5 Shows to watch if you liked Emily in Paris

5 Shows to watch if you liked Emily in Paris

At first glance, Emily in Paris is a show which doesn’t seem very special. After all, it can be summarized as the story of a girl who moved from Chicago, to of course, Paris for her job. Yet, there is something very engrossing and attractive about the show. For one, the main lead, Emily Cooper played charmingly by Lily Collins is sassy and smart. She definitely isn’t a damsel in distress, and thank god for that! We are certainly out of that phase. 

What has engrossed viewers so much is the fact that it is a very relatable coming-of-age story for anyone who had to adjust somewhere new. Not to mention that the show isn’t morose and gloomy. It is comedic and funny, which helps lighten up the mood and makes it a joy to watch this show.

Perhaps this engrossing attention being paid to the show is courtesy of the fact that it is being produced by Darren Star. For those who don’t know, Darren Star is the creator of the uber popular show ‘Sex and the City.’ After all, Emily in Paris also has drama, beautiful people, and beautiful clothes. 

So now that you have binge watched the show, you must be feeling empty inside. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out. Here are some amazing shows to watch if you liked Emily in Paris.

5 Shows To Watch If You Enjoyed Emily In Paris

1. Pretty Little Liars

Do you like Emily in Paris but want to watch something a little more dark? Then welcome to Pretty Little Liars. This is the perfect show to binge with your gal pals. The show features a tight-knit friend group of girls who, let’s say, have a lot of skeletons in their closets. When one of their own goes missing, their secrets are on the verge of spilling out. Do they manage to keep their secrets and find their friend? You will have to watch for that. 

Know that the show is dark and mysterious. So if you want a change of genre, but still want to see pretty people in pretty clothes, then give Pretty Little Liars a try. You can catch it on Amazon Prime Video. 

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2. Gossip Girl

Looking for shows to watch if you like Emily in Paris? Then Gossip Girl is the show that will definitely interest you. If you have been using the internet for any amount of time then you must be familiar with the phrase- ‘xoxo Gossip Girl.’ That phrase originates from here. To know the why’s and how’s of it, you need to watch the show.

But to get you started, let’s give you a brief summary of what the show is about. Gossip Girl features Serena played by the stunningly beautiful Blake Lively. She goes back to New York after mysteriously leaving years ago.

What follows is her journey after she reunites with her mother and friends. But it’s not all hunky-dory for her as she also has to face her enemies and frenemies. It must be mentioned that New York is beautifully shown here, it’s almost a whole character in itself. You can follow Serena in her pretty clothes, on her adventures on Netflix. 

3. 2 Broke Girls

Pretty people in pretty clothes isn’t very common in this show, but if you want to laugh a lot then try out 2 Broke girls. The show revolves around Max and Caroline, played by the amazing Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs respectively. 

Max is intimately familiar with poverty and she is street smart, the best kind of smart. Caroline on the other hand is as rich as they come. But she is currently out on her luck and finds herself working in a dingy little diner with Max. The entire show is full of amazingly funny shenanigans and heartfelt moments between the two girls as they bond and try to save up for their cupcake business. 

The show has been tremendously praised for its funny writing and for the chemistry that Max and Caroline share. Seriously, those two are a riot to watch! You can catch them as they hustle to get their cupcake business running on Amazon Prime Video. 

4. New Girl

Unless and until you have been living under a rock, everyone knows about New Girl. It is a show which is about the life of Jess played by the lovely Zooey Deschanel. Know that this is definitely one of the shows to watch if you like Emily in Paris. But this isn’t a normal story, there’s a twist. She moves into an apartment with three hunky men in LA.

Jess as a character is quirky and funny. She is a teacher and is trying really hard to get over her ex-boyfriends. So her new best-friends are here to help. If you are planning on watching this then get ready for some drama, friendship, and heaps of laughter as Jess tries her best to juggle career, life, and relationships. Catch this show on Disney+ Hotstar! 

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5. The Mindy Project

If you want to see something like Emily in Paris, but are also looking for more diversity then The Mindy Project is here for you. The show follows the life of Dr. Mindy Lahiri, a OB/GYN. Working as a doctor she finds it difficult to juggle her love life and career, but she is determined to find it!

What makes the show so much fun to watch are her oddball friends and co-workers. Know that this workplace comedy is amazingly funny. You will love it if you are looking for a sharp script with amazing humour and puns. 

These are some of the very best shows to watch if you like Emily in Paris. Of course, you won’t exactly get the drama, characters, and the overall flavour of Emily in Paris with these. But these shows are in the same genre and come with that extra something to make your viewing experience better. If you watch these shows them you will fall in love with them, just like you did with Emily.  

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