7 best movies to stream this week

7 Best Movies to Stream this Week

A new week is almost here and in this pandemic, most of us have been following the same routine every day, again and again for months on end. If you too feel like it’s time to take a break, then what better way to enjoy and relax than watching best movies to stream this week.

But there’s just so much to watch, how can anyone possibly figure out which one to choose? To help you out here’s our list of the 7 best movies you should watch this weekend. Don’t worry, these aren’t too heavy on the mind but they aren’t dull either. You will find these movies to be smart and entertaining both. So without further ado here are the 7 best movies to stream this week: 


7 Best Movies to Stream This Week

1. Monday: “A Certain Scientific Railgun”

Start your Monday with something new, amazing, and anime. The story follows Mikoto Misaka, a high schooler who lives in a futuristic Tokyo where superpowers are common. 

She has electromagnetic powers and is very rare and wanted Level-5 Esper. This basically means that she is very powerful. But with great power comes great responsibility and so Mikoto makes use of her powers to hunt the wayward Espers who are threatening society. In the midst of it all, she uncovers a very dangerous plot which makes her question all that she has been taught. 


A Certain Scientific Railgun” is now streaming on Amazon Prime. It is a unique anime that is entertaining and fast-paced. Also, it stands head and shoulders above the others in the genre. Mikoto is a great protagonist too as she uses her skills and smarts to uncover the mystery all by herself. 


2. Tuesday: “Heroman”

Continue your anime binge with Heroman. This is a must-watch for the MCU fans who love Stan Lee’s cameos. Lee is comic book royalty but not many know that he has also co-created the manga series “Heroman.”

The protagonist of the story is Joey. He is an orphan who works at a diner with just one dream for now- to buy a cool new Heybo. Heybo is a new kind of robot that all his schoolfriends are raving about. 

Luckily for Joey, he finds a broken Heybo in a trash can and tries to fix it. But no matter what, it still doesn’t work. That is until a mysterious bolt of lightning hits it and makes it a towering tall giant who Joey names as Heroman. 

Heroman and Joey team up to discover the cause of the lightning while trying to defend the entire human race from an accidental alien invasion. Stan Lee makes a little cameo too as a customer in the diner where our protagonist works at. If you are looking to watch something fun and action-packed, then Heroman is currently streaming on Crunchyroll. 

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3. Wednesday: “Chemical Hearts”

If you are in the mood for some high school romance in the middle of the week then the new Amazon Prime offering starring Lili Reinhart and Austin Abrams will certainly intrigue you. 

Based on the YA novel called “Our Chemical Hearts” the movie follows a high school senior and a transfer student who hides a grave secret. Seems like the plot of every teen romance movie you have watched? But there’s a neat twist here that will keep you watching. Also a high school film that’s based on doing some extra credits and that too at the resident school newspaper? Seems interesting for sure. 


4. Thursday: “The Last Movie”

All the movies on this list are from the 21st century at least. So it’s time to shake it up a little. That’s why we bring you “The Last Movie” which is available on iTunes now. 

Starring Dennis Hopper, this 1971 movie is definitely one of those little known ones which are defined as a cult classic. So now is your chance to watch a classic and get your bragging rights on Twitter.

In this movie, Dennis Hopper essays a stuntman who stays on in Peru even after production finishes on his newest movie. Why? Because he thinks that he has found paradise. But everything is not as it seems and danger lurks around every corner following the death of one of his colleagues. 


5. Friday: The “Harry Potter” films

Catch the entire Harry Potter franchise on HBO Max this week or miss it forever (forever means till the licensing agreements revert the rights back to HBO Max again). 

If you are in the mood for some comfort movies which remind you of your childhood then a Harry Potter Binge is on order. Also what better day to get this binging done than on the beginning of the weekend. 


6. Saturday: “The Wicker Man”

Another offering from the 1970s, this 1973 horror movie is currently on Netflix and is only available for streaming this week before it leaves the site. 

The story follows Edward Woodward’s, Sergeant Neil Howie. He is tasked with searching for a missing girl. Neil’s investigation leads him to a weird island where people are following a religious leader and have become a part of his cult. 

This is undoubtedly one of the best movies to stream this week. 


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7. Sunday: “Charlotte” 

If you like superhero movies but are bored of the same old things, then this anime is for you. 

“Charlotte” available on Crunchyroll, cleverly subverts the known and loved superhero genre. It does it by imposing some really ingenious limitations on each super skill. Like for example, what if you could be invisible but to only one person each time? Or what if you got powers of The Flash, but weren’t able to control the direction? 

If this seems fun and intriguing to you then you will want to follow Yu Otosaka, a superpowered kid on his journey. You can possess anyone’s body by just looking at him or her. What’s the limitation here? He can do it for just 5secs. As a mischievous middle schooler, he makes use of his power to get back at his bullies and also to ace his tests. He continues his streak till another superpowered kid convinces him to enroll at a school where such super students are hidden and protected from the scientists looking to conduct experiments on them. 

“Charlotte” offers fun and comedic genius combined with a really clever conspiracy plot that will keep you hooked. 

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