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17 “Home Alone” Details, You Probably Have Missed

“Home Alone,” a film which has probably made every 90s kid’s childhood memories, all thanks to its brilliant script, which is full of humour that can be easily grasped by everyone. Its title awakens every scary nostalgic feeling an individual can imagine.

Where even the thought of being “Home Alone” can make a majority of children feel terrified, there is a character of 8-year-old child in the movie named Kevin McCallister played by Macaulay Culkin who not only fulfils all his naughty desires which he can’t even think of doing when his parents would have been at home but also prevent the possible theft on his house from burglars.

The kid creates various traps that can be easily made by an 8year old kid, and hence any sequences in the film can’t be questioned. All these events led the characters to fall into hilarious moments, which create great humour that makes everyone fall laughing on the floor, making this a must to watch a movie for every family movie marathon and screenings.

In a period where everyone does binge-watching, “Home Alone” is a must-watch that creates an aura around its audience in which no one can even think of noticing various details of the movie as no one can resist themselves from laughing and also getting emotional at the ending scenes.

So here we are presenting the list of 17 “Home Alone” details you probably have missed.

17 “Home Alone” Details, You Probably Have Missed

Home Alone | 20th Century Studios Family

imdb movie rating: 7.6/10

1.Throwing out Kevin’s plane ticket and passport

When the pizzas got delivered, and the whole gang of children and adults jumped on to eat, a simple incident happens, which was a fight between the two brothers Buzz & Kevin, which suddenly turns into a hilarious series of events that creates a heavy mess around the dining area.

All the milk glasses gets spilt on the table where the plane tickets and passports were kept, and to clean the mess, Peter uses whatever he got at that moment. As a result, Kevin’s plane ticket & passport gets thrown by him in the dustbin which probably justifies why no one notices his absence during the boarding process at the airport as the counting was perfect according to the tickets they have in hand.

2. Uncle Frank’s dummy

In the opening scene when the burglar Harry Lime visits the house in a policeman uniform to inspect the house for his further plans, everyone was shown busy doing their works such as packing suitcases, looking for shampoos, etc. no one talks with Harry properly, so that he can ask some questions and provide the house owner with the required security measures warning, there is a tiny “Home Alone” detail that remains unnoticed by everyone.

When Sondra talks with Harry and answers his questions that whether she lives at that home or not and about her parents, a dummy of Uncle Frank can be seen in the background, which was unnecessary for that scene because the dummy stays idle in that scene, it doesn’t show any movements.

Some can ask that probably that’s not a dummy, because Uncle Frank may have been watching the old movie, but this doubt gets cleared the next moment when he arrives from upstairs to collect the pizza.

3. The mysterious Christmas bow

At night, when a storm can be seen destroying all the cable lines around the society, which results in power & telephone line failure in Kevin’s house due to which they ultimately get late in the morning, a Christmas bow can be seen wrapped around a lamp post which gets blown away by the stormy wind magically appears to be at the same lamp post after just a few seconds when the technicians can be seen repairing the damage the storm caused.

The airport express reaches the house to pick up the family to the airport in the morning. This was a big “Home Alone” Detail that went unnoticed because of the morning rush scenes where everyone can be seen running around to get ready for the journey.

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4. Cars in the garage

Kevin's dad saying, "That's it, I forgot to close the garage," and an image of the cars hanging out of the garage at home.

In the very next scene, after the whole rush to board the plane on time, Kevin’s parents can be seen discussing that whether the various tiny works of the house such as switching off the lights, properly locking the doors, etc., have been done by them or not.

When Peter admits that he forgot to close the garage, surprisingly, he has even not pulled the cars properly in the garage. The cars are seen lying a little out of the garage when Kevin wakes up and searches everyone in the house after everyone left him alone in the house.

5. Kevin’s missing toothbrush

Home Alone: The original Kevin is thirsty for more - BBC News

When Kevin was left alone in the house, he had to manage all his activities by himself. He can be seen searching for his toothbrush but got unable to see that anywhere and ultimately goes to the market to buy a toothbrush which he wants to be approved by American Dental Association, which raised an argument between the shop owner couple.

