11 Best House Party Movies on Netflix

11 Best House Party Movies on Netflix India

Now this is cool; an amazing way to put technology to use. When we are stuck in a pandemic, all of us at home, Netflix gives you a chance to keep the party spirit high with some of the best House Party Movies.

The Netflix Party extension is a feature, which you can download on Google Chrome. It offers a chat feature next to your Netflix screen. Groups can play, pause, rewind, and discuss films together. It’s the perfect tool for quarantine bingeing. There are some films that work to be Best House Party Movies on Netflix India.

Starting with The Kissing Booth, the cheesy chick-flick; you will enjoy watching it with your friends. Slower films like Roma proved that fast-paced, feel-good films really hit the spot.

Having installed the extension, a fun viewing experience comes from these best House Movies on Netflix. The movies should be thought-provoking, something that’s going to elicit a response from all your guests.

We have a list of 11 Best House Party Movies on Netflix that you can get started for your movie nights. There are Oscar winners, rom-coms; all set to give you a great time with the party people. 


11 Best House Party Movies on Netflix India

1. The Bling Ring

Based on an insane true story, the bling ring is a great movie to watch. Check out some of the real footage of Alexis Neiers and her gang after watching the movie. The Bling Ring follows the cultural phenomenon from around 10 years ago, in which a group of fame-obsessed teens stole from celebrities’ houses. 

2. Dinner for Schmucks

A raunchy comedy featuring Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd, a perfect pair. The film is about a competition to find the biggest oddball for a dinner party. This can be fun in the chat where you can plan your own exotic dinner party together. 


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3. Frances Ha

Frances Ha is one of the best Netflix Party movies. You can discuss how unbelievably cool Greta Gerwig is, or figure out those stressful apartment plans for when this is all over. 


4. The Half of It

The Half of it is Netflix’s latest high school romantic comedy. We follow Ellie, a ghostwriter for the love-stricken Paul. Their witty banter is perfect for the chat function in Party mode since you can add on your own along with them. Chat about all the fantastic love letters that Paul and Ellie write to Aster, which can range from poetic to completely idiotic. 


5. He’s Just Not That Into You

This one is a romance film with multiple storylines. The movie gives you so much to chat about here. With the multiple brilliant subplots to be analyzed, the movie is a perfect party watch. Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, and Bradley Cooper make a fantastic cast too. The film shows nine interconnected stories of people dealing with various romantic issues. 


6. Hot Rod

Andy Samberg can do no wrong. He’s fantastic in Hot Rod, and your Netflix Party chat will be rooting for his success in every motorcycle jump he attempts. Cheer on Rod, boo Jonathan, and fantasize about the thrill of pool jumping in the chat. Rod and his team will inspire your party — what kind of endeavors can you start planning? By the time we can go outside, you’ll be ready to take on motorcycle jumping. Or maybe something safer.


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7. The Kissing Booth

Looks like this movie is made for a Netflix Party. Not the best romantic comedy ever though, but it has gathered a huge fan following. There are definitely a few moments that stray from the true high school experience, which could make for some hilarious debates with high school friends in the chat. And maybe this summer, we can all tune in for the sequel.


8. The Lobster

The Lobster was released in 2016 and we were all wondering if the movie was funny at all! Yes, but in the weirdest way. Was it sadistic? Definitely. These discussions will be fun over the Netflix Party. At a resort, singles must pair up with a lover, or they’ll be turned into the animal of their choosing. David (Colin Farrell) chooses a lobster and the movie is all about the events happening next. There’s a lot to unpack in the film. 

9. Scary Movie

Netflix has a lot of horror films for a Netflix party but Scary Movie’s combination of horror and comedy makes it a prime candidate. See if you can guess what films are being parodied. There are classics like The Matrix, Scream, and The Sixth Sense to make the movie even more twisty. Enjoy some early performances of some huge celebs like Anna Faris and Regina Hall.


10. Sleepover

Time for some digital sleepovers? Yea why not, when you cannot have one in person. This movie has a simple-yet-classic plot. Before entering high school, three teenagers try to figure out how to become popular at a seminal sleepover. Your party comments will flood with emotions and discussions. Choose your closest friends for a Sleepover party.


11. The Social Network

There can be nothing more relatable than watching a film on the social network on the social network. The movie has a lot to offer. All the better for your comments in the chat feature, which will be focused on the double Armie Hammers, ‘f*ck you’ flip-flops, and the insanity that is Facebook. You can use the chat to root for any of the parties vying for control over Facebook and argue about Mark Zuckerberg’s actions as the “creator” of the social network.


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Tell us how did you host your Netflix party with these Best House Party Movies. Did you make new friends? Or did you enjoy it with your old buddies? This feature has taken the online meeting game a level beyond and we must all at least use this once to experience the seamless social distancing party that Netflix India has to offer. 

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