Bandish Bandits Amazon Prime Review

Stream It Or Skip It: Bandish Bandits Amazon Prime Review

The last classic that you have seen from these famous writers is the well-received Netflix Film Love Per Square Foot. This one is another classic tale about two singers from dawn and dusk. This series on Amazon Prime series is based on a modern yet classic concept of how music can make or mar relationships. But does it hit the right notes? Here is Bandish Bandits Amazon Prime Review.


Bandish Bandits Amazon Prime Review


Prime Video: Bandish Bandits - Season 1


The first shot: Shot in the gorgeous city of Jodhpur, the first shot just sets the stage right. The camera sweeps on beautiful Rajasthani architecture, a house where Naseeruddin Shaah(Pandit Ji) greets a group of classical Indian singers, seated in a courtyard for singing lessons. Panditji is stern and students are asked to sing solo turn wise. Their skills are analyzed very closely by Pandit Ji. 


Summary: Radhe (Ritwik Bhowmik) undergoes classical music training by his grandfather for his whole life, setting up high expectations for his family to carry forward the classical music tradition of the family. Amongst his practice and college, Radhe meets Tamanna (Shreya Chaudhary), a YouTube pop sensation. This is when he begins to question his life’s path. The duo disease to collaborate, for better or worse.


To watch or not to watch: Bandish Bandits is a light, breezy, musical show. This is the perfect kind of entertainment when you don’t want to apply some brains into everything. The two characters, Radhe and Tamanna strike a great balance between their life goals; with Radhe having strong roots in his classical music, as opposed to Tamanna’s go-with-the-flow modern attitude.

Their conflict is majorly built around their taste in music, their choices, and each trying to push the other to embrace the unknown.


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Shreya Chaudhary and Ritwik Bhowmik are newcomers and have complemented each other gracefully. Their dialogue delivery might feel superficial at times; but in the end, the characters are well carried out and you will feel at home and totally in the world of the show with their acting. The legendary, Naseeruddin Shah’s occasional scene partner with either of them lifts the acting and the stakes of the entire show.

Bandish Bandits On Amazon Prime Video Is A Bloated, Confused Mess Of A  Musical

The shooting location, the Havelis, the surroundings are offbeat and are welcoming as they have been captured well. The story behind the gharanas, the royalty of His Highness and the legendary shows being conducted can all be very well related to the historic city of Jodhpur. The show is beautiful to look at. Radhe, being a new face captures attention and Tamanna has a captivating vibe too.

The costuming is vivid, the props and set dressings are lush without feeling over the top, and the featured architecture is regal. Not to forget the mention of the music. The show is about music, and the singing is par excellence at least for a layman. It sounds professional, melodious and very soothing and catchy. 


Parting Shot: Radhe’s dream comes true when his grandfather agrees to tie the sacred thread on him. The thread apparently now marks him as the most skilled and intelligent singer their Gharana. The sacred thread has now become a matter of prestige and a cause for a lot many tensions in the show.

As per the rules of the sacred thread, Radhe cannot sing commercially and this is the opposite of what he has planned to sing with Tamanna. He takes up contracts, shows and earns just to help his utterly loan drowned father. But Pandit Ji refuses to understand this and takes away the sacred thread from him.

The story progresses and takes mysterious turns as Digvijay Rathod(Atul Kulkarni) makes entry and challenges Radhe for a sing-off. 


Amidst Radhe’s love for Tamanna, his parents also try setting him up with a girl from another royal family for marriage. Between meetings, Radhe and his friend find out that the girl has had affairs and decides to call off the engagement. This saves Radhe from the marriage but the musical battle between families continues. 

Bandish Bandits is a musical treat that makes you fall in love with  Rajasthan

A lot is unveiled to Radhe about Digvijay Rathod, his relations with Radhe’s mom and Pandit Ji’s adamance that has led to the tiff between families. As Radhe is broken, Tamanna gives him all the support, the peace that he needs to come out of the family matters. 

Tamanna on the other hand is working hard to fulfill her dreams that have now become dependent on Radhe and his performance as ‘masked man’. Will Tamanna achieve her goals? Will Radhe sing for Tamanna’s goals ? is a thing to find out.

The show is sure to keep you hooked and bound to make you complete all episodes binge-watching. 


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Bandish Bandits Amazon Prime Review,

Our Call: STREAM IT.

The two leads are charming, the world is soapy, and the music is good enough to stay tuned in.

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