6 Worst Movies to Win the Best Picture Oscars & What Should Have Won

6 Worst Movies to Win the Best Picture Oscars & What Should Have Won

This is something you must have felt at times that some Worst Movies to Win the Best Picture Oscars but they do not rightly deserve it. If a movie wins the best picture Oscar it does not imply that it is a great movie and one of the best that Hollywood produced.

A movie can be regarded as the deserving one if it becomes a classic in the years to come, like ” Lawrence of Arabia”, “On the Waterfront, and “The Godfather”.

As the voters for the Academy prizes do not get it right every time, there are certain movies that turn out to be the winners yet being the most undeserving one. Over here we have list down 6 worst movies to win the best picture Oscars and those who should have won the prize in place of those that got the award. 


6 worst movies to win the best picture Oscars

1. Around the world in 80 days (1956)

In lieu of being a famous novel by Jules Verne, it may happen that ” Around the World in 80 days” got an easy win for Oscar. It had a budget of $6 million in the 1950s which is much inexpensive in comparison to other movies.

The movie is really a shallow one with a star-studded cast. A lot of controversies arose as it got the Academy prize. Many had hinted that this movie is proof that you can buy Oscars and this was the one which started the trend of worst movies to win the best picture Oscars.

The movie that should have won: 

The Ten Commandments” should have won the best picture Oscar award instead of “Around the World in 80 days”. This is the finest and final direction of Cecil B. DeMille that is still remembered today. Charlton Heston’s performance as Moses is one of the most extraordinary activities that should have won the prize. 


2. Ordinary People (1980)

It was a time in the 1970s and 1980s when the genre of melodrama thrived in the movie halls. Another one of the worst movies to win the best picture Oscars that came up during this time is “Ordinary People”. Besides winning the award for the best picture this movie also received the best director award for Robert Redford and the best actor award for Timothy Hutton. Though it had some good performances the overall acting and presentation was not something satisfactory to receive an Oscar.   

The movie that should have won: 

“Raging Bull” should have won the prize instead of “Ordinary People”. It is really perplexing that instead of having beautiful cinematography, superfluous writing of Paul Schrader, and up to the mark editing of Thelma Schoonmaker it did not receive the Academy Awards.


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3. Titanic (1997)

Barely anyone has missed watching ” Titanic”, one of the most discussed and sensational movies of the 20th century. Many were overwhelmed to see Titanic receiving Oscar awards. Not only did it restrict itself to a box office success, but this love story by James Cameron also made Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet superstars. But it is hard to say that it was a deserving winner as there was a much better movie that could have won the award. This is one of the rarest moments when the Academy jury agreed on the mass sensation rejecting a potent receiver.

The movie that should have won: 

The adaptation of James Ellroy’s novel by Curtis Hanson by the name “L.A. Confidential” could have won the Academy Awards. It had much more suspense than the predictable plot of Titanic. With performing artists like Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, and Guy Pearce, this movie had a unique and mesmerizing plot.


4. Argo (2012)

Agro is a true story about the rescue of six Americans from Tehran in the year 1980. The direction of Ben Affleck is very easy to understand with an average drama. There is nothing much outstanding about production too.

The movie that should have won: 

Another story that the Academy had neglected is “Zero Dark Thirty”. This is also a true story and Kathryn Bigelow’s peek about how Osama bin Laden was stalked. Yes, it is true that both the films are real-life events that came to reel but as it is seen and distinguished, the difference surfaces appropriately. 


5. Green Book (2018)

This is a story that looked into the journeys of the celebrated Black pianist Mahershala Ali and his driver Viggo Mortensen, who was white. These journeys were during the 1960s which got the Academy just because the jury wanted to prove that they were not racists and a bench of prejudiced whites. The story itself is not so strong that it could expect to achieve the best picture award.

The movie that should have won:

“A star is born” should have got the award rather than “Green Book”. This is a love story that is heartbreaking and appeared many times before also. Still, this version of the movie with the fiery chemistry of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper will make you forget about the past versions. 


6. Crash (2005)

Critics were divided into two groups while reviewing this movie. While some opined that it is the best film that 2005 produced, the other section yelled at “Crash” stating it as the worst movie in early 2000. This was a film about a mixed-up life of the citizens of Los Angeles that has some history to say. This movie was also nominated for a Golden Globe. Instead of all these, there were better nominations that could have got the Academy prize. 

The movie that should have won:

“Brokeback Mountain” should have won but some of the critics believe that it did not receive the Academy because the voters were at discomfort with the subject of the film. The movie dealt with the secret love affair between Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger, two cowboys that give a narrow escape to “Crash” to win the Academy. Though it did not receive the best picture award still it is not a less great movie.

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Though at times mishaps like this happened for which many deserving films did not receive the Best Picture Oscar award, yet the films are a masterpiece. Receiving an Oscar is something prestigious yet it is not a parameter to decide and judge whether a film is great or not.

Tell s in the comments section if you can think of some Worst Movies to Win the Best Picture Oscars & What Should Have Won

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