Top remote work skills in demand

Top 5 remote work skills in demand in 2020 post COVID

The pandemic will lead to a huge shift in the digital transformation and develop greater job opportunities in the next few months/years. Take a look at the top remote work skills in demand post-Covid19 pandemic. 

The work culture has gone topsy turvy during the COVID-19 pandemic and the world post-pandemic is expected to adapt to many new changes. The physical distancing, lockdowns, offices, and workplaces shut down have forced people to stay indoors and have brought entire countries to their knees. Industries are coming to a standstill as people are forced to stay indoors. Societies and professionals are trying to cope up with the extent of the impact, modern technology has proven to be a savior. People have been working from home in large numbers, shopping from home, aid in government COVID areas monitoring; all thanks to the technology. 

In many ways, this pandemic has helped demonstrate the power of technologies such as cloud and big data, exposed cybersecurity risks, and has helped businesses visualize new ways to use data effectively.

Top remote work skills in demand in 2020 post COVID

1. Data

This term encompasses multiple meanings in terms of technology. The majority of people have been working from home and there has been a huge spike in data usage across the globe. Statistics indicate that the use of data has increased as much as 38 percent globally during the pandemic period. This also means that a lot of job opportunities will show up for data engineers, data analysts, data scientists, and ML/AI engineers. 

2. Cloud

IT infrastructure relies on the Public Cloud majorly for all its functionality. Gartner, in November 2019 had predicted that the worldwide public cloud services market would grow 17% in 2020. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic,  cloud migration is going to accelerate even more in the coming months.  There are going to be job opportunities for cloud architects and cloud IT, admins.

3. Cybersecurity

Remote working culture is the new normal now and is expected to remain so in the post-pandemic times too. The company’s data is more at risk due to so many different internet connections being used for their projects. With people relying more on personal or less secure wi-fi networks, the threat levels have increased. Cybersecurity thus becomes more critical, increasing the demand for security architects and ethical hackers.

4. Digital Marketing

Gone are those days when information was contained in books and papers or files. People are now only consuming information online. Digital marketing is the only kind of marketing known now when the world has gone online. This will result in a huge demand for PPC practitioners, digital brand managers, content & SEO experts, CRM, and email marketing specialists.

5. Business Analysts

Businesses have also made a shift to digital mediums for their reports, analysis, etc. Digital channels have become increasingly mainstream across sectors such as retail, education, healthcare, and others. With the increase in digital aspects, Business Analysts will be required more by companies.  Demand for management analysts, including business analysts, is likely to grow 14 percent, between 2018 to 2028.

As we all learn to live with the Covid-19 pandemic, as we are accepting the new normal, many aspects are changing significantly, demanding changes in the way we function. Health aspects have changed completely. There are newer and better ways to look at a healthy lifestyle. Our work front has changed in a disruptive way too. The shift towards the digital era is pretty immediate, creating a  wide range of jobs.  These top remote work skills will be of use when trying to adapt to the new ways of working. 

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A look at the future work trends 

On the work front, the shakeup is equally disruptive as that of our personal lives. As our lifestyles change in the Post-COVID era, the shift towards digital is going to be complete and immediate. Getting skilled in these digital skills is one way to ensure that while you adapt to the other changes in your life, at least your Career is on a growth track and Future proof.

As the pandemic is resetting major work trends, HR leaders are also revamping their plans to hire new candidates and changing the bars for management, performance, and experience strategies.

It is estimated that the pandemic will have a lasting impact on the future in the following ways: 

  1. Increase in remote working  
  2. Expanded data collection 
  3. Contingent worker expansion
  4. Expanded employer role as a social safety net
  5. Separation of critical skills and roles
  6. (De-)Humanization of employees
  7. The emergence of new top-tier employers
  8. The transition from designing for efficiency to designing for resilience
  9. Increase in organization complexity 

While a wide range of jobs is at significant risk from the economic downturn, the digital and tech jobs will continue to see the growth they have seen in the last 2 decades – in fact, this growth will accelerate. So skill up, and stay up in the market as before. 

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