New Movies on Demand

New Movies on Demand: Robin’s Wish, The Owners, Irresistible & More

With the pandemic situation going on, this year has been very chaotic and messy in every term. With all that is happening, thank god we have New Movies on Demand to watch. 

One of the best ways to deal with this anxiety, workload and keeping stress away is to watch that are entertaining and keep you comfortable with this ongoing pandemic situation. With the best movies releasing in the coming days, you can watch them to keep yourself entertained and they can be watched anywhere, Amazon Video, iTunes, Vudu or your cable’s demand service. Let us help you with New Movies on Demand to watch and also to find out what should be watched first. 


New Movies on Demand to Watch

You can start with a documentary, Robin’s Wish that pulls back the curtain on comedy icon Robin Williams’ final days. Once you get with the kickstart, you can watch thrillers like The 2nd, Measure for Measure, and The Owners to turn you more into the action and thriller zone.

If you are looking for some light comedy then you should turn up to films like Irresistible, the Steve Carell film that is available to rent and is on demand and is gaining popularity. 

Interested in watching documentaries, horror and comedies that you can buy or rent this week? Check out some of them below to get a fresh start with your collection.


1. Robin’s Wish

The documentary is based on Robin Williams who with his sudden death shook the world. On August 11, 2014, ths American hero attempted suicide. His death left people baffled as to how someone so bright and energetic can turn off so early.

The documentary answers all the questions and tells people his powerful and true story of his final days and his fight against the deadly neurodegenerative disorder, Lewy Body Dementia. The documentary is a great source to learn the story behind a man and the jokes he made. Robin’s wish casts an entirely different light on what holds in the beauty of being powerful, strong and in being a person who never loses hope and never gives up.  


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2. The Owners

This horror-thriller film is based on the graphic novel ‘Une Nuit de Pleine lune.’ The film is starred by Maisie Williams, the one in The Game of Thrones.

The Owners are about the story of a group of thieving friends who plan to rob a house and think that they have found the ultimate score in an empty house full of cash. But when the elderly couple who owns the house, comes back home, the ugly game of cat and mouse begins where the criminals become victims and they do every possible action to protect themselves from an unimaginable nightmare. 

The story teaches you to never rob anything that looks much or is the space of greediness. Because the act of robbing anything never leads you to good consequences!


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3. Go Back to China

The story of Go back to China is based on a spoiled rich girl Sasha Li whose father forces her to take care of their family business of toys in China. She finds that the passion for toy designing connects her to her estranged family. This started off as a death sentence put forward to regain financial support and was a life-changing journey. The movie is available to rent on demand. 

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