Bangaru Bullodu movie review

Bangaru Bullodu movie review: Lots Of Blunders and Irrationality

Description:- Before you read the Bangaru Bullodu movie review, it is crucial for you to get insights into what the movie is actually about. This movie is full of drama and comedy. The lead actor is the grandson of a goldsmith, and his profession is of a bank employee.

As you can understand by the contrast of their professions, the family reputation is obviously at stake. To add more drama to it, there are more problems on his shoulders. There is a blend of this tension and comedy in the movie. This blend is very unbalanced and not very interesting.

Most reviewers of Bangaru Bullodu movie review claim to have enjoyed the movie a lot in the first part. There are many aspects and exciting stories in this first part. But that is where the fun and fantastic part ends.

Director:- PV Giri

Main Cast:- Allari Naresh, Pooja Jhaveri, Pisani Krishna Murali, Tanikella Bharani, Pruthvi Raj

IMDb Rating:- 8.4/10

Genre:- Drama, Romance

Where to watch:- Amazon Prime

Bangaru Bullodu movie review- Is it even a comedy?

Bangaru Bullodu (2021) - Movie | Reviews, Cast & Release Date in nandikotkur - BookMyShow

There are very useless efforts in the movie to make us laugh. But why don’t they understand as to how can we laugh at such nonsense situations? The family responsibilities and the moral dilemma of Naresh are very relatable, and when the audience is engrossed in it, there are sudden brakes of laughter.

This kind of inclusion of humour in the movie neither makes us laugh nor makes the tense situations lighter. These efforts to bring laughter are so mechanical and noticeable even by the reviewers of Bangaru Bullodu movie review that it all irritates them.

Some situations are very silly and bizarre and very weird. One such situation is when the brothers of Prasad do the dead body’s actions to run away from police. Another situation is where the moneylender keeps the snake in exchange for money. These situations are very boring and annoying.

The audience’s link is also broken from the actual story, and this distraction makes them uninterested in watching the movie further. There are very few true comedy situations, but except them, all the others will make you angry. The culture and tradition of Godavari are insulted by the NRI eligible bachelor.

He came to marry Kanaka Mahalakshmi whose role was played by Pooja Javeri. In the movie, she is the daughter of Posani. So as you can see, this is why the Bangaru Bullodu movie review is nor good neither bad.

Bangaru Bullodu movie review- Where is all the drama?

There is no innocent drama but only vulgar situations that attempt to shock the audience, which at the end only bore them. One such serious problem is the theft of the goddess’ jewels. This part was full of suspense and climax. But it looks like the director did not want the Bangaru Bullodu movie review to be full of goodness and positivity.

So he stretches the plot further by revealing that the thief wears the dress of female to hide. The sensitive topic of cross-dressing is used as an ingredient for drama. This isn’t sure how we want the topic of cross-dressing to be etched in the minds of the audience. It will only increase its status as a taboo topic.

This is what has got on the nerves of the reviewers of Bangaru Bullodu movie review. It will just test your patience level. If this is what you enjoy, you are very much free to watch it.

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Bangaru Bullodu movie review is interesting as it is based on real-life events.

Bangaru Bullodu Telugu Movie OTT Release date, Cast & Crew

The lead actor himself claims that the movie’s plot is based on a true incident in a region called Rajahmundry. The movie spreads awareness as to how even our gold is not safe in the bank lockers. We, Indians love this yellow metal and hence want to keep it safe and secure.

Since our homes are easy prey to the theft, we have our entire trust on the bank lockers. But there are true chances of bank employees trying to gain personal profit by using your gold. And such a perspective and creative thought are applauded by the reviewers of the Bangaru Bullodu movie review.

Further, your village’s nostalgic memories will be triggered as there is the perfect village setting in the movie. It is very great and unique as compared to other movies which have the city location. It very well depicts how innocent the villagers are, and their naivety enhances the movie’s rural vibrations.

The Bangaru Bullodu movie review reviewers mention it to be a very good quality of the movie.

Pathetic picture of women painted by the scriptwriter of the movie

In this movie, the women are portrayed as objects and are shown to be dependent on the men to go to foreign or any other wishes. Though the women are very busy in their routine, still men are called gold even after doing some stupid thing.

The lead actor tells about the importance of their native place only to obstruct the big dreams of going to foreign countries.

The comedy about women is very cheap according to the reviewers of Bangaru Bullodu movie review. One such incident is when the hero notices the heroine; he first notices her belly button. The name of Pooja Jhaveri in the movie means belly button in English.

And when the hero notices her belly button, he remarks that she is very true to her name. How is this even a good comedy or deep chemistry?

Moreover, the execution of romance and thriller is again, not in sync. Though there are emotional scenes, they just come out to the audience as weird rather than make them cry. Even the drama and thriller is very average. It has the same storyline just like other action films and hence becomes predictable.

Bangaru Bullodu movie review very correctly points out that the predictive storyline doesn’t get an adrenaline rush through the audience.

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The bad music upsets the reviewers of Bangaru Bullodu movie review.

Bangaru Bullodu 2021 Movie Download Movierulz Allari Naresh jio rockers ibomma moviezwap

The lyrics of the movie fail to make it to the heart of the audience. The songs are very disconnected from the plot. Too many actors and actresses make the proverb about the spoiled broth and too many cooks very true. Further, there are also instances where they make very bizarre mistakes. And on the top of it, they try to cover those mistakes in the movie itself.

The movie’s songs gave some hope to the reviewers of Bangaru Bullodu movie review, but then they disappoint them again. The climax of the movie is also very unsatisfying. It is majorly because it was very predictable. You will understand it actually when you go ahead and read it.

Hence, though the first half is very interesting in a nutshell, the second half is very useless. As mentioned above, the blend of comedy and tension is imbalanced; similarly, the balance of emotional scenes and comedy is inappropriate. This is why the movie nor abides by the genre of drama and neither by comedy.

The reviewers of Bangaru Bullodu movie review are very much happy with the acting and dance of Allari Naresh. They also love the plot twists. There are good chemistry and romance between the couple. Naresh truly has given his best to his fans in this movie; however, the scriptwriter was spoilt by inserting inappropriate comedy and drama.

Final Verdict

Bangaru Bullodu movie review majorly states that you can watch this movie with your family. If you do not look for rationale in anything and everything, you will be having great fun. This is because the plot has a lot of blunders and irrationality.

The fans of Allari Naresh are going to be super happy and proud. But if you are looking for a great taste in music and dance, we suggest you not watching this movie. Other than that, the movie’s background with the village setup, the side actors are very good. It also has a social message about the bank being unsafe for securing your gold.

The reviewers of Bangaru Bullodu movie review mention that the creativity and sudden twists in the movie are dramatic, but the humour is very bad. Sometimes it is just silly, and the other times it isn’t very kind to some culture or community.

The emotional situations are very mechanical despite the good chemistry between them. The action, suspense and thriller in the movie are very enriching and will make your mind fresh. Overall, it is a one-time watch movie. So, will you watch this good yet boring movie or not?

We hope that this interesting, honest Bangaru Bullodu movie review would have helped you in your decision-making process.

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