The 20 Sexiest Movies on Netflix Right Now

20 Sexiest Movies on Netflix Right Now

Netflix is overloaded with every kind of movie that you imagine and sexy movies are not out of it. Featuring classics like Urban Cowboy, The Notebook, to movies like Newness, Blue is the warmest color, there are many things to watch. Here is a list of 20 Sexiest Movies on Netflix Right Now that you will enjoy. 


The 20 Sexiest Movies on Netflix Right Now

1. 365 Days

The erotic drama features the erotic communication of a Warsaw woman and a Sicilian man. The Sicilian man, here, captivates the woman and spares a period of 365 days to fall in love with her. The movie gained great attention from the viewers and grabbed the number one spot on the list. 

Definitely a topper on the list of Sexiest Movies on Netflix Right Now.


2. 40 Days and 40 Nights

The sexually charged romantic comedy caters to the audience’s interests quite well, especially the teenagers. Both Shannyn Sossamon and Josh Hartnett replicate the eroticism and temptation quite well. 

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3. An Affair to Die For

It is one such movie that portrays both eroticism and thrill at the same time. With both the ingredients in the right quantity, Starring Claire Forlani (“Mallrats”) and Titus Welliver (“Bosch”) catered to everyone’s interests quite well, grabbing everyone’s attention. 


4. A Single Man

The movie stars Colin Firth in the directorial debut of Tom Ford, as a gay college professor. The story is set in the 1960s in Los Angeles, where he falls for a student, and the tempting chemistry justifiedly gains the attention of the viewers. 


5. An Affair to die

There is no better movie than An Affair to die if you are looking for a thrilling erotic B-movie. Though shot in a movie studio in Bulgaria, the setting is in a hotel room in Aspen, starring Claire Forlani (Mallrats) and Titus Welliver (Bosch). The story unfolds the cheating of a married couple on each other.


6. American Honey

This is a famous road trip movie starring Sasha Lane who is a teenager and has run away from her home that seems troubling. She leaves with a group of youngsters who travel to the midwest in order to sell magazines from door to door, experiencing how life is.

A romantic relationship follows up between the group leader of the magazine selling group, played by Shia LaBeouf with Lane’s role play in the movie. One of the coolest of all the Sexiest Movies on Netflix Right Now.


7. Blue Is The Warmest Color

This is a movie of self-discovery showcasing the chemistry between Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos who are in a relationship. This is a red-hot romantic drama exploring the life of both. An LGBTQ+ conversation starter out of all the sexist Movies on Netflix Right Now.


8. Clash of the Titans

This movie has been remembered until today due to the heartthrob look of Harry Hamlin as a leading character. This 1981 movie which has been a blockbuster is popular for its stop motion animation that brought Greek mythology to life. 

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9. Django Unchained

It is well known that Quentin Tarantino has an extraordinary talent for spot-on casting in his movie. Though here he really has hit out of the park choosing Jamie Foxx as a slave who has been freed but has turned into a bounty hunter named Django. Foxx has added to the character his cool and sexy attitude taking the movie to a great level. 


10. Duck Butter

With Star Maps, Chuck and Buck, The Good Girl, in the bag, director Miguel Arteta does not feel embarrassed to create sexually charged content, and Duck Butter is no different from the trend. It casts Alia Shawkat and Laia Costa as two women who have been fed up with formal dating decides to date each other in a way that they can know well of each other.

This intimacy grows such that they end up having sex at every hour. A major part of the movie was shot at a stretch of 24 hours. Definitely one of the Sexiest Movies on Netflix Right Now.


11. Fatal Affair

It is difficult to move away from a B-movie like this. It casts Nia Long as Ellie who is a wife and a mother who lives and leads a good life but has lost the spark in her marriage. But as Omar Epps enters as David, an old friend of Ellie, her life spices up, as they both hang out and drink. Though Ellie takes over and controls things before it gets out of hand, David starts to stalk her, which risks her family. 


12. The Half of It

It is a movie with good twists as Leah Lewis playing the role of Ellie Chu helps out Jock in with writing love letters for the girls that he dreams of. The twist is that Ellie slowly falls for her. 


13. Homecoming

This is a documentary chronicling Beyoncé’s 2018 Coachella performances. The sexiest attraction is Beyoncé performing on stage for her fans. 

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14. I’ll See You in My Dreams

This is a movie that declares that love, sex, and romance are something that is ageless. Blythe Danner decides to get back and is a fantastic widow with Sam Elliott playing his usual heart-throbbing role as a man winning the heart of the lady. 


15. The Kissing Booth Franchise

This high school rom-com franchise of Netflix has everything required to concoct a steamy and successful movie with hot actors into this genre having great chemistry. 


16. My Week With Marilyn

Michelle Williams plays Marilyn Monroe exceptionally portraying very convincingly to be the most desired one on the planet. She manages it with her complex anxieties and doubts that she lives with, fused with her external beauty. 


17. Newness

It is a movie featuring a couple interested in open relationships. The movie stars Nicholas Hoult and Laia Costa with their everlasting chemistry. 


18. Nights in Rodanthe

In this movie, Richard Gere and Diane Lane playing the roles of two people with unhappy past find each other at their difficult time. It is a perfect adaptation of Nicholas Sparks fusing drama and romance. After the previous two starring in The Cotton Club and Unfaithful, this is the third time Gere and Lane star opposite each other showing their steamy chemistry. 


19. The Notebook

This is another Nicholas Spark movie that shows chemistry at it’s best of all time. It is Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams who play the role of two people from different social status who have found love in one another that stand the test of time. This one will make you cry and probably make you rewatch it again and again and you might not be able to move on to the other movies of all the Sexiest Movies on Netflix Right Now.

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20. The One I Love

It is a movie of a couple giving a last chance at their relationship before getting divorced. Starring Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss the movie shows the couples weekend at a secluded estate. Though in this way they land up realizing that they are being intimate with their doopelgängers and try to find out the mystery behind it. 

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