Best Of The Worst Tamil Movies Of 2018 So Far

2018 is halfway through and the year has already seen the best of Kollywood. The year had many movies that were very much anticipated. From Naachiyaar by Jyothika, Nadigar Thilagam by Keerthi Suresh and of course Kaala by Superstar, 2018 is a wonderful year for Tamil Cinema. However, the year also has its own share letdowns. As many as the good movies that came out this year, there are plenty of bad ones as well. A few of them had a good cast and also were very much hyped by their trailers and created excitement among audience only to kill it later.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best of the worst Tamil Movies of the year so far.



Directed by ‘Vaalu’ fame Vijay Chander, Sketch was one most awaited movies of the year especially for Vikram’s fans, for the fact that Chiyaan Vikram’s did not make too many wise choices on selecting his script after his box office hit ‘Dheivathirumagal’ in 2011. Plan, however, did not stand to the expectations and unfortunately will remain as one of his poor choices. Sketch is an action thriller that follows the same path as every other action thriller that came out through the years. The movie is too hero-centric that Tamanna actually had no much importance in the entire movie. Except for the interesting twist in the climax, Sketch was very much predictable and definitely disappointing.



Yet another most awaited movie of the year was this Vijay Sethupathi starrer ‘Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Soldren’, co-starring Gautham Karthik and directed by P. Arumuga Kumar. There were so many reasons why this movie was expected to be a hit by the audience. Being a black comedy with a cast such as the movie’s, there was a definite shot this movie could have become a hit. However, the movie loses track when the storyline shifts to Chennai from the imaginary village of Yamasingapuram. The movie is criticised to be loud and annoying for no reason, except for a few good scenes which are funny and definitely less annoying. Trying to induce humor in a serious note did not work for the script of the movie. The background score, however, is appreciable.



Arjun Sarja’s Sollividava is a disaster in itself. The poster of the movie somehow deceivingly seems like a romantic flick, the movie is actually based on the Kargil war and how two journalists working in rival channels fall in love while working on an assignment on the war. One major aspect in any Arjun Sarja film is action. However, Sollividava did not have much focus on action, instead went to and fro from romance to war and back. The major minus to the movie were the war scenes, that could have been staged and still looked better, rather than using old clips from the war itself. More than giving information on the war, the movie gives the audience an emotional lookout on how the soldiers and their families felt during the war. Sollividava could have done a lot better with that bit of editing and a better storyline that actually links the events in the movie.



Undoubtedly one of the worst movies from Vikram Prabhu, Pakka fails to entertain the audience in spite of a pretty decent cast. Directed by SS.Surya, the movie starred Vikram Prabhu, Bindu Madhavi, Nikki Galrani, Soori and Yogi Babu. Vikram Prabhu plays a dual role in Pakka, one paired with Bindu Madhavi and the other with Nikki Galrani. The basic problem about this movie is that logic hits rock bottom. The movie has very less logical and definitely turns off the audience with its lame jokes that are more annoying than funny. Neither the screenplay nor the story is convincing enough to make this movie a rom-com. With very bad reviews from the audience as well as critics, Pakka is by far the worst movie of 2018.



After a very long break from cinema and battling through his falls, Aravind Swamy gave his comeback in the 2013 movie ‘Kadal’ as the main supporting role. However, his actual comeback was in 2015 blockbuster ‘Thani Oruvan’ where he played as the antagonist and was recognized as one of the best roles he had played so far. Since then, the audience has eagerly waited for what’s next from Aravind Swamy. Bhaskar Oru Rascal directed by Siddique, starring Aravind Swamy and Amala Paul is the remake of the Malayalam flick Bhaskar the Rascal starring Mammootty and Nayanthara. However, the remake did not do much justice to the original. The movie failed to entertain the audience as much as the original did for so many reasons. The background score was bearable. Starting off as a family drama, the script progresses as an action film-making absolutely no sense. From script to screenplay every bit of the movie was messed up except for the casting.



The past couple of years have been great for actor turned music director Vijay Antony. His movies are different and entertaining, mostly set as thrillers. However,, his latest Kaali directed by Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi is let down compared to the films from his past. The US settled surgeon comes to India to search for his real parents after he gets to know that he is adopted. The movie misses logic in a few places but what doesn’t actually add on to the story is how there are multiple Vijay Antonys with a love story for each. Before you understand one, that is over and the next comes right away. The effort by Kiruthiga could be appreciated, but if only the script to finding his father was any better, the movie would have paced up.



Since GV Prakash entered acting his choice of movies have been moderate. Sema, directed by the debutant director Villiganth is set in a rural background, the first for GV Prakash. With a very predictive storyline, Sema is yet another bad movie of the year. GV Prakash and Arthana Binu make a decent pair but they could have played up a bit more on performance. The background score was not very satisfying and except for 1 song the others were hardly bearable. A plus to the film is Yogi Babu with his minor, yet timely comedy. With a storyline like its own, if only it had a better screenplay and maybe a few twists, the movie wouldn’t have failed its audience.

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