15 of the Worst Movies from the 2000s

15 of the Worst Movies from the 2000s, According to Audiences

Bollywood has seen its own ups and downs. As many as sensible movies we have seen, there have been senseless movies too in abundance. These worst movies from the 2000s make us cringe, these movies make us question so many things about the Indian Film industry.

But then, the audience is also from all mindsets and they would like movies that you think to be flops or less watch worthy. You really can’t predict which movies will work and which not. Some flops are obvious though.

So here is a list from IMDB that we have curated for the worst movies from the 2000s. 


15 of the Worst Movies from the 2000s, According to Audiences

1. Himmatwala, 2013 (1.8/10)

This masterpiece by Sajid Khan surely needs some himmat to watch the film. You need himmat to watch this masterpiece by Sajid Khan. this movie is a remake of a movie that was made 30 years ago. We can be bold enough to say that it is worse than the original. 


2. Karzzzz, 2008 (2.1/10)

Karzzzz is a Himesh Reshamiya starrer and the name is based on numerology that did not help Himesh in anyway. This remake is worse than the original and has ruined the legacy of the original one.


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3. Aap Kaa Surroor: The Moviee – The Real Luv Story, 2007 (2.2/10)

Yes, you do not understand the name; neither did we! The film was made in Germany, which is repeated 20,000 times in the movie…err, ‘moviee’. What is even more interesting is that there are Indian auto rickshaws plying there in Germany! 


 4. Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag, 2007 (2.0/10)

This movie is supposed to be the official remake of Sholay. It killed all hopes when it was released.  Major disappointments being his own name in the title and the hero of the original film, Amitabh Bacchan as the villain in this one.


5. Drona, 2008 (2.3/10)

Abhishek Bachchan is a warrior (yes, that is true) and has a love interest who somehow looks like a female samurai. No matter how much sepia filter they used, it could not protect the movie from its terrible and inevitable fate.


6. Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani, 2002 (2.7/10)

Anokhi, meaning unique; so unique that nobody could understand the movie. This movie had the worst CG setup ever, so they decided to use Armaan Kohli as Neo, Terminator and a snake’s head. The movie displayed two things; how an attempt to rape can be a okay thing and how can Sonu Nigam’s act.


7. Tees Maar Khan, 2010 (2.5/10)

Sheila ki jawani is the only reason people went to see this movie. But Katrina Kaif alone could not save a comedy that can only make you laugh if you have turned off your brain too along with your phone in the theatre.


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8. Love Story 2008 (2.7/10)

Harman Baweja, fondly called as Hrithik Roshan part 2 plans to bring his girlfriend back from the dead in this movie. Seems like he has a time machine which he uses to go forward to 2050 instead of going back. Ingenious, isn’t it?


9. Joker, 2012 (2.5/10)

Mental asylum escapees create a village called Paglapur (so obvious, isnt it?). You may end up feeling like a part of this village which somehow escaped the world’s sight for 60 years.


10. Jism 2, 2012 (2.8/10)

Sunny Leone’s role as a porn star is probably the only reason the movie worked a little. The anti climatic scene set up in heaven was the worst part of the movie. You would want to leave the movie in the mid way for sure! 


11. Rudraksh, 2004 (2.9/10)

Voodoo practices that are beyond reasoning and healing powers that killed science. Also Sanjay Dutt touching Bipasha Basu’s temple to give her ‘lady feels’ (yes, that is term used). It is beyond human logic and ability to understand.


12. Rascals, 2011 (2.8/10)

A third grade comedy, full of dumb misadventures and comedy is seriousy not funny. With so many cons in the movie, your brain will lose all sense and urge you to leave the theatre. 


13. Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage, 2002 (3.1/10)

Amisha Patel, a wealthy girl in love with a college boy (Hrithik Roshan). Her father does not approve of the relationship (whoa! So new). Saddened by the fact, she takes poison and is about to die but somehow seeing him kick the crap out of her brother and his goons she somehow survives.


14. Mission Istaanbul: Darr Ke Aagey Jeet Hai, 2008 (3.2/10)

Mission Istaanbul is a movie about a world famous reporter who gets stuck in a terrorist organization which is supposedly a news channel. There is another aspect where no one is allowed to go to the 13th floor and Zayed Khan couldn’t resist and the story follows. This is a perfect example of weak story and bad acting and flaws. 


15. Fight Club: Members Only, 2006 (3.1/10)

Don’t mistake this to be the remake of Hollywood flick Fight Club. The movie is about a private fight club (yes, that is an original idea) where people come and fight. One day, someone dies and Bollywood happens. Revenge, deceit, more revenge, fights, revenge again, so on and so forth. You get the point.


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No matter how many flops we watch, we still keep looking for more movies and forget the past flops. That is the spirit of the Indian film industry and the audience alike. Directors introduce new characters, new concepts that somehow fail to attract the audience and fall in the flop category. Also, there are movies that were not appreciated despite their great concept and artwork. Such movies remain un-appreciated and should be watched keeping in mind the mindset and the lesson that the director wanted to convey. 

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