Also, after Kevin sees Mr Marley at the store, he runs away stealing the toothbrush as he was scared of Marley due to Bob’s narration about him.

But ultimately, if anyone tries to find out the reason behind all this stealing sequence, he can found a pretty interesting yet simple “Home Alone” detail, which is that all this happened just because Kevin doesn’t know how to pack a suitcase.

So his mother packed his suitcase and hence she also packed his toothbrush which justifies the missing of the toothbrush. But all this mess makes Kevin think himself of a criminal because he stole the toothbrush.

6. Robe of disguise

A green curtain hangs on a nativity display outside a church and in the next shot Kevin is using the robe to hide himself

It’s quite surprising to see that the robe which Kevin uses to make himself unnoticed in the nativity is actually just a curtain from the display, which can be easily spotted in the scenes. It is not among the “Home Alone” details of that much great importance, but it’s definitely a surprising one, which is pretty interesting to know.

7. The robe returns

When Kevin returns, the robe can be seen again hanging at the church, which may have been fixed by someone at the church or maybe just like us; someone from the crew may have noticed this “Home Alone” detail during the shoot, and he had probably fixed it to correct all the setup. Chris Columbus should be praise here for such setups.

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8. Michael Jordan’s stitched arm

Kevin makes a great set up to protect his house from the thieves when they try to enter the house for the second time. The setup made by Kevin consisted of various mannequins, and we can say a lot of engineering of various combination of ropes to allow the movements to make everything looks real so that he can easily fool the thieves by making them feel that a party is ongoing inside the house even when in reality he is alone in the house.

In all this setup, we fail to notice the Michael Jordan poster’s stitched arm, which can be seen holding a ball in the first scenes when Kevin goes to Bob’s room to ask Bob to allow him to sleep in his room. Kevin had probably cut out the basketball from the poster and then stitched the arm again with tapes to make it look real for the setup.

This is really interesting among all the “Home Alone” details, which unfortunately slips by everyone’s mind and hence stays unnoticed.

9. The Basketball reappears at the scene

Although Kevin cut out the basketball at the burglar’s second attempt to rob the house, it can still be seen in the same way as in the first scene. In the final attempt to rob the house, when somehow the burglar’s Harry and Marv manages enter the house after facing many obstacles created by the one and only Kevin at the entrances, they ran towards Kevin to catch him.

When Marv nearly got a hold on him, Kevin threw a spider at him to save himself. In the next scene when Marv can be seen beating Harry to get rid of the spider, the Michael Jordan’s poster can be seen clearly holding a basketball in hand which was removed a long ago in the movie. This error may have occurred because of the sequence of shooting the particular scenes, but it is in our list of “Home Alone” details you have probably missed because of its appeal.

10. Source of mannequins

I am sure that none of us is fond of keeping mannequins in our house unless and until we are running a shop of cloth items. Also, Kevin was not seen buying any mannequins, which raise suspicion about the source of the mannequins used by Kevin to divert the burglars away from his house in their second attempt to rob the house.

Well, just in case if you have not noticed this “Home Alone” detail, I would like to take you to almost the beginning scenes of the movie when Kevin wakes up in the morning and searches for his family members in every corner of the house, including the basement where he got scared by the strange sounds produced by the furnace.

If you look at the basement scenes with a little focus, you can easily spot the mannequins kept there, which justifies their sources and authenticity.

11. A Salty twist in the spider’s movement

We all must have gone through a situation in our lives where moving an insect away from us becomes an extremely difficult task as the insect completely denies all our efforts to make him move. I think the makers must have gone through a similar situation during shooting the bathroom sequence where the spider can be seen moving around the commode.

I am stating this because, in that scene, there is a “Home Alone” detail that gets unnoticed by the audience. If you look at that scene with a little attention, you can probably spot some substances on the floors that can probably be salt crystals or tiny rocks that may have been thrown at the spider to make him move.

