Top Fitness Influencers to Follow

10 Top Fitness Influencers to Follow

Fitness is gaining more popularity than before due to the increasing health issues in the world. People who have made a mark in the fitness industry already are now more people owing to social media platforms.

We list the top fitness influencers who come from a variety of different backgrounds; some from the bodybuilding domain, modeling background, some are mothers and some are fitness trainers. They are leading the fitness industry by writing books, establishing clothing lines, apps, and training programs. Instagram’s fitness community is more than just gym rats and #fitspo. Instagram has always been an aspirational platform, showing us glimpses of vacations we want to take, sights we want to see, sunny Sunday afternoons we’d like to have.

In the case of fitness influencers, these accounts are all about showing followers a next-level work ethic and the possibilities that come with it. These people will inspire you to change your lives and stay committed to your fitness goals.

Top Fitness Influencers to Follow


Jen Selter, a fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle social media influencer, known for standout booty and ab workouts. She is passionate about fitness and hopes to motivate others to achieve their own fitness goals with her workout plans.



One of the biggest stars on social media, Michelle Lewin is a hardcore fitness enthusiast. She has ranged from hardcore fitness enthusiasts to casual gym attendees in the fitness industry. She is down to earth and is pretty approachable on the social platforms. 

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A model, actress and fitness influencer, Ana Cheri was born and raised in Southern California. She is known for her fierce posts on Instagram. Ana loves to share her workouts and offers two major programs for people to lose weight and to build their booty.



Anllela Sagra is a Colombian fitness model. She values perseverance, patience, and dedication in her work and is passionate about posting her workouts on social media to encourage others to pursue their own passions every day.



Kayla Itsines, the Sweat with Kayla star is an Instagram influencer and best known for her ebook series, Bikini Body Guides, and her meal-planning and workout app. She’s been recognized as one of Time’s 30 most influential people on the internet and is also one of Australia’s most wealthy under 40.



Julia Gilas is also a social media fitness model and personal trainer who believes in motivating her followers to get fit in the comforts of their own homes. She traces her journey back to where she started developing unhealthy habits. Now like a model, she is fit and has never got back to the old lifestyle.



Eva Andressa is a popular Brazilian global fitness sensation and nutrition role model. She has competed in championships such as the IFBB and used her social media account to finance her passion and lifestyle in fitness.



A fitness icon and trainer, Paige Hathaway keeps a deep interest in fitness, health, and nutrition stemming from her participation in the Ronnie Coleman Classic. Her followers grew since then and now she helps others to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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Ulisses Jr. is a bodybuilding and body composition coach known for his victories in the Musclemania SuperBody Pro and World Pro Championships. Ulisses’s opinions on nutrition, diet, and training protocols are followed industry-wide.



Lauren Drain Kagan, a very versatile personality is a famous Instagram fitness influencer. She is a registered nurse, fitness model, personal trainer, and adventure enthusiast. We also know her as New York Times bestselling author of BANISHED which portrays her experience and eventual departure from the Westboro Baptist Church.



Sandra Prikker is a fitness model and clothing designer who embraced fitness after surviving a life-changing accident. She shares her love of fitness with the audience through her customizable program. The program includes nutrition plans and 1-on-1 coaching through her mobile app.



Simeon Panda is a British trainer and is famous for his own sportswear line and training program. His blogging began in 2013 after earning Musclemania pro status. Since then, he has been the most popular male fitness influencer on Instagram.



Bella Falconi is a fitness model, nutritionist, and certified personal trainer. She was born and raised in Brazil and now lives in Florida with her husband and young daughter.



A bodybuilder and fitness model, Jeff Seid has been training for 11 years. He won nationals and became the youngest International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness professional in history at the age of 17. Since then, he has written a book, developed his own clothing line, and become a certified personal trainer.

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Sergi Constance is the CEO of 1 Up Nutrition & Aesthetix Era, the founder of BeLegend, a professional model and fitness athlete. He influences his audiences with his online fitness programs. 


Aren’t you already inspired and have started feeling the urge to get into a fitness program? Fitness is not a temporary set up or a habit; it is and should be the way of life. These top 15 fitness followers have not achieved their status in a jiffy. There is a lot of hard work, dedication, and passion to stay fit lifelong. Read more about their lives on their Instagram pages and start your fitness journey now. It is never too late! 

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