Home workout tips during lockdown

8 Best Home workout tips during Lockdown

We are all living in a strange, stressful, and emotionally exhausting world as of now. Just moving around the house is not enough to keep you fit. Some Home workout tips during Lockdown is required to stay sane and benefit your gut microbes.

When the world was normal, you would have hit the gym, done some HIIT, or would have jumped in the pool to get rid of the stress, and ward off negative emotions. Regular exercise can help us de-stress and boost our mood, as well as keep our fitness levels up and maintain our health.

Many of us are not in the habit of exercising regularly and are missing gyms, pools more. When these places are to remain closed for an unknown amount of time, one has to think of alternatives to keep themselves fit even in a situation of limited outside movement. 

You might have an exercise bike or treadmill at home. For those who don’t, there is a range of simple exercises that can be done around the house or with household objects that will work instead of dumbbells and other gym equipment. Try these home workout tips during lockdown to make your life healthier. 

8 Home workout tips during Lockdown

1. While Cleaning

There are many health benefits of cleaning and should not be ignored. Make it a real workout while cleaning. Doing routine things like sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the windows can burn a few hundred calories with a few small adjustments to your cleaning routine:

  • stepping into lunges when vacuuming
  • side lunges when making the bed
  • balancing on your toes to engage your core muscles

2. Using household objects as weights

Don’t worry if you do not have dumbbells or kettlebells at home.  You will be surprised to know their substitutes readily available at home. Rice or flour bag, bottled water can be used as alternatives to gym weights. For something bigger and heavier, you can always fill a carrier bag with items too.

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3. Resistance exercises around your house

Resistance exercise is suggested to improve your mobility. The gym is full of resistance equipment. In your house, you’ll have to get inventive. You can do air squats or single-leg step-ups on the stairs, lunges can be done as sit-to-stands from a sturdy chair. 

4. Gardening

Maintaining a garden is also a workout during the lockdown. Squatting while weeding and planting will strengthen your core and glutes, carrying your watering can and various tools will tone your arms, and mowing the lawn is a real cardio workout and great for your heart health.

5. Virtual fitness classes

The lockdown has seen a tremendous amount of online workout and fitness videos on offer. There are plenty of workout classes on Amazon and other platforms. Get access to pilates and weight loss workouts online. 

But what we’re seeing more and more is an amazing range of fitness videos cropping up on YouTube and various social media channels. From yoga to fat-burning, HIIT to dance, there really is something for everyone’s tastes and abilities.

6. Yoga 

Many of you might not like the idea of interval training and jumping up and down to lose weight. You might like some calming and mindful yoga instead of such an intense workout. 

Yoga has a range of health benefits, including increased flexibility and core strength, reduced stress, and better cardiovascular health. And it can easily be done in your own home. Now is the perfect time to try yoga.

7. Head outdoors for cardio

Outdoors might mean only your corridor for now. Seeing the current pandemic, you decide what is the best for you and catch up on some cardio to get the body heated. 

You could also run or cycle depending on the situation and safety measures. Enjoy the nature too as it’s scientifically proven that nature and green spaces are essential for our health.

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8. Safety during exercise outside

Regular walking, running, or cycling outside is a great way to stay active and healthy during the lockdown, though it is important to keep your distance and stay more than two meters away from others. How would you do that? 

Planning your route when you have decided to go for a run or cycle. With a proper plan, you could maintain distance and go out at a time when many people are not around. Aim for roads, neighborhoods, and parks that will be quieter, safer, and less congested.

With this, you could also explore places around you and find out some exciting routes. Pick up less busy times so that you are more safe and responsible during outdoor exercise.

Multiple factors would stop you from exercising in this lockdown. It is not an easy task for sure. Just motivate yourself, take breaks from the screen if you are working from home, and try out some of the ideas above to fit exercise into your routine while you’re stuck indoors. These home workout tips during lockdown will make your life better and healthy. 

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