23 Male Celebrities who have Bleached their Hair and Rocked that Look!

23 Male Celebrities who have Bleached their Hair and Rocked that Look!

Celebrities like Zac Efron, Pharrell Williams, and Justin Timberlake have gone blonde over the years.

The Hollywood industry is pretty interesting as you can come across many celebrities who have gone blonde either for their on-screen roles or personal transformation, which has drastically changed their appearances.

From Adam Levine to Zac Efron, check out the 23 male celebrities who have bleached their hair.

Male Celebrities who have Bleached their Hair

1. Joe Jonas was seen dying his hair several times.

Joe Jonas Debuted a New Hair Color Over the Weekend | Men hair color, Boys colored hair, Mens haircuts wavy hair

Joe Jonas is a Hollywood singer who is famous for experimenting with his hair colour. He has dyed his hair locks with red, pink, and blue dye.

However, after Joe’s and Sophie’s first child Willa, he has gone completely blonde with a buzzcut.

2. Pete Davidson was seen with blond hair at the time he was dating Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson Gets 'Fresh' Post-Breakup Haircut

Pete Davidson is a Hollywood comedian and actor who first bleached his hair in 2018 after he broke up with Ariana. However, in 2019 Pete again bleached his hair for an on-screen role.

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3. Zac Efron turned blonde after losing a bet

Zac Efron just dyed his hair blond | How to do bright right | British GQ

The most famous ‘High school Musical’ star, Zac Efron confessed that he bleached his hair to platinum blonde after losing a bet with a friend. However, he said that the look was just temporary, but since Eminem’s hairstyle inspired him as a young kid, he kept the hair colour for a while.

4. Kanye West took social media by storm with his dyed hair

Kanye West Dyes Hair Platinum Blond During NYFW - E! Online

When Kanye West went blonde in 2016, it caused the hashtag #blondye to trend on Twitter’s social media platform. Kanye kept his blonde hairstyle through February 2017, but later he returned to his natural hair colour.

5. The Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine dyed his hair as his wife loves blonde hair colour

The Best Adam Levine Haircuts & Hairstyles (2020 Update) | Bleached hair men, Men hair color, Bleached hair

Adam Levine, the famous singer of the band Maroon 5, is not a stranger when it comes to changing his hair colour. Adam was seen switching hair colours from pink, brunette, and blonde.

Adam confessed that his wife is a big fan of his blonde hairstyle, and therefore in 2018, Adam changed his hairstyle to blonde.

6. Pete Wentz experimented with hair colours until he went blonde in 2014

We Need to Talk About Pete Wentz's Hair | W Magazine | Women's Fashion & Celebrity News

Pete Wentz is a famous member of the band ‘Fall out boys’. He was seen experimenting with different hair colours over many years. However, in 2014, Pete went for a short haircut and dyed his hair blonde. 

7. Glenn Howerton turned blonde for a month, until returning to being a brunette.

23 male celebrities who have bleached their hair platinum blonde - Insider

Glenn Howerton bleached his hair in December 2019, and he captioned his Instagram picture “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”. Later, by January 2020, Glenn was back to being a brunette, and he captioned his Instagram picture “Bye-bye, blondie”.

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8. Jonah Hill bleached his hair to Platinum blonde in 2018

Jonah Hill Confuses Twitter With Platinum Blonde Hair

Eminem always inspired jonah Hill and as a young kid always wanted to bleach his hair blonde. So in 2012, he bleached his hair, and then later in 2018, Jonah shocked his fans by dying his hair hot pink. However, he returned to dying his hair platinum blonde towards the end of 2018.

9. Colton Haynes turned blonde for his on-screen role.

Pin on Short Haircuts For Men

Colton Haynes, the famous Hollywood actor, switched his hair colour from brunette to blonde for his role in the movie “American Horror story”. However, after the movie, Colton went back to his natural brunette colour.

10. Pharrell Williams has switched to blonde hair colour several times.

Pharrell Williams Grammys 2016: Pop Powerhouse Goes Blond For Music's Biggest Event | HuffPost Canada

Pharrell Williams, the “Happy” singer, has played with his hair colour several times and he was seen with a blonde hair colour many times.

