Top Hotstar Movies you must watch (2020 Update)

From the last few years, Hotstar has made a very strong impact on the OTT platform. And the content it has provided is amazing and there is no denying the fact how Indian audiences are drooling to binge this amazing content at home. These times when we are at home, overcoming boredom has become a challenge for most of us. Hotstar is all set to keep you hooked in these tough times. We are here with those must-watch movies on Hotstar. This list is sure to end your hunt for great movies. 

Top Hotstar Movies 2020

1. Drishyam

Top Hotstar Movies

IMDb Review: This movie has given all of us the prospect of how a common man and a cable operator leaves no stone unturned to save his family. The story revolves around creating an illusion world for the IPS officer, who is there to find the real culprit of her son. Despite knowing about the culprit they can’t take action. There is no dull moment for the viewers throughout the movie. 

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Critic Review: This movie is a remake of Malayalam film and is worth spending your time with. This classic thriller will give you chills and thought on how he created a plot against the officers. The movie depicts the power of a common man to save their family in a very admirable manner. 

Our Rating: 4.8 

2. Kahaani

Top Hotstar Movies

IMDb Review: Kahaani is the story of a pregnant woman, who reaches overseas to look after her missing husband. The mysterious journey will keep viewers hooked throughout the movie. The suspense will make you doubt several characters but the end will satisfy you completely. 

Critic Review: The national award-winning movie certainly has more things to say about the plot. The mysterious plot is powerful enough to leave you spellbound. Vidya Balan has once again proved why she is the best in Bollywood. 

Our Rating: 4.6

3. Masaan 

Top Hotstar Movies

IMDb Review: The issues of caste, norms, taboos, and culture are not new in India, but this movie takes all of us to the journey of the reality of our country with our four protagonists, who played their role with ease and made all of us feel that all of us are a part of their life. 

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Critic Review: The movie is full of remarkable talent. One cannot deny the fact that every emotion that the characters play can be felt throughout the movie.  The movie shows reality and true talent and this movie has received the deserved National Award. 

Our Rating: 4.7

4. Neerja

Top Hotstar Movies

IMDb Review: The story is based on the true incident of the brave Neerja Bhanot who saved a lot of people during a flight hijacking in 1986. The story is about how bravely that 22-year old girl fought against those hijackers and saved all the people in flight by losing her life. 

Critic Review: This movie might not be complete justice to the real hero of that incident, but the portrayal of Neerja is wonderful, her interaction with her mother, friends, and everyone on the flight is displayed in a great way. The movie did justice to the Ashok Chakra winner Neerja completely. 

Our Rating: 4.4

5. Pink

Top Hotstar Movies

IMDb Review: Lives of three girls who were connected gets upside down after one incident, due to a powerful and influential gang of boys. But the story brings out the ugly truth of our society and punishes the culprit. The movie talks about what women go through;  sexual harassment by society and how the law gives justice to the ladies. 

Critic Review: After a long time, this movie shows strong characters portrayed by women. The movie showed what a NO truly means, and for the physical relationship how the consent of your partner is important. Amitabh Bachan as a lawyer and Tapsee Pannu as a victim made the movie truly strong and made us feel the emotions that they were going through. 

Our Rating: 4.8

6. Love, Simon

IMDb Review: This Hollywood movie  revolves around the story of a teenage high-school guy, who is trying to come out of the closet and trying to say what he truly feels. But dealing with all of this is not easy, especially to your parents. Watch the movie to find out what happens when he falls in love with an anonymous guy of his class. 

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Critic Review: Still being in the 21st century it’s hard to accept the sexuality of an individual, and that’s what the story is about. It beautifully showed how it should be normal to have feelings for the opposite sex. But the story will hold you up till the end to know who is the mystery lover of Simon. 

Our Rating: 4.6

7. The Lord of Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers

IMDb Review: This trilogy will take you to the world which is out of the box for you. Spending the whole day watching this trilogy is worth it. The journey revolves around the hobbit and his companions to stop Lord Sauron from destroying the One Ring, which controls the other rings and can destroy the world easily. 

Critic Review: Peter Jackson brought the expansive Middle-Earth to life with his brilliant work and it’ll make you in awe for the complete season. n. Every character has uniqueness and freshness. It might remind you of something else, but it has a character of its own. 

Our Rating: 4.6

All of the mentioned movies of Hollywood and Bollywood are on Hotstar, and are worth your time. Hotstar has proved to be a life saver and a repository for hundreds of movies that can be watched endlessly. The search for great movies never will end but this list might help you to invest your time into the best movies and experience the goodness of movies. 

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