Andhaghaaram Movie Review – A long-drawn, yet engaging thriller

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V Vignarajan’s film Andhaghaaram unfurls like a Dan Brown tale. It brings you into the portrayal with the guarantee of uncovering a momentous mystery, and you take the lure. As you go further, you get all the more such guarantees of a significant disclosure coming right up the following corner until you understand, you were going with the mystery from the beginning. 

The film starts with an arrangement of individuals doing some unpleasant things. One of the patients of Dr Indrans (Kumar Natarajan), a prestigious clinician, pulls the trigger on the specialist. Indrans endures the assault, yet he loses his capacity to talk yet discovers his voice again with a talking help. 

The chief, V Vignarajan, embraces a non-direct narrating design. We see Selvam (Vinoth Kishan), an outwardly tested individual working at a Government library. Conditions push him to take up an occupation that includes catching a vindictive soul inside a spooky structure. However, Selvam himself was never an understudy of the mysterious. 

The Story

We see Dr Indran (Kumar Natarajan), a therapist, recuperating from a state of unconsciousness and anxious to return to rehearse. At that point, there is Vinod (Arjun Das), a cricket trainer whose life has been on a descending twisting since the time a mate of the lost control of his intellectual capacities. 

There is a great clarification to what exactly ties these three men together. Yet, how Vignarajan goes about it will undoubtedly test the crowd; it doesn’t make a difference if it is hyperlink film or simply your traditional subject, smooth narrating needs excellent importance. Nonetheless, it is amusing, considering the film prods the figure of speech — the unseen details are the main problem — toward the beginning. Afterwards, (maybe consistent with the character?) goes onto miss the bigger picture to consummate moment subtleties. 

Those subtleties are reliable. Like the cinematography by AM Edwin Sakay — such delightful edges are only sometimes observed in mental/ghastliness spine chillers since most Tamil movie producers appear to be content with firmly cut scenes and bounce alarms (of which there is only one in Andhaghaaram).

Andhaghaaram movie review: Long fuse for a middling payoff- The New Indian Express

A ton of meticulousness has likewise been stood to the areas; Vinod’s home is a model, and it is intensified best in the scene where we see him stick paper noticed everywhere on the dividers. 

The movie hits you like a punch in the gut following a difficult day of fasting because the chief selects not to relax the account strings until the last second. This prompts a huge data dump that empties you since there is a considerable amount of data to measure.

All the more critically, the response to the most vital inquiry of ‘why’ appears to be flat (and hostile, as an exchange depicts individuals managing psychological wellness issues in helpless light) and not what we went through two hours and 51 minutes calmly watching to comprehend. 

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The Movie Shines

What is, notwithstanding, clear is that Andhaghaaram doesn’t lack in ability. Arjun Das and Vinoth Kishan offer admirable exhibitions (particularly Das, choking out us with his presentation portraying the psychological difficulties Vinod is exposed to by a concealed person). The movie’s chief, as well, appears to have no lack of potential. All it will take is realising when to quit composting and why it is pivotal to compose tight. 

Andhaghaaram has an unpredictable story structure circling starting with one point then onto the next in no specific arrangement. The film meshes different plots into one interlocking account. It is an activity in story style and plot structure, which is comparable to chief Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s magnum opus Super Deluxe. In any case, Vignarajan doesn’t accomplish a similar impact as far as clearness. 

Andhaghaaram | Netflix

Andhaghaaram feels somewhat surged. The straightforwardness and clearness with which Vignarajan pushes the story ahead from the earliest starting point vanish towards the end. It feels overpowering with the downpour of disclosures that Vignarajan dumps on the crowd making it hard for the crowd to keep with what’s going on. 

Andhaghaaram is an environmental film that nearly has an intuitive quality about it. In contrast to some new movies in this sort (Kaali Khuhi, I’m taking a gander at you), this isn’t accomplished just through the over-utilization of mist machines on the set. There is a real ethereal feel here, and you sense the chief has created this naturally outline by outline, helped honourably by Pradeep’s resounding score.

At 171 minutes, the film’s somewhat protracted run time was unquestionably a bet. However, you sense this was deliberate and another strategy to accomplish this lived-in quality. 

To the credit of the chief, there are no dull minutes throughout this detailed running time. The screenplay has a few amazements, the non-linearity in the storyline being the key one (Sathyaraj Natarajan with some spectacular alter work). There is no groundbreaking turns, yet key uncovers, and dynamic exchanges hold the film’s beat together. I was a little pitiful this film couldn’t get a dramatic delivery.

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Why 'Andhaghaaram' director V Vignarajan hates jump scares - The Hindu

Worthy Of Cheers And Hoots In A Theatre

A few scenes and exchanges, similar to the one where Vinod pronounces to have slaughtered off an ‘apparition’ with a ‘pull shot’ or when he gives a brassy answer to a professional who helps fix his phone instrument, would unquestionably have been gotten with energising cheers and hoots in a theatre. Arjun Das and Vinoth Kishan are strong with their acting.

While Arjun’s character depiction is on edge and loaded with force, Vinoth Kishan plays his with a feeling of differentiating smoothness and peacefulness, to supplement Arjun splendidly on screen. 

However, this separated, there is something that prevents Andhaghaaram from being an incredible film. Furthermore, you sense this is essentially by a fairly frail storyline. You locate some key plot focuses somewhat hard to purchase, for example, a character choosing to scratch a book from a library setting off a significant chain of occasions.

For the most part, we could have utilised more foundation data on the lead characters, I felt. While Vignarajan has demonstrated his screenplay composing backbone and visual insight with this film, story advancement is a territory he can work on. Andhaghaaram is a genuinely noteworthy presentation endeavour. Notwithstanding a few blemishes, it gives us motivations to anticipate the chief’s next endeavours. 

Our Conclusion

Taken in general, Andhaghaaram is disappointing, but then, scene for scene, it’s some sort of marvellous. It’s the sort of film that makes you look for not simply the names of the cinematographer and proofreader (AM Edwin Sakay, Sathyaraj Natarajan) yet additionally the craftsmanship chief and colourist (Rembon Balraj, G Balaji). The special visualisations are super-tasteful, and there are great stretches of discourse.

You truly need to listen because these lines gradually add up (which makes the one-shot data dump toward the end all the more baffling). Vignarajan has an eminent eye for faces. The projecting is splendid, directly down to “the controller who’s witnessed in one scene, exploring a homicide inside a cinema” – — and the exhibitions are stunningly controlled.

This is the appearance of genuine ability. Vignarajan has made his show-reel. I will be intrigued when he makes his film. 

However, Andhaghaaram is as yet a worthy endeavour, given the multifaceted nature of its idea.

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