10 Bollywood Movies That Hollywood Could Actually Adapt From Or Remake

10 Amazing Bollywood Movies That Hollywood Could Actually Adapt From Or Remake

When it comes to Hollywood, it is way ahead than our own Bollywood in terms of direction and filmmaking. To make it worth watching and to get up to the level of Hollywood, we, many times borrow storylines, concepts, characters, etc. but there are some movies in Bollywood too, that Hollywood could have and that could be the biggest hits of all times. We present you Bollywood Movies That Hollywood Could Actually Adapt From Or Remake.


10 Bollywood Movies That Hollywood Could Actually Adapt From Or Remake

1. Devdas/ Dev D

Dev D, directed by Anurag Kashyap has a strong baseline and has a very unique approach. The classic touch in the movie can be very appropriate if put down in Hollywood. The story and the characters created an epic love story that can be given a classic Hollywood touch. So Dev D tops the list of Bollywood Movies That Hollywood Could Actually Adapt From Or Remake.

Source: Film Companion


2. Sholay

Sholay being a complete dramatic movie was inspired by Kurosawa’s action flick, Seven Samurai and John Sturges’ The Magnificent Seven. The movie came out long back and could be called as a movie of Western touch in Bollywood. With the drama and action in it, Sholay was a big hit at the Box office at that time. The movie allured interests with the gangsters, story and the character’s roleplay in it.

Source: Letterboxed


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3. Queen

What’s more interesting than a woman going alone on her honeymoon after her breakdown that was very devastating for her. Kangana Ranaut with her fabulous work engaged the Indian audience so much that the movie was a blockbuster in India. The movie totally revolved around her life and her heartbreak that made her a more strong and powerful woman.

Hollywood can get the “girl power” as its concept and can use it for a movie. This might be a new concept for them and one of the best Bollywood Movies That Hollywood Could Actually Adapt From Or Remake.

Source: Hungry Sher


4. Gangs of Wasseypur

Gangs of Wasseypur has been such a hit that it strokes to almost every list of Bollywood movies today. The title of the movie itself is so thrilling and it proved to be so at the box office. This is interesting because of the action and gangster comedy in it. With dialogues having a major role to play, the movie hit youth with the comedy script that it had.

Gangster comedy is a genre that is not so much recognized in Hollywood which is why we think this is one of those Bollywood Movies That Hollywood Could Actually Adapt From Or Remake and Hollywood must take the concept of Gangs of Wasseypur and create a good movie out of it. This might be the beginning of something as cool as Hollywood always wanted. 

Source: Roger Ebert


5. The Lunchbox

Lunchbox didn’t have much dialogue, but the story was really good. The movie didn’t get an expected response but then the concept is itself very beautiful that a  stranger can make you smile every day with little gestures that are for you and of course about you. Nirat Kaur and Irrfan Khan did a wonderful act as a lead role. The story being unique and quiet, can be portrayed in Hollywood as a beautiful love story. As of course Hollywood is known for calm and quiet love stories, this can be one of them. 

Source: Just Watch


6. Udta Punjab

Udta Punjab is taken from the storyline of “The Florida Man”. the concept of it was pretty new and unique to us but Udta Punjab really made it worth watching and interesting for the Indian audience. The film was chaotic and was a mess. Udta Punjab was an exciting one to watch with its great elements and characters.

The concept can be taken by Hollywood to make it more interesting to watch. The script can get some other interesting elements of drug addictions and the kind of life the young generation wants to live. The cool and carefree characters in the movie will make it worth watching for everybody. 

Source: YouTube


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7. Special 26

Special 26 was a worth watch with Akshay Kumar starring it in the lead role. The film was based on the story of a gold heist that was very interesting and created curiosity amongst everybody. The film played really well in the box office with all the characters being perfectly fit in the role for granted.

Hollywood, with its good budget, can enhance the storyline of the film and can recreate it so that it is more interesting for the viewers to watch the film because heist is something that creates curiosity in everyone’s mind and it becomes interesting to watch movies with such baselines with good characters in it. 

Source: The Print


8. Andaz Apna Apna

Andaz Apna Apna was a really good movie but we still don’t know why it doesn’t have a sequel yet because unlike this movie almost every movie with such a storyline has its sequel been made. With more funny jokes and dialogues, Andaz Apna Apna can work out as a good story in Hollywood as the concept will be totally new and unique for the.

This can look like a film for Vice Vaughn and Owen Wilson or Seth Rogen and James Franco. The movie can do great with better script and humor in Hollywood. For sure!

Source: India TV News


9. Sparsh

The film has Naseeruddin Shah and Shaban Azmi in the lead roles. Both the actors are an all-time classic. The subject of the movie has transcended languages and cultures of ours. The movie has a happy ending of a couple in love.

The story can be adapted for Hollywood audiences and can be presented with good actors playing the role of classic love stories that will be liked by Hollywood audiences and will be interesting to watch. Sparsh thus makes it to the Bollywood Movies That Hollywood Could Actually Adapt

Source: The Hindu


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10. Saaransh

The film is Anupam Kher’s debut film with the story of an old couple who had a really difficult time watching their only son die in an accident in New York. The pain they feel is truly shown in the movie. The movie is excellent and if recreated with good characters and original stories, can be a great hit for Hollywood.

The film might work if the script is well written and if there can be some add ons done to it thus making it to the list of Bollywood Movies That Hollywood Could Actually Adapt.

Source: India TV

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