New Movies and Shows to Stream on Netflix, Amazon Prime & more!


With plenty of movies and shows being added to streaming platforms, there’s something for you to watch out every week. But, whether it’s really worth binging is what brings you back to square one. Isn’t it?

Then, let us tell you that we went through the complete catalogue of every digital channel. And, we have come up with a string of the finest offerings that are worth your every second. So, you can just sit on your couch with a bucket of popcorn, and enjoy a story.

Scroll through our curated list of the best new movies and shows dropped on your favorite digital channel. And, get started streaming them now!

1. The Last Dance

Watch this mind-boggling ESPN docuseries streaming on Netflix, and let it leave you spellbound. The Last Dance is a sports series that follows the story of Michael Jordan and the 1997 Chicago Bulls. As you hop on their journey towards the sixth NBA title, there will be some revelations that you might not digest. Or, you may just can’t help but start looking at the venerated athletes in a whole new way. Can’t wait to see what lies beneath the surface? Watch it now!

Stream Here


2. Rogue Trip

Stream this National Geographic series, and get ready for an adventurous ride with Bob Woodruff and his son Mack. The ABC News correspondent faced many fears during the early 2000s in a bombing attack in Iraq. And, that made him decide to instill the same values in his son- Mack. Traveling to Colombia, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, and the Ukraine, the father-son duo come across many problems.

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There’s not a single day that goes without a hitch. The show highlights their beautiful bonding along the way and their remarkable resilience amid all the adversities. Besides that, it also lets you take a peek into the history and culture of these regions, making it a delight to watch. If you enjoy travel shows, and looking for some interesting new movies and shows to watch on your off-hours. Then, the Rogue Trip series is meant for you!

Stream Here


3. We Are Freestyle Love Supreme

The much-awaited documentary is finally on the floor! The release of We Are Freestyle Love Supreme was delayed by its creators to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement. And now, as it’s streaming on Hulu, we know you can’t wait to binge-watch it. The documentary follows the journey of an improv rap group founder Tommy Kail and his buddies as hungry artists. Whether you are a rap lover or a Hamilton lover, this foot-tapping documentary will keep you glued to the screen.

Stream Here


4. The House of Ho

If your mood craves a comedy genre, then The House of Ho is going to make you laugh your head off. The comedy docuseries lets you peep into the lives of a Vietnamese-American rich family. It is a story of two immigrant parents and their children who are struggling to meet their parents’ high expectations. With a promising cast, Lol-worthy moments, and incredible performances, there’s no way to miss out on this series. Go, add it on your list of binge-worthy new movies and shows, and watch it in your free time.

Stream Here


5. Absentia Season 3

For the suckers of a thriller genre, here’s the third season of Absentia streaming on your Amazon Prime channel. Concocting the traumatizing adventures of a former FBI agent- Emily Byrne, the third season of this series is again not what it seems. The previous series followed how Emily goes missing while indulging in an investigation of a serial killer.

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After six years, Emily is found in a remote area with no recollection of what happened in the past. Now, as she is back, she finds herself surrounded by a series of conspiracies. And, Emily and her support system are forced to solve this mystery on a labyrinth-like journey. If this depiction has already piqued your interest, then what are you waiting for? Get your popcorn, now!

Stream Here


6. Cursed

Streaming worldwide, Cursed is a fantasy drama based on a novel with the same title. Featuring Katherine Langford (of 13 Reasons Why fame), it’s a story told through the eyes of Nimue (Langford). Destined to become the Lady of the Lake, Nimue embarks on a tragic journey with her friend Arthur. And, together they deliver an ancient sword while facing many demons. If you’re seeking a coming-of-age story, then consider this in your list of the best new movies and shows. Comprising themes like: war, courage, religious terror, and more, you won’t regret adding it to your binging list.

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7. Outcry

Docuseries of Greg Kelley, Outcry has already been receiving applause for offering a new perspective in a controversial case. Each frame of this troubling five-part series is full of moments that may rip you apart. But, if you are the one who loves to dig into the true-crime genre, then go ahead! Follow an emotional journey of a high-school football star who is convicted in a sexual assault against a 4-year-old boy. And, how his supporters begin their search for the truth which sheds spotlight on the mishandling of the case. Seems gripping? Now, you know what you have to do next!

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8. Tig n’ Seek

And, here’s this amazing animated series, called Tig n’ Seek that we (oops, you!) can’t afford to miss out on. The story has an 8-year-old Tiggy- who is gifted with a talent for building gadgets, and his cat Gweeseek in lead. The duo travel through a city to find missing items for the Department of Lost and Found. And, the journey becomes a barrel of laughs with Tiggy’s joyful attitude and Gweeseek’s innovative mind. You can watch this series created by Myke Chilian on HBO MAX.

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Stream Here


Now, take our recommendation list of the best new movies and shows on streaming platforms, and enjoy your weekend! With such a diligently crafted list that comprises almost every genre, we hope your off-hours are sorted. And, you can finally spend some time checking out these fresh series that lift your mood up instantly. Happy binging!

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