Cargo Review: An Original, Imaginative Sci-Fi Movie

Cargo Review: An Original, Imaginative Sci-Fi Movie

Indian movies and cinemas are known worldwide and many people including the citizens outside India also enjoy them. For years, Indian movies, Bollywood has been doing wonders and keeps entertaining the viewers. As corona is increasing day by day, the inclination of people towards movies and series have grown to a large extent.

After we die, where do we go? Does heaven or hell exist? Should living creatures ever really let their connections go? These are some of the issues that director Arati Kadav addresses in Cargo, India’s first-ever sci-fi space film.


Cargo Review: An Original, Imaginative Sci-Fi Movie

The movie is an entertaining, if not flawless, one that watches you and attempts to take you by shock at certain instances. In the most innovative, imaginative Indian sci-fi film that I’ve ever seen, Arati Kadav decides to bring together myth and reality. She undermines the thoughts of rakshas and reveals a fascinating tale of the isolation of devils through the separate backgrounds of deaths worldwide.


Cargo, which is now streaming on Netflix, at a modest price with limited production design, deserves a massive round of appreciation for its vision and willingness to dream of filmmaking that is well above the understanding and skills of an audience saddled with the repetitive type of songs and dance. It is directed by Arati Kadav.

The filmmakers are the well-known figures in the Bollywood industry-Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane. Moreover, the film is produced by Kadav along with Navin Shetty and Shlok Sharma.

The actors who are featured in this movie are Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi. Reviewing this movie Cargo gives me immense pleasure as it gives a wide sphere of thoughts about his movie and how it brings a change in the world.

We all have known and heard stories about Rakshas who was always described as an evil creature who has horns on his head and no one really likes him. On the contrary, this is not the case in Cargo. It is a review of the movie cargo where Vikrant plays the role of a rakshas called Prahastha.


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In the year 2027, a peace agreement among demons and living life has been concluded in his universe, and both occur simultaneously. Prahastha, who has been stationed on a spacecraft for centuries, functions for PDTS (Post Death Transition Services), an agency. His job includes accepting people who have recently died on his space ship, reminding them of their cause of morbidity and mortality, curing them, and washing away their emotions in order to prepare them for the next life change. He finds his daily routine frustrating and wanted to flee away. 

Suddenly, Yuvishka (Shweta Tripathi Sharma) comes in and here is where the situation changes and life takes a turn. Yuvishka is a person who possesses the unstained power of healing. Her willing, excited personality scares him off, but both start out on a journey of self-discovery together.

However, as Cargo advances, the significant struggle of Prahastha inevitably leads to the fear of losing his only partner in a barren spot, where his soul feels diminished by ages.

Prahastha is a hero on the planet, Earth and everyone wants to meet him but he refuses to meet his fans because he doesn’t like fame and likes to concentrate on the work he is meant to do. Every day, he is handed over many deceased people to deal with.

Like a comfortable coat, Vikrant carries the desperation and isolation of Prahastha. Shweta makes it so elegant, exhibiting both the naivety and boldness of Yuvishka.

Cargo (2019) - IMDb

In the Cargo review, I would like to say that Prahastha and Yuvishka, both have special superpowers. While any entity in the earth’s atmosphere can be lifted by Prahastha, Yuvishka has truly unique healing properties. In reality, in the universe of cargo, every rakshas has a specific mystical talent. 

The plot of the movie is its biggest strength and the way Prahastha interacts with the deceased people will keep people engaged and their eagerness to know more about the movie. There are a number of mythological references that bring out more uniqueness in the movie.

The audience might expect horror scenes in the Cargo as the protagonist is the demon but it doesn’t really happen. Prahastha also feels lonely even though he doesn’t admit it. He has a love story with Mandakini (Konkona Sen Sharma) but it is shown for very little time and it would have been better if this love story would have gained more space in the movie.

 Both performers provide the elegance and creativity required for a cohesive interpretation of the great vision of their director. Cargo even bursts the sense of continuity one has. It lets you face these awkward realities, while still offering you faith that perhaps the life – and – death process will happen. Our perceptions are going to fade, we’re going to recover and continue anew.


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Basically, the movie feels dragged because of its slow narration, and after a certain time, it feels repetitive and may feel boring. This specific Indie sci-fi movie tries to bring together humor and emotions to connect the audience but at some places, this idea fails. 

  1. Vikrant, even though plays the role of a demon but makes the audience laugh once he comes to the screen and eradicates the pre-conceived thought away that people should be angry and throw tomatoes as soon as the villain of a movie or a story appears.
  2.  Shweta’s character and the way she plays it keeps the people’s eyes hooked upon her since the first scene and she manages perfectly as an antidote to the demon and makes the movie interesting at many places. 
  3. Konkona came into the movie for a very short span of time but her presence was immensely felt. Her realistic acting made the difference. It would have been better if we would have got to see more of her.
  4. All the other supporting actors also played their part really well and they were impressive.

Cargo is not that average film from Hindi cinema, but an insightful one which deserves to be patiently decrypted. This weekend, put it on your watchlist if you’re in the mood for something new. This can make your day more entertaining and worth cherishing.

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