Netflix's 'Dash and Lily' - Latest Teen Holiday Series based on a Young-Adult Novel

Netflix’s ‘Dash and Lily’ – Latest Teen Holiday Series based on a Young-Adult Novel

Description- Netflix’s latest teen holiday series is based on a young-adult novel, but the show changed a few major parts of the story’s ending.

Director: Pamela Romanowsky, Fred Savage, Brad Silberling

Main cast: Austin Abrams and Midori Francis

RT score: 86%

IMDb rating: 7.7

Genre: Romance, comedy

Where to watch: Netflix

The new Netflix series called Dash and Lily is an interesting series that shows two Manhattan teenagers who come across each other in the city. They start exchanging messages and giving each other dares via a notebook every time they cross each other in the city.

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The series is basically based on the novel “Dash and Lily’s book of dares” that is written by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. However, we see that the series may have changed some of the parts that are entirely different from the book. The series follows a fast tone of the novel and may have different key plots that changed this Netflix series’s ending.

Checkout how Netflix’s ‘Dash and Lily’ has an entirely different ending than what we read in the book.

Edgar and Sofia play important roles on the show, but Dash and Sofia do not play crucial roles in the book.


On the show, we see that Sofia, who is Dash’s ex-girlfriend, wants to take Dash away from Lily. And on Christmas Eve, we see that Sofia takes Dash to an empty museum where they kiss, and Sofia confesses that she wants to get back together with Dash.

However, in the book, we read about how platonic the relationship was between Dash and his ex-girlfriend Sofia where she did not try to come between Dash and Lily’s growing romance.

In similar ways, Edgar also played a crucial role in the show which caught the viewers off guard as Edgar and Lily were at a bar, and Lily gets a bit drunk. Edgar and Lily were together at the bar, and that is when Edgar kisses Lily. And at the same time, Dash walks into the bar.

However, in the book, we read that Edgar and Lily were hanging together at the bar, and there was no kissing between them. When Dash walks into the bar, he sees Edgar and Lily together where Lily was drunk, and she dropped their notebook of adventures on the floor in front of Edgar which upsets Dash.

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So we see that Edgar and Sofia played major roles on the show, which were entirely different than the book.

Dash & Lily (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb

Lily does not get into trouble for drinking Alcohol in the book.

In the book, we read that when Dash finds Edgar and Lily together at the bar, and he notices that Lily was extremely drunk. So Dash takes Lily to her Aunt Mrs Basil E’s house because he knew that her Aunt would take care of her and Lily would not get into any more trouble at her aunt’s house and she could stay the night there. This way, she would not get into trouble with her family.

However, on the show, we see that Lily’s grandfather comes to the bar for picking her up and he sees him in a drunk state. And that is where the trouble begins when her family gets informed about the situation. On the show, her family wanted her to move to Fiji with them as her father got his job transfer in Fiji. So Lily’s parents felt that it would be better if Lily went with them.

The ending of the book shows Dash and Lily under Policy custody.

In the book, we read that Dash and Lily became the prime suspect for kidnapping a child towards the ending of the book. This happens when Dash accidentally hits a child with a snowball when he came across a group of children who insisted him to play snowball fight with them. But what happened after was a series of unfortunate events that turned into something challenging for both Dash and Lily. After accidentally hitting the child in the eye, Dash ran from that place and came across Lily walking a huge dog named Boris.

The dog was so massive that it was hard to control him and he dragged Lily and Dash towards Washington Square Park, where the dog hit the same Kid that Dash accidentally hit earlier with a snowball. But Boris also knocked over a baby’s stroller which made the baby inside glide over.

And luckily, Lily was able to catch the baby on time, but the baby’s parents recognized Dash from earlier, and they accused Dash and Lily of kidnapping their baby. That is when the parents called the police to report the incident about the kidnapping. The police took Dash, Lily, and Boris to the police station.

However, we read that there were no charges against Dash and Lily after the police officers saw the video footage. However, Dash and Lily under police custody was still news to their parents. And that is when Lily’s parents and grandfather were upset and wanted to punish Lily.

Dash & Lily Cast - Every Actor in the Netflix Holiday Series With the Jonas  Brothers

The New Year’s Eve plans of Dash and Lily were very different on the show than in the book.

On the show, we see that Lily’s family return from their vacation early for celebrating Christmas with everyone and then leave for Fiji along with Lily. Now, comes the show’s dramatic scene, when Lily and her parents take a cab to the airport three hours before midnight.

Lily could not get the note that Dash has left her for their last meeting. On the note, Dash has mentioned meeting her at the stern for saying goodbye and celebrating the holiday. However, Lily’s brother gets hold of the note and texts the picture of the note to Lily. When Lily finds the note, she hops out of the cab and runs through the crowd to see him.

Lily sees that Dash has recreated their notebook dares by decorating the bookstore with their memories. This is the most romantic part of the show, where Lily and Dash kiss each other and embrace their memories together one last time, and somehow they get locked inside the strand. And then comes the twist, when Lily’s grandfather looks at them, he gets convinced and asks Lily to stay at her aunt’s place instead of going to Fiji with her parents.

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However, in the book, we read that Lily’s parents were on their way home from their Fiji vacation, and there was no hurry of catching the plane at midnight. And Dash and Lily meet together for a cooking date, where Lily takes Dash into the strand. In the strand, Lily and Dash get locked together, which is the only similarity in the ending between the book and the show.

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