Best Award-winning Movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar to watch during the 21-day Lockdown

This 21-days lockdown deserves some of the best award-winning movies to be binged on Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and Netflix. Spending this precious time with our family and friends has been a boon. And to be safe from COVID-19 we need to stay home, until and unless there is an emergency to be dealt with.

Table of Content

1. Parasite

2 . Once upon a time in hollywood

3. Article 15

4. Paan Singh Tomar

5. Coco

All the mentioned Hollywood and Bollywood movies have made their way through extreme critical judgement along with the love of our audience. All of these movies are most loved and cherished by the audience and critics alike. Most of the movies deserved awards, which were well received by them after their release. 


Award-winning Movies

IMDb Review: This movie contained as many genres as it could but in a good way. The movie starts as normal as an Ocean’s Eleven heist film and then explores all the genres such as a comedy, mystery, thriller, drama, romance, crime and even horror film. It did contain all emotions and made justice to all genres. There is no way for any of us to forget this masterpiece of 2020. 

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Critic Review: This movie will put you through so many different emotional states during the entire duration and without any feeling going muddled. Some of the parts of this movie were hilarious, some were heartbreaking, some parts were insanely suspenseful to even predict further. But if you missed the masterpiece, then you’ve lost a lot of things.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Our Rating: 4.9


Award-winning Movies

IMDb Review: This movie brought both entertainment and social awakening in the society. This meant to entertain and to display the acting skills of lead roles played by the great actor of that time. The main actress in the movie made the movie bright for audiences. Quentin Tarantino made us remember the old school film making, which has been described as being on life support throughout the movie. 

Critic Review: Tarantino definitely glorified each scene, even the smallest of details, like a gun holster of beer or the way of the characters, driving down the highway, where they reveal all the hidden thoughts, feelings, and backstories for the audience. You need to catch onto these specific details, even some points are overindulgent of “the golden age” of Hollywood.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Our Ratings: 4.8


Article 15

IMDb Review: Article 15 is a movie with a great story and a meaningful plot. Cinematography, acting,screenplay; all factors are fantastic showcasing the excellent direction. The story delivers many meaningful and essential messages to the viewers. Such as the system corruption of India, people’s easy acceptance to unfairness, poor being victims in the game of big influencers, discrimination, all these cases are shown in this wonderful movie in a relatable way.

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Critic Review: This film is always going to be remembered and mentioned in the years to come as the most socially relevant film which will bring you to the edge of your seats. The simplicity of the movie is vocal, without much pomp and show.  With every movie, Ayushman Khurana’s acting and filmography are just getting better.

Where to Watch: Netflix

Our Ratings: 4.7


Paan singh tomar

IMDb Review: The late actor Irrfan Khan truly blessed us with this masterpiece. Irrfan comes into this role as a whole lot better actor, well immersed in his character. This movie takes the audience on a journey, which causes a range of emotions from patriotism, guru bhakti, helplessness and revenge in a unique way. Irrfan bridges the lack of skills in other aspects with a masterful display bringing you to laugh, cry and feel his pain.

Critic Review: The movie with an excellent script, excellent actors and their performances are the things which made it amazing. Irrfan Khan did an incredibly good job with  the character Paan Singh Tomar. Mahie Gill has also done equally well, the script and its originality are the strongest and incredible point of the movie. The direction of the movie is also flawless and fabulous. 

Where to Watch: Netflix

Our Ratings: 4.8



IMDb Review: Coco is a fantastic animated movie. The way this movie tugs the heartstrings of the audience is just incredible. But the aspect which made it amazing is that it has an emotionally satisfying end which will please everyone. And it’s positively up there among Pixar’s most viewed movies. 

Critic Review:  This movie surprised a lot of people, the way they have animated it, and this movie deserved the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film. Coco is by far the best-animated movie ever created. The visuals are stunning to watch and it is a delight to feel the emotions expressed by the characters. All characters are fantastic who brought meaning in animation. T he twist is slightly expected but still great because the story is so touching.

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Where to Watch: Hotstar 

Our Rating: 4.8

These award-winning movies are binged on Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and Netflix. We don’t know when this pandemic will end, but staying home and taking care of yourself is the most important thing to do. And all the above movies will help you with it. Critics have appreciated these movies due to acting, script, screenplay, and direction. Movies teach a lot, makes you go through a lot of emotions and allow you to unwind after hectic days of work. Kid friendly movies are also worth watching on these platforms to keep your kids happy and entertained during these difficult times. 

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