Best Indian Original Prank Videos

We all have grown up playing pranks with our siblings and friends. But the world of YouTube has opened its door for people to start making prank videos and uploading them on YouTube. Prank Videos have been popular internationally, but India is gaining popularity in this niche only in the recent past. But I must tell you that, Indians are doing a great job. Obviously, the pranks played in India are going to be much different than the prank played on an international scale. But we sure are doing well keeping in mind the Indian Audience. The videos that are receiving the maximum responses are the Social Experiment Pranks, Kissing Strangers (This especially has a lot of variations on YouTube and you will be surprised to see how people fall for it every time), Gone Wrong pranks, to name a few. The most recent kind of prank that’s come up in the Indian market is the horror prank. Let’s see how the Indian Audience reacts to this one (This one is mentioned on our list as well). The best part with these prank videos are these videos are not scripted, the reactions in these videos are real reactions of the public. Also, there are a lot of channels that collaborate with the celebs for these videos. Hats off to the celebs to be so sportive enough because their videos go viral within no time.

Here are few of the YouTube Channels of India that have some of the best Indian Original Prank Videos. These guys sure have gained a lot of popularity within no time. So let’s get started with the list and the ones you are not aware of, you sure need to see all their videos.

Funk You

funk you

YouTube Channel: Funk You

Subscribers: 1,214,371

Views: 280,014,387

Joined YouTube: January 6, 2014

YouTube Link:

Most Recent Prank: Hilarious Sneezing Prank

Baap of Bakchod


YouTube Channel: Baap of Bakchod

Subscribers: 1,537,179

Views: 237,453,077

Joined YouTube: September 4, 2015

YouTube Link:

Most Recent Prank: Diwali Prank



YouTube Channel: TroubleSeekerTeam

Subscribers: 682,176

Views: 128,627,700

Joined YouTube: February 22, 2012  

YouTube Link:

Most Recent Prank: Arresting People for Selling Bombs Prank



YouTube Channel: PrankBaaz  

Subscribers: 511,770

Views: 152,303,732

Joined YouTube: July 14, 2014

YouTube Link:

Most Recent Prank: Chu Liya Chu Liya Prank


avr prank

YouTube Channel: AVRprankTV

Subscribers: 1,071,388

Views: 173,463,964

Joined YouTube: July 22, 2014

YouTube Link:

Most Recent Prank: Kissing Prank – Drop the Bottle

Love Rudrakash

YouTube Channel: Love Rudrakash

Subscribers: 461,716

Views: 93,531,751

Joined YouTube: July 27, 2010

YouTube Link:

Famous Prank: You are Famous



YouTube Channel:

Subscribers: 216,981

Views: 62,879,551  

Joined YouTube: April 17, 2014

YouTube Link:

Famous Prank: Kissing Prank – T-shirt Switch Magic Prank  

The Crazy Sumit

YouTube Channel: The Crazy Sumit

Subscribers: 298,890

Views: 77,298,504  

Joined YouTube: June 16, 2015

YouTube Link:

Recent Prank: Scary Ghost Vs Killer Clown Prank


After seeing these videos, I’m sure that we are not too far for Indian YouTubers to reach the global fandom. We hope that there are more prank videos that are released that makes us roll on the floor laughing and you should totally subscribe to all above channels because that’s the only way you can stay updated with their latest videos.

Also, if you think you have got better prank ideas on your mind, then maybe you should give it a shot on the prank videos and upload it on YouTube. So what are you waiting for? Go think of an out of the box idea and shoot, you could just be the next channel that could be on our list.

As always, if you have liked what you just read, do share it on your social media platforms by clicking on the tiny icons below.  

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