Scam 1992: Harshad Mehta Story Review

Scam 1992: Harshad Mehta Story Review

The recently released series on the life of Harshad Mehta had seen a grossing hit in the first few days itself. It has gained a lot of viewers in just about two months. Based on a voting count of over 25,000 it is rated with 9.5 stars out of 10 on IMDb. More than 90% of the viewers have loved the show as it is, and this article shows in detail why so. Here is a detailed write up on the Harshad Mehta story review.

Harshad Mehta Story Review

Hansal Mehta refutes reports of Scam 1992 becoming the number one show on  IMDb | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

Released on 9th October 2020, Scam 1992: Harshad Mehta Story is the story of the catastrophic downfall of the Indian stockbroker, Harshad Mehta. The story of the series was inspired by the book “The Scam” written by the famous journalists DebashisBasu and SuchetaDalal. The screenplay was written very well with a staggering resemblance to the book which was documented.

First of the title “Scam 1992: Harshad Mehta Story” is well suited for the show. It is powerful and gives the gist of what the show is going to be. It is in no way misleading and is probably the best-suited title for the series.

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The series is a Biography Drama on the country’s first-ever major financial fraud. It follows a stockbroker who took the stock market to a vertiginous point, that too all by himself and his plans. The “Big Bull” of Mumbai’s Dalal Street run scams to get ₹5, 000 crores from the financial market. It follows the series of methodical frauds done by the man in the stock market and how he was repaid with a dreadful fall. The series of scams come to the point of the 1992 stock market fraud.

As the Harshad Mehta story review, it can be said that the incidents were amazingly presented by the director Hansal Mehta. All the actors have put all of it into the show and made the 10 episodes the staggering series as it is. Pratik Gandhi, as Harshad Mehta, was effortless on the screen. His power-packed performance has brought the show to life in a true sense. His acting has done justice to the actual personality and character of Harshad Mehta.

With the story of him, Harshad Mehta was a self-styled Amitabh Bacchan of the Bombay Stock Exchange. The cast, Pratik Gandhi has performed while also keeping in mind to show the character as the people know him and also the things we do not know.

The beautiful and graceful Shreya Dhanwanthary is no less in the role of the journalist Sucheta Dalal. She has been able to show with all her determination the situation that the journalist had to go through while she had been unraveling the truth behind the obnoxious situation that the scams were leaving behind.

The director and the crew have been able to capture the true state of India’s financial market. The show has successfully shown the details of the secrets that made Harshad Mehta who he was. They did not just point out the fact that he did those scams, but also took the initiative to show how they were conducted.

The design and details on the set are such that you might have the feeling that you are just watching the things as they were. The cinematography is of high quality. The character shots and the city and Ariel view shots are quite fascinating to the viewers.

The styling in the sense of fashion is great. All the actors have the appropriate costumes according to the characters they are playing. Not even once can you see any flaw in this aspect?

According to the Harshad Mehta story review several sources, the title track of the show also happens to be the background music. The track given by Achint Thakkar has an energetic vibe. It had gone famous within a matter of hours. Even after 2 months, people are jamming on the music. Clearly, the power of the title track has also contributed to making “Scam 1992: Harshad Mehta Story” a paragon.

Another great thing about the show was that it didn’t make up characters, or names of the characters, or blow up something out of the story. The entire 10 episodes are dedicated to showing the true incidents with actual names, actual characters, and the actual story.

The dialogues are written in a stupefying way by the creators. It gives the sense of the seriousness that is going on and clearly shows the characters as well. Dialogues such as “Success kya hai? Failure kebaadka chapter?”, “Risk to ishq hai.”, etc. have become really famous and are over the mouths of several fans.

The show also shows the way Mumbai was in the 70s to the 90s very clearly. This also gives a nostalgic feeling to many who have watched the show.

Since the articles provide The Harshad Mehta Story Review, here are some critical ones as well. One thing that the storyteller has missed is the part of the story where the retail investor suffers a huge loss due to the scams conducted out of greed by Harshad Mehta. Another thing that has come to notice is that the supporting characters completely revolve around Mehta.

Their roles seem to be stuck out of their own lives, and they seem only to be thinking, having a conversation about Harshad Mehta. Pratik Gandhi, not being on the screen, does not show the lives of any other character around him. The show mainly focuses on the matter it is discussing.

Apart from that, all the things we’re at the point in the show, shoeing all the true incidents and situations that prevailed back then. The entire crew and the cast have given all to the show and have made the masterpiece that it has come out to be.

Another interesting thing to notice is that the lead, Harshad Mehta, is not shown as a villain or any negative character in the show. It simply shows the story of scams in detail. The show, in fact, shows Harshad Mehta with the heroic side paying attention to the difficult life that he had to lead before he found out a way to become rich.

Overall, the Harshad Mehta story review proves that the show is a great one. It has 10 episodes of about an hour each that gives all the details and presents the amazingness of the cinematography. The story is presented with simplicity and at no point will you find yourself off the beat with the storyline going on. There is nothing overdone or underdone. The series is the right blend of crime and drama in the best way.

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The series in totality is applaudable, and something that should be in your “must watch”. It is available on the streaming website and app of Sony Liv.

Director: Hansal Mehta, Jay Mehta

Main Stars: Shreya Dhanwanthary, Pratik Gandhi, Anjali Barot

IMDb Rating: 9.5

RT Score: N/A

Genre: Biography, Crime, and Drama

Where to Watch: Sony Liv

Commitment:540 minutes (for 10 episodes)

Why Watch Scam 1992: Harshad Mehta Story

The series Scam 1992: Harshad Mehta Story is a great show. All the actors are amazing, and the performance is to the point. The details of the show are all truly shown, and everything is at the correct place. The 10 episodes are some of the best ones that you are going to watch in the shows that you will watch further. It is clear with the Harshad Mehta review that the show is one of the best watch.

Critic Consensus

As per the review in the Times of India by critic RonakKotecha, the show is a visual treat showing one of the things that add up the things that many people have seen or read about in their childhood. He says that it adds a great deal of nostalgia. Kotecha also points out the attention to little details that were given while filming the series. He calls this aspect faultless. The amazing cinematography is pointed out for the Ariel shots.

Another review by Sayan Ghosh in The Hindu proves how astounding the show is. She says that the story is well written and shows the characters doing the heavy lifting. She also points out the fact that the homegrown content creators have good potential and what they are capable of.

Lastly, a review by Shubham Kulkarni says in the Harshad Mehta story review given by him that the show is more like a documentary with the cast of SuchetaDalal narrating the tale. He says that a huge credit should go to the cast as well as the crew and the team for making this show objectively.

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