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Stir Crazy? 9 Best Films Remind Us That We’re Not Alone

The pandemic has forced many of us to stay wherever we were, lonely or with family. While phrases like cabin fever, stir crazy, climbing the walls are not new to us, these have suddenly surfaced in the grim times of Coronavirus and feel a deeper resonance for the same too. 

Searching for the best films for loneliness is no more just a ‘type’ of the movie in the current times. In an era where people are actually losing grip, they are falling apart in the tough times of their lives.

The appreciation for such movies has a different mentality now as the loneliness has come to reality even more. 

Want to watch some stir crazy films? We present a list of 10 films that you can compare yourself to the protagonist.

Stir Crazy? Best Films Remind Us That We’re Not Alone

1. The Manchurian Candidate 

Release: 1962

Directed by John Frankenheimer

Starring Sinatra, Laurence Harvey, Janet Leigh, Angela Lansbury

Based on a novel by Richard Condon

We all know that missing a film would kill the thrill and you would not know the story. But this one, a black-comedy thriller was marketed with the slogan: “If you come in five minutes after this picture begins, you won’t know what it’s all about!”

The movie is about brainwashing, conspiracy theories, communist plots, and suspicion of the U.S. government.

Well, this is just the beginning. We surrender ourselves to the makers of this film for creating such accurate depictions of our life today.

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2. Mullholand Dr.

Release 2001

Writer-Director: David Lynch

Starring: Naomi Watts, Laura Elena Harring

The film can be called a total metaphor for 2020.

This movie debuted at the Cannes Film Festival. As per people’s review of the film, after an hour and 45 minutes of relative coherence, there is a drastic switch in the film to an unbelievable reality that seems almost meaningless, without logic, as is the case with 2020. 


3. Repulsion


Director: Roman Polanski

Starring: Catherine Deneuve, Ian Hendry 

A complete soul stirrer, Repulsion gets you to thinking if you can trust your neighbors? Or trust yourself? Carol(Catherine) appears to be a little odd, but she totally snaps when left alone for too long.

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This is the first of Roman Polanski’s so-called Apartment Trilogy that leaves you with any questions. 


4. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligeri 

Release: 1920

Director: Robert Wiene

Starring: Werner Krauss, Conrad Veidt

There are a few characters in the film and the debate remains as to who is the craziest person here. Dr. Caligari, a sideshow barker. He hypnotizes Cesare to commit murders; Cesare himself or Francis, the narrator of the story.

When it’s revealed that Caligari is actually the director of asylum, you assume he’s the same one, but then you remember Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Drew, and you quickly switch your opinion.


5. Gaslight

Release: 1944

Director: George Cukor 

Starring: Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman

How much will you relate to this movie in these pandemic times? Watch the film to know that. Looks like a perfect film for our time. The story where Gregory (Charles Boyer) tries to drive his wife (Ingrid Bergman) insane in an attempt to ‘prove’ that her memories and perceptions relating to every incident in their life are wrong.

The wife is left with no choice than to feel that she is alone, has nobody to look back, cannot trust anybody. 

Isn’t 2020 behaving the same? Telling us that we have been washing our hands wrong, that toilet paper is a precious commodity, and that the president was always on top of this pandemic. 


6. Shutter Island

Release: 2010

Director: Martin Scorsese

Based on a novel by Dennis Lehane

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley

Another film that gets you thinking about the sanity of the doctor running an asylum. A movie similar to Inception, A Beautiful Mind, Fight Club, etc where you keep thinking between the good and the evil, between the real and the imagined character.

One of the best by the duo Martin Scorsese and Caprio. 

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7. A woman under the influence

Release: 1974

Writer-Director: John Cassavetes

Starring: Gena Rowlands, Peter Falk

Mabel (Gena Rowlands) is having trouble coping with reality. Her husband, their friends, and her parents do not pay heed to her trouble signs for too long.

People who feel skittish about prolonged self-isolation will relate to the character.

The film has an underlying message that will cheer you up. You might be losing your grip, but with any luck, nobody will notice.


8. Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Release: 1988

Writer-Director: Pedro Almódovar

Starring: STARS, Carmen Maura, Antonio Banderas

A dark screwball comedy by Pedro Almódovar is guaranteed to entertain you. As the movie likes in the ‘stir crazy’ category, it can make you feel better or feel worse.

What comforts us is that each new character is crazier than the last; sending a strong affirmation that you are not the only one. What troubles is the fact that the sneaking suspicion that maybe your agony is more hilarious than you realize?


9. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Release: 2001-2003

Director: Peter Jackson

Based on a novel by Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, Andy Serkis

J.R.R. Tolkien’s great books were made into great films, well worth rewatching during your isolation.

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Many characters long for the Ring, driving them into a frenzy: Exhibit A: Gollum. Some people will do anything to get the Ring, aka “my precious.” It can be seen as a symbolic desire for political power, for wealth, or something as simple and unattainable as Clorox Wipes.

Pheew! What an emotional roller-coaster; rather a soul-stirring experience to watch any of these films. Pick up the one that you relate to the most and start binge-watching now! 

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