honest thief on amazon prime

Honest Thief on Amazon Prime in 2020 – Another Movie In Which Liam Neeson Has To Teach Some Bad People A Lesson

Director: Mark Williams

Cast:  Liam Neeson, Kate Walsh, Jai Courtney 


Honest Thief on Amazon Prime where Liam Neeson, an aging veteran with his extreme skills, is forced out to pull up some action strings to avail justice and teach some bad people a lesson. But here, you will get to see the twist in his movie, which you have never seen in any of his other movies before.

In Honest Thief on Amazon Prime, he is already guilty. Nevertheless, Liam will set out his action ranger talent to kick some asses of bad people, and you know, he has got your back! Lay back, grab some popcorn and enjoy this movie. Honest Thief on Amazon Prime is a superficial action thriller movie starring Liam Nesson. 

honest thief on amazon prime

The theme of Honest Thief on Amazon Prime

Tom Dolan (Liam Neeson) ransacked 12 banks in seven states over a time of nine years, invading everyone covertly and blowing open their vaults with the help of his efficient ability and the excellent power he has. He has right around ten million dollars to show for the entirety of that hard work; still, it doesn’t verge on describing a difference as compared to his latest discovered lover Annie (Kate Walsh), a woman with whom Tom has a meet-adorable with at a storage area where he keeps his loot. 

Tom needs to begin another existence with Annie and concludes that he can’t live false. He calls the FBI a deal to turn over himself and get himself some money in exchange for a few years for sentence. “I’m the In and Out Scoundrel,” he tells the feds (Robert Patrick and Jeffrey Donovan), and they send two junior specialists to track him down. It was a bad idea! 

When FBI specialists Nivens (Jai Courtney) and Hall (Anthony Ramos) discover that Dolan is actually telling the truth about stealing cash, Nivens, along with his partner, mix up in a hasty plan where they save up for their retirement.

Their hasty plan and foolishness turned into bloodshed and was answered with the bloodshed of innocent people. Also, Annie was hospitalized, whereas Dolan runs away to get his name cleared from the mess they created and, on the other side, was struck with the thinking whether he should turn himself in or not.

As cars move towards Boston, where even federal agents were involved in the bad decisions- you’ll see such lines- “I’m going to make things right — my way,” and had to pay a huge amount for the bloodshed and human damage which actually holds up with the Liam Neeson ‘Tough Guy’ movie code- as long as your interpretation of justice is served, the consequences don’t matter.

Honest Thief on Amazon Prime actually brings out the irony of the hero and what consequences will be faced by him in the movie; even then, it still contains similar firing, flying bullets, bloodshed, killing, fisticuffs, etc., which you get in almost every movie which has the same genre. 

What Other Movies Will Honest Thief on Amazon Prime Help You To Remember?

honest thief on amazon prime

The time Genuine Criminal doesn’t spend on the careful and cunning planning and execution of Tom Dolan’s bank heists is burned through widely in the luxuriously engaging 2008 wrongdoing thrill ride The Bank Work. What’s more, in its Respectable Person With A Code To Maintain pacing, Genuine Criminal is similar to the 2007 Imprint Wahlberg vehicle Shooter. 

Execution Worth Watching: Robert Patrick, in Honest Thief on Amazon Prime, is playing a very special role where he is a veteran specialist in the case of Liam Neeson’sshrivelled, improved safe saltine here, and this specialist is the perfect person who is very natural in his job, gets suspicious professionally, follows the rules by the book, and is honest in his profession. Though his part in this movie is extremely short, you will want him back when his role is finished. 

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Critical Statements on Honest Thief on Amazon Prime

“I preferred gelignite stuffed into balloons — that’ll blow almost any bolt.” Honest Thief on Amazon Prime shortly focuses upon the life of Dolan as a jugger; whatever the point is here, we will always get such lines like this and a combination of crime-based movies lifted from Michael Mann’s Thief, and on the other side, Neeson with the help of a drill is drilling to composite the metal vault door. If any of a sequel is ever made from one of the action movies similar to this, Dolan’s highly famous heist movies would definitely point to this. 

Sex and Skin: There is nothing here with Honest Thief on Amazon Prime. 

Our Take: Since the Taken film has released, Liam Neeson has been into action-thriller movies which involve firing guns. He has described Weaponised Old Guy, which is an action thriller movie, with such completeness that the one who is watching it will analyze it in-depth and distribute its parts. A courageous man who has self-respect and a bit of arrogance who explains his decisions? Check.

Does the system target multiple odds at him- punitive, criminal, correctional, or a combination o falls? Check. There should be the addition of a reason to fight, which comes with honesty, and Honest Thief on Amazon Prime does check all the boxes here. Neeson, pushing 70, punches his time clock here honorably.

He goes to work for chief Imprint Williams (Ozark) with his brand name rawness, having a good time with a person who is 30 years younger than him of a second-story window before gun whipping him back to the asphalt.

Neeson also gives a subtle expression in the movie to make his appearance in Honest Thief on Amazon Prime a little different from other older guys in his new oeuvre, where a film can survive on its own despite the fact that it stretches the middle-of-the-road formula.

That the film can remain all alone despite its significant length of the widely appealing recipe. Say what you need about Neeson; he would never phone in a role. 

On Neeson’s side of things and that of his foes, the bad FBI specialists played by Jai Courtney and Anthony Ramos, Legit Criminal needs to build up the cause with a couple of general terms: hard karma family backgrounds, or the idea of The Man taking every one of the treats for himself. These defenses are feeble.

Courtney’s Nivens is an unlikeable boaster and menace; however, it’s incredibly difficult to accept that he’d refuse his profession with the feds without a moment’s notice and, out of nowhere, choose to slaughter his colleagues.

In any case, on the off chance that you give it a little room to breathe, you can allow the firm-to-wound system Legit Cheat has constructed to loosen up at its speed and make the most of its expertly made speed and the nature of its workmanship. Neeson, Courtney, Kate Walsh, Jeffrey Donovan — they’re all accomplishing strong work here. Also, Liam’s late-vocation haymakers keep on landing. 

Our Call: STREAM IT. Legitimate Cheat puts barely enough in its unstable arrangement to explode the IED that is Liam Neeson, A Man Violated. Honest Thief on Amazon Prime is worth watching as it is made with great execution and crafty preparation of Tom Dolan’s heist. It is an impeccable action thriller movie with a great performance by Liam Nesson. When that occurs, pause for a minute or two and watch the man work.

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