10 Off-the-Beaten-Path Shows To Keep You Busy During This Never Ending Quarantine

10 Off-the-Beaten-Path Shows To Keep You Busy During This Never Ending Quarantine

With never-ending months of staying home in the coronavirus situation, we have all ended up re-watching all our favorite shows and series. The subscription of streaming channels has relevantly increased from the time if the lockdown. In all this free time, you need a list of the best off-the-beaten-path shows or unusual shows that are a must-watch.

Here is a list of off-the-beaten-path shows that are going to keep you delightfully busy this quarantine:


10 Off-the-Beaten-Path Shows To Keep You Busy During This Never Ending Quarantine

1. Suburra: Blood on Rome

Released in 2017, this series is a story of a battle between organized crime, corrupt politicians, and the Vatican. With two seasons, this show features a bunch of handsome guys involved in crimes together.

Why should you watch this?

The show is one of the best in the list of action shows. It is a kind of show that grabs your attention and doesn’t let it go.

Critic Consensus

Hanh Nguyen says, “Its depiction of a modern-day Rome with all the evil that men do is a raw and compelling one, uncolored by sentiment and nostalgia. This could be Netflix’s next big foreign addiction.”


Director:  Daniele Cesarano, Barbara Petronio

Main Cast: Alessandro Borghi, Giacomo Ferrara, Eduardo Valdarnin

IMDb Rating: 8.0

RT Score: 100%

Genre: Adventure, Crime

Where to watch: Netflix

Commitment: 900 minutes


2. Halt and Catch Fire

Set in the 1980s, “Halt and Catch Fire” is a story of a technical revolution and some players of the same time.

Why should you watch this?

This series shows a group of intelligent people corporate with each other to overcome the situation and is full of excitement.

Critic Consensus

Halt and Catch Fire’s character-driven drama culminates in an optimistic ode to the early internet age that’s bound to stand the test of time.


Director: Christopher Cantwell, Christopher C. Rogers, Jonathan Lisco, Mark Johnson, Melissa Bernstein

Main Cast: Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, Mackenzie Davis

IMDb Rating: 8.4

RT Score: 90%

Genre: Drama

Where to watch: Netflix

Commitment: 2,400 minutes

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3. The Young Pope & The New Pope

The 2017 series, “The Young Pope,” is a story of a newly elected and the first American Pope and how things go about for him. One of the off-the-beaten-path shows, “The New Pope” is the story of two popes and how they end up in a holy war.

Why should you watch this?

Both the series are very engaging and interesting to watch. Surely, you would not want to stop before the series is completed.

Critic Consensus

The Young Pope’s original premise and stylish blend of over-the-top melodrama with profane comedy helps overcome an occasionally muddled plot.

Though its predecessor’s shadow looms large, devout fans will still find much to like in The New Pope’s exploration of power dynamics and sumptuous strangeness.


Director: Paolo Sorrentino / Lorenzo Mieli, Riccardo Neri, Elena Recchia, Caroline Benjo, Paolo Sorrentino, Simon Arnal, Jude Law, Carole Scotta, Mario Gianani, Jaume Roures, Javier Méndez, Nils Hartmann, Sonia Rovai

Main Cast: Jude Law, Diane Keaton, James Cromwell / Jude Law, John Malkovich, Silvio Orlando

IMDb Rating: 8.2

RT Score: 90%

Genre: Drama

Where to watch: HBOGo, HBO Now

Commitment: 1,809 minutes (including both the parts)


4. The Who Was? Show

This show brings forward some of the famous names in our history. The show is based on a series of bestseller books.

Why should you watch it?

The show is cute and funny and at the same time, very informative and educational.


Director: Dan Beers

Main Cast: Lilla Crawford, H. Jon Benjamin, Kirrilee Berger

IMDb Rating: 6.5

Genre: Adventure, Comedy

Where to watch: Netflix

Commitment: 325 minutes


5. The Affair

One of the best off-the-beaten-path shows, “The Affair” is a story of a struggling novelist and a waitress who fall in love that changes their course of life.

Why should you watch this?

The series has a great storyline, a set of amazing actors, and has a very beautiful set.

Critic Consensus

The Affair puts a magnifying glass on the tug of war between his version vs hers as they both tell the story of an affair to remember.


Director: Hagai Levi, Sarah Treem

Main Cast: Dominic West, Ruth Wilson, Maura Tierney

IMDb Rating: 7.9

Genre: Drama

Where to watch: Showtime Anytime

Commitment: 3,180 minutes (for all 5 seasons)


6. Boardwalk Empire

This series shows the story of a politician who plays both sides of the law by conspiring with gangsters during the Prohibition era.

Why should you watch this?

The show is captivating. It is an absolute masterpiece for a television series.


Director: Terence Winter

Main Cast: Steve Buscemi, Kelly Macdonald, Michael Shannon

IMDb Rating: 8.5

RT Score: 92%

Genre: Crime, Drama, History

Where to watch: HBOGo, HBO Now

Commitment: 3,135


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7. The Terror

One of the off-the-beaten-path shows, “The Terror” is inspired by different infamous or mysterious real-life historical tragedies.

Why should you watch this?

The show touches some unusual but important themes.

Critic Consensus

The Terror holds ample appeal for both horror fans and history buffs. It’s genre TV with the tight, character-driven storytelling of a historical prestige drama.


Director: David Kajganich, Soo Hugh

Main Cast: Jared Harris, Derek Mio, Tobias Menzies

IMDb Rating: 8.0

RT Score: 87%

Genre: Adventure, Drama

Where to watch: Hulu

Commitment: 1,200 minutes


8. Dark

One of the most grossing off-the-beaten-path shows, “Dark” is a story of a supernatural twist in a family where the disappearance of two children discloses the relation between four families.

Why should you watch this?

Dark’s central mystery unfolds slowly. It is both tense and terrifying and full of mysteries.

Critic Consensus

It’s tough to keep track of who, what, and when but this is a seriously exciting series with twists and reveals to send you into a whirl.


Director: Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese

Main Cast: Louis Hofmann, Karoline Eichhorn, Lisa Vicari

IMDb Rating: 8.8

RT Score: 95%

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Where to watch: Netflix

Commitment: 1,560


9. Boardwalk Empire

It is an anthology series based on internet creepypastas Candle Cove, The No-End House, Butcher’s Block, and The Dream Doo.

Why should you watch this?

If you want to watch some creepy series, this one is the best for you. It is unsettling and unique.

Critic consensus

Channel Zero is a slow-drip of Terror, but the compelling mystery underneath will keep you glued to the series even when everything else in your brain is telling you to shut it off.


Director: Nick Antosca, Max Landis

Main Cast: Brandon Scott, Marina Stephenson Kerr, Abigail Pniowsky

IMDb Rating: 7.2

RT Score: 93%

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Where to watch: Shudder

Commitment: 1,056 minutes


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10. Dark Side of the Ring

This off-the-beaten-path show is a series of controversies over the mysterious deaths of some of the famous professional wrestlers.

Why should you watch this?

The show is informative and exposes a few of the most looked forward to mysteries.


Director: Jason Eisener

Main Cast: Chris Jericho, Steve Kasan, James E. Cornette

IMDb Rating: 8.7

RT Score: 100%

Genre: Documentary, Drama, History

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu

Commitment: 960 minutes

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