10 Sexiest Thrillers on Netflix, HBO, and More

10 Sexiest Thrillers on Netflix, HBO, and More

Do you know what’s better than thrillers? Sex and thrillers combined. It’s the mystery combined with the sexiness of it all that indulges everyone while keeping them on the edge of their seat. So if you are interested in viewing some of the very best sexiest thrillers then we are here with a whole list. So, here’s the Sexiest Thrillers on Netflix, HBO you will be able to stream. 

10 Sexiest Thrillers on Netflix, HBO, and More

1. Swimming Pool

This movie is erotic and violent. That’s probably the best way to describe this as well. The movie surrounds Charlotte Rampling’s novelist character who enjoys vacationing at the publisher’s plush country house while pretending to be his daughter. For now, this seems like a boring movie, if a little scandalous.

But to spice things up enters Sagnier as the character Julie. She too pretends to be the daughter of the publisher. There are questions regarding Julie’s parentage for sure. But of course it’s not all serious all the time. Julie loves drama, violence, and sex. So she is going to bring it all to the house. 

2. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Starring Matt McCoy and Annabelle Sciorra, this thriller movie follows a woman’s journey (Rebecca De Mornay) as she aims to carry out her steadfast mission- to ruin the famed Bartel family. She plans her missions after Claire Bartel, played by Annabelle Sciorra, accuses Rebecca’s husband of being a nasty sexual abuser.

Our advice is that you don’t miss out on this amazing 90s hit movie which is suspenseful and will keep you guessing. 

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3. The Butterfly Effect

This movie stars Amy Smart and Ashton Kutcher. You will be able to stream it only on HBO Max. Ashton Kutcher’s first film was this science fiction spine-chiller. It is about a student who has an otherworldly power that permits him to go back as expected and hit the reset button for his previous slip-ups. If you are wondering if there are sexy times in between then the answer is yes.

This is one movie which will certainly please the time travelling and erotica fans. 

4. Lust, Caution

Directed by Ang Lee, ‘Lust, Caution’ is set in World War II. This is an espionage movie where a bunch of college kids try their best to seduce and then assassinate a well known special agent. But who will be the woman who will seduce this agent?

That’s set to a seductive student called Wong Chia Chi. But the erotic mission is not that easy to accomplish at all. If you want to see if the agent falls in this honey trap, then stream the movie on Netflix. 

5. After Life

Starring Liam Neeson and Christina Ricci, this movie is for those who love supernatural thrillers combined with a woman wearing a sexy negligee. The plot is about a woman who gets trapped in hellish purgatory and there’s only one person who can help her escape this place and guide her to the afterlife. Liam Neeson plays the funeral director who helps the woman, who is of course played by Ricci. 

6. 52 Pick-Up

The movie stars Roy Schneider who plays an asshole businessman. He tries really hard to prevent blackmailers from catching up with him after he finds out that they have a recording of him enjoying some sexy times with his mistress, played by the beautiful Kelly Preston.

So in an effort to escape the clutches of blackmail to protect the political aspirations of his wife as well as his good reputation, he becomes a part of the seedy underworld. There he becomes entangled with pornography and criminals. 

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7. The Frozen Ground

Currently streaming on Netflix, this movie stars John Cusack and Nicholas Cage. Cusack plays the serial killer named Robert Hansen and Cage plays the brave state trooper who has been assigned to hunt him down. Caught between the two men are its victims. One of them is played by Vanessa Hudgens. Her involvement keeps the thrill and suspense steadily mounting as Cage’s cop tries to prevent Hansen from killing. 

8. Midnight

This movie stars Lisa Eilbacher, Charles Bronson, and Gene Davis in lead roles. ‘Midnight’ features Charles Bronson as an experienced LAPD detective looking for a notorious serial killer. The serial killer not only targets just young women but does so while he’s completely naked. So, as you can expect there’s a whole lot of nudity, sex, along with crime and thrill here. You can catch ‘Midnight’ on HBO Max now. 

9. Basic Instinct

Starring Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, this movie is the best definition of an erotic thriller if there ever has-been one. Michael Douglas plays a past detective while Sharon Stone plays an erotica novelist. The question here is- is it possible for them to make it work? Stream one of the Sexiest Thrillers on Netflix to find out.

10. Killer Joe

This movie stars Matthew McConaughey as a hitman/detective. Directed by William Friedkin, this movie was described in the posters as “totally twisted deep-friend Texas redneck trailer park murder story.” Of course this movie wouldn’t be on our list if it didn’t have steamy erotica. How much sexiness is there, you ask? Then let’s tell you a story.

This movie actually got a NC-17 rating but the director refused to change anything about the explicit graphic content and sexual scenes. So we can guarantee that you will be in for a treat one of the Sexiest Thrillers on Netflix, HBO.

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As you can see, these are some of the very best Sexiest Thrillers on Netflix, HBO which the thriller section could give us. These movies are top notch in quality and will give you the thrill that you desire. Do note that these movies also do contain the sexiness that you are here for.

After all, it is this sex content which elevates these movies and gives them that oomph factor which many movies in the thriller genre lack. So sit back and bring some popcorn as you enjoy these movies in the comfort of your own home. Have fun watching some of the very best movies in the world.

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