‘Deaf U’ Is the Horniest Show on Netflix

‘Deaf U’ Is the Horniest Show on Netflix

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While there are all sorts of documentaries and series that have given us a glimpse into the less explored world, Netflix has been a versatile platform. 

For instance, Cheer taught us about how competitive is the world of cheerleading; Love on the Spectrum warmed our hearts with its hopeless romantics on the autism spectrum.

Indian Matchmaking showed us the realm of modern-day matchmaking. And now comes Deaf U, that gives you an insight into the deaf community and you surely don’t want to miss this one. Surprisingly, Deaf U is unapologetically one of the horniest, most dramatic, and wildest reality shows of 2020.

It is a series of eight episodes that talk about a group of friends who went to Gallaudet University. This small, private university is located in Washington, D.C., and is a rare kind that caters to the deaf and hard of hearing.

This docuseries is a great guide for people who want to learn about deaf culture. The series is all about students who spill on the deaf elite, colleagues whose families have been deaf for four or five generations, and who have always grown up in deaf-friendly households and schools.

The series will showcase hundreds of ways the lives of deaf students are different from people who can hear, from having to switch between bedroom talk and cuddling to rearranging the furniture to better understand each other. The series is so inspiring, that after watching it, you will never be able to set a bottle down on a table without assuring whether or not you’re being deaf-friendly.

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Well, these are just a few insights that are interesting and enlightening. But Deaf U is not great because of this, it is the horniness that the series excels in making the movie worthwhile. 

The docuseries starts off with one of its stars right away, Dequan. He is asking out his friend Raelyn through a window. Quickly, the transition is towards a bisexual Renate explaining why Gallaudet’s girls are the hottest around and why its guys suck at giving women orgasms. Just these two back-to-back interviews establish upfront everything that you need to know about Deaf U. This show is all about college kids who want to hook up desperately. They are going to hook up with anyone who’s available and into them.

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To add on to the spice, there is gossip all around! Sometimes because Gallaudet is such a small school, and sometimes because gossip is said in the series to be a big part of the deaf community, everyone seems to know everyone else’s business. It is seen that when there is no drama happening in their life, they are gossiping about someone else’s. And, the secrets aren’t small too. We’re talking about hidden abortions, impassioned arguments, and hooking up with best friends. When you’re in college, all of this is real. 

As soon as the movie starts, it takes about 30 seconds for viewers to forget that Deaf U is about a deaf university. It does begin with the university, but in a minute, it is all about the mess of an average American college student, that the deaf aspect of their lives completely fades away. Probably, that is the reason for highlighting so much of social and emotional drama; but it is surely a great entertainment.

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