kavalthurai ungal nanban movie review

Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban Movie Review: A Film Worth Watching

Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban is a 2020 movie that was recently released. It is a Tamil movie that is a blend of crime and thriller. Directed by the famous Tamil director RDM, this movie made into the theatres on 27th November 2020, and is a major hit in just less than a week.

Below is a kavalthurai ungal nanban movie review in detail.


The movie Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban is a story of a man who belongs to a middle-class family. The man, Prabhu is shown to be quite a fighter and is as strong as any hero would be. Prabhu is shown to a just and honourable man. While he has caught someone for riding without a helmet, the tables turn drastically.

The life story of Prabhu has a major hit and turn with this event. He finds himself tangled in a bigger mess than he would have thought. It starts to rip his life apart.

The story of Prabhu is something that is not too new to the Tamil movie experience; however, there is so much going on in this that you will want to keep watching till the end.

The movie clearly shows the brutality that police show under the influence of the powerful ones. Being tall and muscular didn’t help Prabhu quite a lot when entangled in such a situation. While we might finally see Prabhu stand up, the story seems to be exactly as we see around ourselves. The movie thus is realistic and does not give this vibe away.

Kaval Thurai Ungal Nanban' to be a 'thriller drama'- The New Indian Express

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The scriptwriting

The script for this movie is written wonderfully. The artist temperament of the writer Anshuman Bhagat is seen well in each and every dialogue that the stars are seen to be delivered. It is evident that every single dialogue is such that was put a lot of thought into. The entire script is very sturdy.

There are so many powerful dialogues that it can get your nerves to get cold chills once in a while. It is the beauty of how the script was written. There is all positive kavalthurai ungal nanban movie review in this aspect.

The Movie Stars

The cast taken for this film is as powerful as the entire movie itself is. It is because of the work of the entire cast together that the movie is the big hit as it is today.

Actor Suresh Ravi in the role of the protagonist, Prabhu has done a remarkable job. He has succeeded in showing the man to be a powerful one with all mirch and masala. His dialogue delivery has taken the entire movie by storm and has also set a mark for the Tamil action movies. It is a pleasing experience to the eyes to see Suresh Ravi in this role and acting it out so well.

The beautiful Raveena Ravi played the role of Prabhu’s wife. She is seen to be extremely soft in nature as well as strong in heart. Her support for Prabhu is constant, and her love for him is also seen. Prabhu’s wife has always been there supporting him and also ending up suffering along with him. In the entire movie, you can see Raveena Ravi with the same charm and beauty. Her versatility is also oozing in the scenes, which makes her appearances.

All the supporting characters were also good in the movie. The only thing that you can see missing here is the romantic relationship part of Prabhu and his wife. There is not enough story to lead into this; however, the actors managed to play everything so well that you do not keep thinking about this for long with this saying in this kavalthurai ungal nanban movie review that the cast for this project is superb and charming. We also get to see the relatively fresh face in the actress department, which happens to be a great move.

The Music

We are talking about Indian movies! There have to be songs, dance, and romance in them. So do we see in this movie as well… The sound engineering of the film is really good.

There are a few songs in the movie, and all of them are lovely and breath-taking. The music, along with the entire song lyrics, is beautifully set up and is a food to the soul.

There are powerful tunes and music as well. The entire music and tune set along with the sound effects, brings all the scenes to life and does not leave one aspect to be not exciting.

The work done in the sound department is great.

Title look of Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban releases of May 22 the first remembrance day of Sterlite protests

The Director

The director of this film is RDM. The Tamil film director had previously served as an assistant director under K. Bhagyaraj. This also means that his experience and practical knowledge has helped him a lot in his directions.

The latest movie directed by him is “Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban” immediately gathered a lot of attention with the release of the trailer itself. The beautiful and power-packed shots taken by him is so amazing that you would yourself be awestruck with this.

Not just the trailer, but the entire movie is proof of how great a director RDM is—his work show sheer passion and dedication to direction and film making. The kavalthurai ungal nanban movie review also states that this movie is an example of how good the director is in his works.


It is not said that the film is a perfect one. The review tries to state that the movie was made in a very good way taking into consideration the budget it had.

Some of the dialogues also might seem to be already heard; however, the way it is written and delivered makes it right for the moment and the script.

Apart from this, the movie is amazing and is worth the watch.

Final Words

Overall, the film is amazing. Even though you might feel like the plot is similar to what Tamil movies show, but the movie is fresh, and the entire crew has shown the dedication with which they have made the film into such a good one.

It is definitely worth watching. It is sure that you will not be able to keep “Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban” on your wish list without watching for a long time.

Director: RDM

Writer: Anusman Bhagat

Main Cast: Mime Gopi, Raveena Ravi, Suresh Ravi

IMDb Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Genre: Drama, Crime, and Thriller

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Videos

Why Should You Watch the Movie?

The movie is great and has a realistic touch. The story of Prabhu is sure to keep you engrossed into it till the very end. This is one movie that does not try to grab your attention for temporary watching. It will grab your attention by making you interested in it more and more as the scenes pass by. The thriller and crime drama is going to find a good time for your movie-watching experience.

Why wait to watch such a great movie? In the entire kavalthurai ungal nanban movie review you can find several reasons as to why the movie is the best choice to watch even if you would want to watch it right now.

Finally, the movie “Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban” is truly worth giving you time to and will be remembered.

Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban trailer | Tamil Movie News - Times of India


Critic Consensus

The critics have received the movie well. A major film critic from Film Companion South, Baradwaj Rangan has also written in his blog that the RDM has worked really well in his direction of the movie. He also says that the entire movie was well in all aspects and that he had seen a very unpredictable movie, after quite some time. He says that this is not an attraction binding movie but a movie such that you are to give your attention out of interest.

Another critic writing the kavalthurai ungal nanban movie review is Navein Darshan. He wrote the review on the Cinema Express. He says that the acting by Sarath Ravi is interesting and realistic. The fact that he is not exposed to the dark side of the system is also realistic, as said by the critic. He also talks about the dialogues delivered by the actor to be powerful and just about right made for him.

A review of the movie on File Companion says that the performance by the actors is functional. When it comes to the good cop, Murugesan the concept of him being there is good. He has a good way of storytelling in the movie and keeps it easy and simple to understand also relating to past events.

The writing by the scriptwriters is rock solid, he says, adding that the writing gets even more interesting is the part where Kannabiran lets Prabhu go. The series of unfortunate events for Prabhu, however, doesn’t seem to stop with every passing event. He calls the robbing scene his favourite part and goes on to giving credit to the director RDM in his kavalthurai ungal nanban movie review for the amazing work that he has done.

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