10 Countries Which Do Not Have A Minimum Legal Drinking Age

10 Countries Which Do Not Have A Minimum Legal Drinking Age

We have listed 10 Countries Which Do Not Have A Minimum Legal Drinking Age for you to have a fun vacation and take a break from the monotonous pandemic going on at a devastating level in the country.

Drinking alcohol is still a taboo in India. We have a lot of taboo in India when it comes to alcohol. With all this, there are many other “ethically wrong” habits that youth of this generation has already adapted to and are facing troubles. This happens because these “so-called” wrong habits are not performed in the correct way and so are not accepted by Indian society.

However, there are many countries where drinking is not a big deal and is done morally. But this doesn’t make us forget the perspective of Indian society. People outside India have no such obligations. But on the same hand, they know that even if any rules are being implemented, it is for their own and they know how to follow them.

People in India have taken the activity of drinking very wrong and they keep on criticizing it. Whereas it is very normal for other countries to have basic norms on this and the way to deal with alcoholic issues.

Anyway, we have some countries that are good for you to visit to have fun with your friends or family. Here we bring you a list of such countries that don’t have any Minimum Legal Drinking Age.  Spend some good time with friends over these places and take an escape from this pandemic. It will be fun:


10 Countries Which Do Not Have A Minimum Legal Drinking Age

1. Armenia

Nightlife & Entertainment

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Armenia is a landlocked country located between Asia & Europe and was earlier a part of the Soviet Union. The country has no drinking or purchasing laws in Armenia. People there can easily buy alcohol with no hassles of age limit of identity proof etc. 

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2. Bulgaria

Balaban Wine Sofia, Discover Bulgaria By The Glass – Madame Bulgaria

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Bulgaria has no age limit to buy alcohol and consume it in private. So you must be 18 years of age to buy it publicly and consume it. It is fun there to have alcohol in the good company of adults. Add Bulgaria to your bucket list now as it is one of the most interesting places to visit from the list of 10 Countries Which Do Not Have A Minimum Legal Drinking Age.


3. Denmark

Danish pub and restaurants <3 | Denmark, Favorite places, Pubs and restaurants

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Denmarks has certain age limits to buy alcohol in public and private and consume it accordingly. It doesn’t have a legal drinking age but you can only buy beer, wine, etc with less than 16.5% alcohol that is available in supermarkets and you will be served in public if you are 18 years of age.


4. Macau

Cheers Pub - Macau Lifestyle

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Macau comes under the People’s Republic of China and is called the Macao Special Administrative Region. Macau has its own currency and it issues its passports and has a totally different legal structure than the rest of China has. With all this, people must not attain a certain age and need not have an age certificate to buy drinks there. Cool. isn’t it? 


5. Norway

Smelteverket | Pubs & Bars | Oslo | Norway

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You must be 18 years of age to buy alcohol but there is no specified age limit for you to consume alcohol there. So it’s quite cool there. With a percentage of alcohol strength of up to 22%, the age limit specified is a minimum of 20 years. So even if you go, make sure you have attained the age of up to 20 years so that you can buy any drink with this percentage of your choice and party hard!

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6. Vietnam

Discover Da Nang with Da Nang Travel & Shopping Guides

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Vietnam is a beautiful country known for its tourism and nature’s excellence. People go there to party like crazy and enjoy it to the fullest. The country has no legal drinking age. You can enjoy more as there is no specific time for pubs to be closed. Many of them are open all night. You can party all night. Vietnam gives you the fun vibes to being a party animal there. It is like to party all night and sleep all day. 

7. Belgium

Belgian pub is the best beer destination in the world | Focus on Belgium

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Belgium allows kids of 16 years of age to be able to buy beer but has no age limit on consumption, isn’t it cool? 18 years is the minimum age to buy other strong spirits. There are restrictions on drinking at public places. You can have it in bars and pubs but not at places of public use like stations, post offices etc. 

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8. Djibouti

MELTING POT, Djibouti - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor

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Djibouti is a  French and Arabic-speaking country of dry shrublands on the horn of Africa. The place has no legal issues related to drinking alcohol. Alcohol here comes from France and is pretty expensive. You might think twice here before buying. 


9. Greece

The bars included in the Ios Bar Crawl, the original bar and pubs crawl of Ios.

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Greece, with its beautiful history, is known for being a  fun place. Greece is a place to party with friends and has an amazing time. With all the flexibility to party all night long, Greece doesn’t put any restrictions on alcohol consumption. There is no age limit to this. You can sit and enjoy on the seashores with the beer bottles and have a chill and fun time.

It’s Greece after all! One of the most sought after from the list of 10 Countries Which Do Not Have A Minimum Legal Drinking Age.


10. Jamaica

Harlem Shake - Jamaica Happy Pub Sanfre' - YouTube

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Jamaica, the Caribbean Island nation has given birth to some of the greatest sportsmen ever to have a legal age of minimum 18 years to buy alcohol.


With the set of rules and regulations that keeps on changing, these cool places are fun to handle but you must take care of the laws of drinking at any place you go. Going without proper research might land you in trouble legally.

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All these 10 Countries Which Do Not Have A Minimum Legal Drinking Age are beautiful in their own ways and have all the reasonable and appropriate restrictions and buying and consuming the alcohol. With time, the laws keep on changing so stay updated before your visit. The rules also take care of the type of alcohol being taken and consumes.

With time it is important to change the mindset of Indians with respect to alcohol consumption and other related activities as it has impacted society on a larger level and in a very inappropriate way that is sad for the country. The rule for alcohol needs to be changed. 

Make sure to enjoy the fullest when you are at any of these places and don’t forget to read about them prior to your visit!

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