11. Daniel Craig went blonde for his on-screen movie role

Changing Styles: Daniel Craig - Heart

Daniel Craig, who is the famous “Casino Royale” actor, has switched his hair colour from his natural light brown hair to blonde for his movie role. 

12. Mr and Mrs Smith’s famous actor Brad Pitt dyed his hair to blonde

120 Handsome Brad Pitt Hair Ideas

In 2005, Brad Pitt was seen rocking his peroxide blonde hair at the movie premiere of Mr and Mrs Smith.

13. David Beckham has swayed his fans with his blonde hair several times

Image result for david beckham bleached hair | Bleached hair men, Men  losing hair, David beckham hairstyle

The famous footballer, David Beckham, is famous for his hairstyles and hair colour. He has rocked his Mohawk hairstyle with blonde hair colour several times.

14. Jared Leto turned completely blonde for his on-screen role in the movie ‘Suicide squad.’

jared-leto-blond-hair-at-lax.jpeg (585×558) | Jared leto hot, Jared leto,  Spiked hair

Jared, who had long hair and a long beard, went completely blonde with a short haircut for his movie “Suicide squad” in 2016.

15. Orlando Bloom turned blonde in 2016

The Orlando Bloom hair transformation you have to see

The lord of the rings actor, Orlando switched his hair colour from dark hair to blonde in 2016. However, in 2017, Bloom switched back to his natural hair colour.

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16. Riz Ahmed changed his hair colour to blonde

This Week in Excellent Celebrity Grooming Style | Star wars men,  Celebrities, Male face

Riz Ahmed played as Carlton Drake in the movie “Venom”. He surprised his fans at a comic-con at San Diego by bleaching his hair and turning blonde.

17. Chris Messina was seen slaying his blonde hair colour at the 2019 Golden Globes

Chris Messina's Blond Hair Turned Twitter Into A Thirsty Mess

The DC’s movie “Birds of prey” actor Chris Messina surprised his fans with his blonde hair colour at the Golden Globes in 2019. However, his new look was for his on-screen role as Victor in the movie ‘Birds of prey’.

18. Jaden Smith is no stranger when it comes to transforming hair colors.

Jaden Smith Buzzes Off Hair at Concert | POPSUGAR Beauty

Jaden Smith is one of the 23 male celebrities who have bleached their hair. Jaden keeps on experimenting with his hairstyles and hair colour. After experimenting with different hair shades, he returns to peroxide blonde hair several times.

19. Justin Timberlake was famous for his blonde hair at the time of NSYNC days

justin timberlake hair nsync | Bleached hair men, 90s hair men, Virtual hairstyles

Justin Timberlake was a part of the boy band called NSYNC and back then in the 90’s he was famous was his blonde hairstyle. However, since then, Justin went from a blonde style to a natural and more laid back look.

20. Justin Bieber’s has transformed and bleached his hair many times.

MIMI | Blonde hair justin bieber, Platinum blonde hair, Platinum blonde hair  men

The famous singer, Justin Bieber, is known for his impressive hairstyles and he has several times rocked his bleached hair for his fans and is thus one of the male celebrities who have bleached their hair.

21. Charlie Puth likes going blonde once in a while

Charlie Puth Debuts New Blonde Hair, Voicenotes Tour

Charlie Puth first bleached his hair in 2018, and he went on from a brunette look to a platinum blonde hair colour.

22. Zayn Malik has dyed his hair several times.

Newly-single Zayn Malik revives his Pillowtalk look | | Express Digest

The former one direction singer, Zayn Malik, has bleached his hair several times. The first time Zayn switched his hair colour to blonde was in June 2015. Later, he shaved his head in 2017, and by March 2018, Zayn was seen rocking a peroxide-blonde hair look.

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23. Machine Gun Kelly bleached his hair from brunette to blonde.

Pin on MGK

Machine Gun Kelly or Colson Baker had dark brown hair in the beginning. However, in 2017, Colson switched his hair colour to peroxide blonde.

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