All of Steve Carell's Movies, Ranked

All of Steve Carell’s Movies, Ranked

Most of us know Steve Carell as Michael Scott from the hit tv show, The Office. Whether we binge-watched the show or laughed at the memes circulating around the internet, Michael Scott is someone we know. Here are All of Steve Carell’s Movies, Ranked.

But not many know that Steve Carell has a successful career apart from just playing Michael Scott. Some of his movies were panned whereas some were celebrated. We are here to talk about them all. So here are All of Steve Carell’s Movies, Ranked, according to Rotten Tomatoes: 


All of Steve Carell’s Movies, Ranked

1. Curly Sue (1991)- Lowest Ranked 

His very first movie, Curly Sue by John Hughes was critically panned and has a rating of just 13% on RT. He played a waiter named Tesio in it. It must be said that he didn’t have much screen time or dialogues in this. But this movie marked the beginning of his comedic movie journey. 

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2. Homegrown (1998)- Extra

Standing at a critical score of 44%, this comedy thriller was about pot farmers caught up in a web of crime. Carell appeared very briefly in a party sequence as an extra.  Some critics did like the plot but felt that it tried to do too much. 


3. Bruce Almighty (2003)- Evan

With a critical score of 48%, the cult classic comedy movie Bruce Almighty might have not made critics laugh a lot but it was termed to be better than its sequel Evan Almighty. 

It is here that Carell first portrayed news reporter Evan Baxter, who would be a congressman in the sequel movie. 


4. Sleepover (2004)- Supporting Role

Rated at a measly 15%, Sleepover is about a team of teenage girls who are fiercely competing in a scavenger hunt. 

Carell played Sherman, a security guard who tries to get the girls throughout the movie. The movie was panned for its dated theme and unoriginal script. For Sure, this is one of the lowest at All of Steve Carell’s Movies, Ranked.


5. Melinda and Melinda (2005)- Supporting role

The movie is about how the titular character Melinda, copes with her divorce and comes to terms with it. Steve Carell plays Walt Wagner in the movie. This film was rated 52% because critics were intrigued by the premise but didn’t find it very touching. 


6. Bewitched (2005)- Uncle Arthur

Standing with a RT score of 25%, Bewitched is about an actor who finds out that his co-star is a witch. 

Starring Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman, Carell’s supporting role was named Uncle Arthur. Not many critics found this movie funny, instead, they termed it as drab. 


7. Little Miss Sunshine (2006)- Frank

The movie follows a family as they move across California for a statewide beauty show that their daughter will take part in. 

Carell essayed Frank Ginsberg in the cult classic movie. The movie got a critical rating of 91% and was praised for being gratifying as well as honest. 

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8. Evan Almighty (2007)- Starring Role

If the name of the movie reminds you of “Bruce Almighty” then you are right, this movie is in fact a spin-off sequel to that. Rated at 23%, Carell played Evan Baxter, a Congressman who is instructed by God to make an ark to save humans and animals during a flood. 

While its predecessor had a few critics praising it for its fun nature, the same can’t be said for this. Many thought that the movie was too over-the-top. 


9. Get Smart (2008)- Maxwell Smart

Carell played Maxwell Smart, a socially awkward secret spy alongside Anne Hathaway’s Agent 99. A remake of the 1965 Get Smart tv show, this movie got a critical score of 50%. Critics didn’t like the unfunny movie but they did like the performances. 


10. Dinner for Schmucks (2010)- Barry

This Steve Carell’s movies was a remake of “Le Dîner de Cons,” a French comedy film. 

Here Carell essayed Barry, an eccentric man who uses taxidermied mice to make dioramas. He gets invited to a dinner by his friend Tim (played by Paul Rudd) to impress the higher-ups. 

With a critical rating of 41%, critics didn’t find the movie tasteful or funny. What saved the movie was the performances and charms of Rudd and Carell. 


11. Seeking a Friend For the End of the World (2012)- Dodge

In this Steve Carell movie, he plays a man who looks for love with his highschool girlfriend after his partner divorces him. That too just before the end of the world. With a rating of 55%, Carell and Keira Knightley’s performances were loved by critics but everything else was not. 

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12. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (2013)- Lead

In this comedy movie, Carell played the titular character, a Vegas magician who pulls off increasingly crazy hijinks to save his show after his partner quits. 

Although the movie starred other noteworthy names like Jim Carrey, Steve Buscemi, Olivia Wilde, it could only get a critical rating of 37%. 


13. Freeheld (2015)- Steven Goldstein

The movie is about a police lieutenant named Laurel who is diagnosed with cancer. She tries to ensure that her female domestic partner gets her pension. Carell played the founder of the pension service, Garden State Equality named Steve Goldstein. 

Standing at a critical rating of 49%, the movie was appreciated a little for its well intentions. But centering the arc on a man instead of the two women turned many off. 


14. The Big Short (2015)- American Businessman Mark Baum

Based on the novel of the same name by Michael Lewis, this movie chronicled the events that led to the US financial crisis of 2008. 

In this movie, Carell played Mark Baum who was based on a Businessman named Steve Eisman. He profited immensely from the housing market collapse of 2007 to 2008. Standing with a critical score of 88%, this movie was loved by critics for giving a tragic situation some well-intentioned humor. 


15. Minions (2015)- Younger Gru

With a critical score of 55%, Minions didn’t live up to the Despicable Me franchise reputation but it was still considered to be entertaining. 

Carell voiced a young Gru in here. 


16. Too Funny to Fail (2017)- Interviewed

With a rating of a perfect 100%, this is the best of All of Steve Carell’s Movies, Ranked. The movie is a documentary of “The Dana Carvey Show,” NBC’s dud comedy. 

Carell was one of the people Interviewed for this. The documentary won many people over for the funny attitude towards the aforementioned panned show. 

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17. Welcome to Marwen (2018)- Starring Role

Welcome to Marwen is a true story about Carell’s Mark Hogancamp who is left with no memories of his life before a violent assault. With a critical score of 34%, many critics didn’t find it very moving or endearing. 


18. Irresistible (2020)- Gary Zimmer

Written by the famous Jon Stewart, this political comedy movie starred Steve Carell as Gary Zimmer. He played a character who was trying to be the Mayor of a Midwestern town with the help of Faith Brewster (Faith Brewster), a Democratic strategist. 

Irresistible got a RT rating of 40%. Suffice to say, critics weren’t particularly blown away by it. 


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Let us know in the comments which All of Steve Carell’s Movies, Ranked is your favorite.

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