shows you should watch if you love 'Gossip Girl'

Top 10 Shows you should Watch if you Love ‘Gossip Girl’

The most beloved and imitable teen classic of all times is definitely Gossip Girl. Now that we might have bing-watched it a thousand times already, here are the Top 10 shows you should watch if you love ‘Gossip Girl’.

The show was watched over and over again and proved how addictive teen television could be. After the six seasons of watching the show, the end had broken the hearts of many, yet the good aspect is that there are shows you should watch if you love ‘Gossip Girl’.

Thus lose no hope and gear up for some more viewership that can help you to relive and cherish the moments of your viewership with the Gossip Girl.


Top 10 Shows you should Watch if you Love ‘Gossip Girl’

1. You

The lead character of the series is Joe, played by Dan Humphrey, and with the presence of Penn Badgely, the fans of Gossip Girl have all the reasons to have “You” in the list of shows you should watch if you love ‘Gossip Girl’. You” is a version of Gossip Girl and has a fan following for this reason.

The show is about creepy, stalking mannerisms that are the same both in Gossip Girl and You. However, “You” happens to be more violent, scarier, and has more intensity and dimensions. The show will hook you to the screen while Dan stalks and digs in.


2. Pretty Little Liars

The perfect start or the show that you need to watch once you are done with the Gossip Girl. Instead, as per the survey, it has been rated as the most recommended shows you should watch if you love ‘Gossip Girl’. The core of the story is the same as that of the former series.

The series digs in the life of a stalker spy that interferes with the lives of teens as they ride on with their otherwise rather trivial, privileged side stories. The characters bear an uncanny resemblance to the characters of the Gossip Girl. Like Jenny and Hanna.

The strongest difference between the two shows lies is that Pretty Little Liars gets a lot scarier, darker, and bloody. Gossip Girl had only one real death, and even that was temporary.


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3. Gilmore Girls

The show, concept, plot, characters, the name may seem to be inspired by the Gossip Girl yet, it can be safely regarded as the comedy version of the former serial. The themes are similar in both the show but then it a lot more on the humorous side. The stories come from the same network, and thus, there is a strong crossover.

The story is about a mother and daughter, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, who live in a small town with many side characters. The story is fun and typically dramatic, with comedy as its core element.


4. Glee

The show and its presentation is exactly the opposite of its name, but then it’s a fun watch. The story is set in a high school and has school kids who are too familiar with the High School Musicals, and everyone is singing all the time. The singing aspect is missing from the Gossip Girl.  


5. 90210

The show targets the teenagers like the Gossip Girl and is the fourth season of the 90201 franchises. The franchise itself started with Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place, and has recently been revived. The original show gives no clue in this past the first season. 

The show is about Annie and Dixon as they move ahead in their fancy new lives. The show has the same luxurious lifestyle setting, like the Gossip Girls, so this should be on the list of shows you should watch if you love ‘Gossip Girl’.


6. Thirteen reasons why

A much darker yet loved teen drama is 13 Reasons Why. The show has its main story revolving around suicide and bullying. It is darker and one of the shows you should watch if you love ‘Gossip Girl’.  The show is about the suicide of Hannah Baker and the 13 reasons that led to the suicide.

The show has no comedy like the Gossip Girl but has a high school setting and teen drama as its core element. The show presents sensitive topics like sexual assault, bullying, and suicide in a very sensitive manner. 


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7. One tree hill

The show premiered in 2003 and was a little early than the Gossip Girl. The show was not revolving around the female leads as in the Pretty Little Liars or the gender split of Gossip Girl rather;, it revolved around the lives of two-half brothers Lucas and Nathan, played by Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty, respectively.

The story gets interesting as the boys leave high school and reach the same age as that of Gossip Girls. The series then takes a four years time leap and starts with Season 5. And then in the coming seasons six and seven, they progress year by year. 


8. More Gossip Girl

Also, if you are a multilingual person, then the best news is that Gossip Girl was made in many languages and as per your interest, you can watch it. It will be a fun-filled experience to watch your favorite show in another language and take a dig in the fascinating cultural experiences and enjoy the subtitles.

However, the remakes were a total failure and were not much appreciated.


9. The Carrie Diaries

The story revolves around Carrie Bradshaw and her life in high school as an intern in a law firm and magazine company while dealing with friends and boyfriends. The series presents a typical high-class American, sex-centric, privileged drama and can be compared to the Sex and the City.


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10. THE O.C.

Created by the same mind Josh Schwartz for Fox, there is so much similarity between the two shows. The main lead Ryan is troubled and quickly launched in the world of money and luxury when Sandy and Kirsten Cohen adopted him. The show is about teenage romance, high school drama, and the clash of cultures between the lead characters. 


The above-listed series is a part of the list of shows you should watch if you love “ Gossip Girl.” Therefore, if you are missing Gossip Girl or want to watch a similar content, then you need to start watching these series. 

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