bends in the road, it nearly seems like Nishabdham attempts to take on a lot without a moment’s delay and succeeds just in parts. 

Nishabdham, all in all, vows to be a treat, to Anushka’s fans as well as to film buffs who love spine chillers as well. Tragically, it doesn’t in every case satisfy that guarantee since all it winds up being is a snazzy film among the top rated Telugu movies of 2020 with no profundity. Give this one a possibility this end of the week for Anushka and Madhavan, notwithstanding nothing else.

Krishna and His Leela

IMDb: 5.4

Directly toward the start of this story, Krishna who’s apparently ending up in the Himalayas, asks the watcher to not pass judgment on his character or conditions. What’s more, regardless of whether you as a watcher are by one way or another incapable to do that, chief Ravikanth Perepu offers enough assistance to not simply be non-judgemental of this current man’s ‘leelalu’ yet also identify with him in some capacity. 

Krishna has a propensity for falling hard when he becomes hopelessly enamored and notwithstanding getting injured, bears everything to anyone who might be in the vicinity. It doesn’t take much for Krishna (Siddhu Jonnalagadda) to become hopelessly enamored. Be that as it may, it’s not his deficiency, since he’s some way or another continually encompassed by solid, hot ladies. In any case, regardless of whether he could actually have the option to discover a similarity between harmony and love, will be intriguing to watch.

Madha (Insanity Personified)

IMDb: 5.2

It is an interesting suspenseful thrill ride pulled off with the assistance of sharp crescendos and low-lights, which stunningly work in making the sort of environment debutant SriVidya Basawa focuses on. Setting aside the way that the film, among the top rated Telugu movies of 2020, is stalled by moderate-paced presentations and a not really holding peak, Madha works generally and is an unassuming thrill ride. 

Madha is an in fact solid film considering the top rated Telugu movies of 2020, combined with a gripping story that keeps things intriguing. In any case, the romantic tale among Arjun and Nisha is a gigantic let-down, failing to keep the crowd adequately connected. It’s just when the film figures out how to cross past that and get to the story that things get fascinating. The peak and end again are a failure.


IMDb: 7.7

Dr. Sailesh Kolanu obviously plans for HIT to transform into an establishment, and it’s clarified as it so happens when he is by all accounts in no rush to uncover anything much about his characters. Wrongdoing shows are a class that is difficult to pull off and to the chief’s credit, he figures out how to do it well with insignificant downsides. What’s stunning is how the watcher is driven into the world Vikram occupies from the word go, particularly when it’s one that is suffocating and loaded up with such a lot of torment.

HIT is certainly not a film that will keep you on the edge of the seat, however, it keeps you sufficiently connected to know more. With a more tight story, better course, and exhibitions, this genuinely could’ve been something different. In any case, this isn’t to imply that the film doesn’t work, since it does, particularly with the monstrous bluff holder toward the end promising a continuation worth watching.

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