12. Tide Detergent vanishes

Kevin buying groceries, then the bags breaking on the street

You must have laughed at the scene where Kevin went out to the market to buy groceries, and the lady at the billing counter asks him several questions about his parents and house address, which he answers very cleverly and confidently without letting her guess that he is all alone. That scene also gives a message to children not to disclose their addresses to strangers.

We can’t say whether you have noticed or not, but Kevin has purchased a tide detergent at the supermarket, which can be seen in his shopping trolley during the shopping. But after few scenes, his polythene tears out in the midway to his home, and all the items which he had brought spreads on the road, but magically, the tide detergents seen in the previous scene vanishes from the polythene.

It may have been removed keeping in mind the little child strength to carry, but because of that, it made a place in our list of “Home Alone” Details you probably have missed.

13. Breaking of shopping bags

The breaking of shopping bags seems to be quite a usual thing to happen in day to day life, and it is indeed but not in the movie. Suppose you look closer at the scene where Kevin was carrying the shopping bags to his house, which breaks midway, creating huge trouble for the little boy.

In that case, you will notice that the sudden breaking of shopping bags was not casual as it has been achieved with a string that can be seen around Kevin’s hand. It may have been done to ease the scene for the actor, but ultimately it occurred in our list of “Home Alone” details you probably have missed.

14. Hello Kevin!

Let’s go back again to the scene when Kevin was searching for his family everywhere in the house and realized that he was left alone in the house. Recall the scene where he got terrified by the furnace’s sudden movements in the basement. Are you able to hear any specific words that the furnace was saying to Kevin?

You may not hear anything at first, but if you listen carefully, you will hear the words “Hello Kevin,” which, as per the scene furnace speaks in a monstrous tone. It would have been included to show the child’s fear as we all are aware of the fact that we hear strange sounds if we are terrified of something even when they are not there in reality.

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15. Different frozen dinners

Kevin about to eat a mac and cheese dinner, a frozen dinner meal that has different food instead of the mac and cheese

It feels very sad to see 8-year-old child-eating frozen food alone without anyone around in the house. But let’s leave the emotional factor from the frame and focus on the food Kevin is eating. If you notice it in a little detail, you would probably notice that there are 2 different frozen foods at different moments, i.e., first when Kevin was eating and the second when Harry, the burglar,, enters the dining room final attempt to rob the house.

16. Doggy door

You must have enjoyed the scene when Marv puts his head inside the doggy door and got badly shot by Kevin, who was completely prepared for such trespassers with all the required pieces of equipment and tactics.

But haven’t you wondered about the existence of that doggy door when you had not seen a dog in the entire movie? The answer to this question lies in the first scenes where Kevin can complain to his father, Peter, that he has nothing to do to in the house.

In that scene, Kate clearly states that they are not taking the dog along with them on the trip, and so she kept the dog in some kennel. Well, we all know a dog is man’s best friend, so we would have loved to see the bond between the dog and Kevin in the movie.

17. Is Harry married

The burglar’s Harry and Marv’s character have been beautifully played by Joe Pesci & Daniel Stern, respectively, which brings a broader smile to our chins whenever we watch their beautiful crafts. But do you think that we know anything about their marital status from the movie?

Well, we can’t say anything about Marv, but we can surely say that Harry was married as a ring can be seen in his middle finger where he was lying on the carpet with the spider crawling on his body after falling into the trap set by Kevin at the second floor nearby Michael Jordan’s poster. This may have been the most interesting among all the “Home Alone” details we have noticed so far.

Well, we wish Harry a happy married.

So, this takes us at the end of exploring the several unnoticed hilarious and surprising details of the movie which is a must-watch for every family all around the world as it is full of humour, excitement, suspense, childishness and emotion which very well manages to tell us the importance of family in our lives which we usually fail to realize in our ego or because of several small fights and arguments.

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One should look at Marley and Kevin’s bond, which was a bit of fear at the start, but by the end, it takes a beautiful turn at the church where a small child Kevin gives an old person Marley the courage to reunite his family.

Well, we hope that you would notice all these “Home Alone” details, the next time you watch this fantastic movie with your loved ones and gets engrossed in laughter and happiness.

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